AirVPN is simple, fast, and famous for its flexible 3-day payment plans, and it has attracted a large following around the world. Based in Italy, the VPN allows users to connect 5 separate devices at one time and has over 230 servers in its portfolio.

All of that is great, and AirVPN is undoubtedly one of the leading lightweight VPNs on the market. But before choosing it to be your favorite privacy tool, it’s important to find out how actual users have experienced AirVPN’s services. And there’s no better way to do so than by analyzing AirVPN’s Reddit feedback. So let’s dive in and see what the “front page of the Internet” has made of this VPN.

Checking out the dedicated AirVPN subreddit

For starters, you can’t overlook the AirVPN subreddit. As with all leading Virtual Private Networks, AirVPN has its own dedicated space, where customers can share questions and feedback about their experiences. As such, it should offer a great cross-section of what to expect from AirVPN.

However, the discussion on AirVPN could be a lot more vibrant. For whatever reason, there simply isn’t much debate on the threads. But there are a few interesting points.

For example, some users have had issues making payments to AirVPN. In these cases, users found the conventional payment methods (like debit or credit cards) were often declined for mysterious reasons. But when cryptocurrencies were used, payments went through smoothly.

In other cases, users were thinking about migrating from competitors like PIA due to slow speeds. Current AirVPN users were happy to assure these redditors that AirVPN regularly offers speeds of 400mbit/s – pretty good by VPN standards (depending on your regular connection).

What about critical voices in the AirVPN Reddit community?

So, if r/AirVPN is mainly positive (when people actually post there), are there any critics of AirVPN anywhere on reddit? As with almost any VPN, the answer is yes, and users should get to know some common issues before they sign up.

Here are a few issues that redditors have brought to our attention:

    • Torrenting – not everyone has enjoyed stellar P2P speeds with AirVPN. Some users with the 3-day service experienced very slow download speeds, but acceptable upload speeds. Then again, responses to the query made plenty of suggestions about technical fixes that the OP could have tried, such as port forwarding. And the OP also noted that AirVPN provided a full refund with no questions asked.
    • IP leakage – Back in 2016, a number of users encountered possible IP leakage issues when using AirVPN, even after the VPN introduced a client patch designed to solve the problem. In these cases, some users reported that changing their Windows Firewall and Network Lock settings made a difference, but the volume of complaints suggests that leakage is something AirVPN struggles with or has struggled with.
    • Privacy issues – Where privacy is concerned, redditors have had a mixed experience. Some have praised the VPN’s European location, the ability to pay via BitCoin and the speed with which they dealt with the Heartbleed vulnerability. But others have criticized the company’s inability to use AirVPN in China. Still, feedback was generally positive in this regard.

What’s the verdict from reddit? Should we use AirVPN?

Judging by reddit posts, the verdict on AirVPN is very positive indeed. You can get a sense for how well-regarded the VPN is by looking through the many comparison threads between AirVPN and competitors like PIA (slower, poor value for money) or NordVPN (better customer service).

Overall, redditors seem pretty satisfied with choosing AirVPN, complimenting its speed, response times from its customer service, the price, the torrenting performance (most of the time), and ease of use. And, let’s face it, Reddit isn’t the easiest audience for a VPN to win over. For us, that’s solid evidence that AirVPN is a contender.

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