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No. of servers: 200

Price from: $2.2

#27 out of 215 VPN providers

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Solid security all-round

Full P2P support

Reasonable prices

Informative customer forums

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AirVPN has all the right stuff when it comes to protecting your signal

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AirVPN isn’t just a stellar open source product — it makes a statement as well

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Should probably be regarded as a niche service aimed at tech-heads and privacy junkies, rather than one suitable for a mainstream VPN audience

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It’s certainly one of the fastest and most stable VPN services out there, and yet their subscription renewal rates stand pretty low

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What is Air VPN

Air VPN positions itself as the “The air to breathe the real internet.” And those are not empty words. Started in 2010 by an international group of hackers, lawyers, and privacy activists, Air VPN remains a service aimed at promoting and providing internet freedom across the globe. That’s how it differs from the vast majority of VPNs whose main goal is to be profitable. Make no mistake, Air VPN is no charity either; it’s just that they have a clear mission statement and values that supposedly transcend plain entrepreneurship.

The road was bumpy in the beginning when the fresh and optimistic team got snubbed by a data center in France which canceled all their servers without prior notice, leaving Air VPN with nothing but a database. Luckily, they were back in 4 days, and are still kicking.

A free service at first, Air VPN is paid-only now. Requests for a free or trial version can be made only by submitting a form, which is later rejected or approved individually by their support staff. Speaking of, the company doesn’t outsource, answering all tickets themselves, thus assuring the best possible quality. Unfortunately, Air VPN is yet to implement live 24/7 chat, which has more or less become an industry standard.

Compared to the behemoths of the industry, Air VPN is a relatively small service, operating over 200 servers in 19 countries. However, what’s missing quantity-wise, is clearly compensated by the quality. We’ve already mentioned great customer support, to which we can add excellent security and privacy. Moreover, they are open to their customers, offering access to their servers monitors to see that the no-overselling and guaranteed allocated bandwidth commitments are being respected.

Air VPN does seem short-handed, in some cases. First, their website seems to not have been updated since the group of American, Italian, and Mexican hacktivists launched the first version of the VPN client. The client itself (named Eddie for no apparent reason, or maybe because the founders love Iron Maiden) is not the most user-friendly piece of software as well, but advanced users will be glad to find many options to choose from, and lots of features to experiment with.

AirVPN Facts

Company name Air di Paolo Brini
Company name Air di Paolo Brini
Global presence 19 countries
Global presence 19 countries
Money back policy the 3-day plan has a trial
Money back policy the 3-day plan has a trial
Business Location Italy
Business Location Italy
Privacy no-logs policy, Fourteen Eyes country
Privacy no-logs policy, Fourteen Eyes country
Number of servers 200
Number of servers 200
Free / Trial version can be obtained by submitting a form
Free / Trial version can be obtained by submitting a form

Where Air VPN is based and why it is important

Air VPN is based in Italy, a Member of the Fourteen Eyes Alliance. This means that in the worst case scenario, your personal information would be shared with alliance members and partners, including the US. But for this to happen, there has to be some information stored first, and if Air VPN’s no-logs policy is something you’re not ready to take for granted, then you can’t take it with any other VPN in the world.

And in any case, you would have to be a serious offender for one government to take an interest in your activities on the web. As Italy is a democratic country, and a member of the EU, the entire legal process of obtaining a warrant for such information would be have to be followed, and nobody spends time and money just to see if you’re downloading copyrighted cat pics. On the bright side, Air VPN falls under GDPR, adding another privacy layer to the service.

What does a AirVPN location say?


Member of the Fourteen Eyes international surveillance alliance


Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Freedom House report Freedom on the Net 2017 finds Italy as free

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Available plans and pricing

This peculiar VPN comes with peculiar pricing, which, for starters, is in Euro only. Their plan list begins with a “Three days just for €1” hard-to-resist package, which is marginally more than $1 in dollars. Next, come the less peculiar plans, such as one month for $7.9, three months for $16.9, six months for $33.9 (which saves you the same 28% as the three-month version), and an annual plan for $60.95. Looking at all the 9s of the converted prices one might wonder if they haven’t been tailored for the US market specifically, where some of the Air VPN founders come from.

Overall, Air VPN offers good prices that give you top-notch security. And when you pay, you can be sure that any other profit-oriented competitor would be charging more for the same feature package. What we really missed, though, was a money-back guarantee, as not everyone will be able to decide if they’re willing to commit long-term after a three-day relationship.

3 days

$ 2.2

per month

No savings

Trial available

1 month

$ 7.72

per month

No savings

Billed monthly

3 months

$ 5.68


28% save

1 year

$ 4.5

per month

35% save

What about the free trial? It’s on offer, but you’ll have to contact Support by filling in a request form. While this certainly helps to fend off freebie hunters, it also might frustrate those who are genuinely interested in trying Air VPN but don’t want to spend time setting up a one-dollar payment for three days. Speaking of payments, here Air VPN really shines as a service that values your privacy.

In addition to credit cards and PayPal, they accept BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies via CoinPayments. If that was not enough, there’s an option to purchase a gift voucher straight from their site. Most competitors don’t have this option, and even if they do, it has to be purchased offline in a retail shop, making it painful to even think about.

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Platforms Air VPN supports

Air VPN supports a whole bunch of devices and operating systems, but most will need to be configured manually. At the moment, you can download Eddie for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android. You can find step-by-step guides on configuring other devices on Air VPN’s website. Those include iOS, ChromeOS, routers (DD-WRT, Tomato, AsusWRT), pfSense, and TOR.

AirVPN Windows
AirVPN macOS
AirVPN Linux
AirVPN Android
AirVPN ChromeOS
AirVPN Routers
AirVPN pfSense

Air VPN is yet to offer a browser extension, something that most competitors are doing piecemeal: starting with Chrome, then following up with Firefox or even Opera. On the other hand, Eddie offers so many options to customize your settings that updating and debugging it for all platforms becomes a priority, leaving less time for the small Air VPN team to add new features.

Using Air VPN for streaming, torrenting, and China

AirVPN for Streaming

Air VPN can unblock Netflix and sometimes even outperforms the competition in doing so. This is because of their “double hop” DNS routing system, which makes their small number of available servers less of an issue. It means that you don’t have to directly connect to a US server to access the US library from the UK, or the UK library from the US. Our tests from Europe have shown good speeds and no issues with streaming the US Netflix library with Eddie the client. BBC iPlayer and Hulu are also available. Streaming with gaming consoles, Fire TV or Roku is not supported, though.


AirVPN for Torrents


This is one of the best VPNs for torrenting. They allow P2P protocols and put no limit over download bandwidth. The speeds were also satisfactory: we hardly even noticed that we were using a VPN. It would be difficult not to recommend Air VPN for torrents.

Air VPN for China

Choosing this VPN for China is a great idea because of its ability to route your traffic via the TCP port 443. SSL tunneling makes it even more secure, allowing you to shield yourself from most snoopers. It is also one of the few VPNs that managed to avoid government censorship via SSL encryption. Even if speed can sometimes be an issue, it doesn’t change the fact that installing Eddie before visiting China is one of the best choices when trying to avoid censorship and privacy issues.


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