One of the main reasons why people want to purchase VPN subscriptions is the fact that you can torrent safely. However, what many novice VPN users do not know is that not every single VPN allows torrenting on their servers, and many of the VPNs available on the market should not be used to torrent anything in the first place.


Torrenting without a VPN is trouble

While torrenting is legal in most countries, downloading copyrighted content is not. Don’t get caught doing it – use a VPN!

There are many different things you need to watch out for when deciding whether or not any particular VPN should be used for torrenting. We have taken a look at all of the features of AirVPN and performed various tests to determine whether or not AirVPN for torrenting is a good purchase.

Is AirVPN a decent choice for torrenting?

To put it quite simply, AirVPN does seem to be one of the better VPNs when it comes to torrenting. While it’s not the best VPN in the world, it does stand out in a few key areas, including torrenting.

Taking a look at the AirVPN website, it is quite clear that they try to emphasize the technicality of their VPN rather than the usability. While other VPNs try to have as clean a website as possible so as to encourage new VPN users to try out their services, AirVPN goes the other way and makes no apologies for knowing more than most internet users.

Because of this, AirVPN is quite a hassle to set up. Once you are past that stage though, the good times begin as you get decent security as well as great torrent functionality. Let’s take a look at that functionality.

P2P Traffic on AirVPN

Since torrenting takes up a lot of bandwidth, many VPNs do not allow any P2P traffic or massively restrict it. Even some of the bigger VPN providers only allow P2P traffic on some of their servers so as to make sure their other servers do not overload. Of course, an additional reason for this is copyright – VPNs try to avoid conflicts with copyright owners.

AirVPN has a very solid and very simple P2P policy. They tell you to do whatever you want and they do not ask questions! You can torrent on all of their servers and there are no restrictions on P2P traffic in any way.

Do remember that just because you are allowed to torrent on AirVPN does not mean that their service is good enough for you to have a satisfactory torrenting experience. Let’s take a look at the performance as well as the security of AirVPN and whether or not it is good enough for you to torrent effectively and safely.

AirVPN Speed

AirVPN is not terrible when it comes to speed, but it’s not great either. The speeds are quite inconsistent from server to server, so it will take some trying to find the right one.

AirVPN Security

AirVPN performs much better in the security department than it did in the Performance. You will find all of the major security features with AirVPN. You can use the OpenVPN protocol and be guaranteed of the fact that there are no DNS or IP leaks.

On top of this, you also have the industry standard AES-256 encryption for top-notch security. From what we have seen so far, it does seem like AirVPN does not log any personally identifiable data, making it a truly safe VPN for torrenting.

Due to the extensive security features in place, it is pretty much guaranteed that no one will be able to trace your torrent activity back to you. On top of this, your ISP will not be able to take a look at any of your browsing history.

AirVPN Location

This is perhaps the only problem we can find with AirVPN’s security. AirVPN is based in Italy, which is part of the 14-eyes alliance. This is a privacy concern, but, we would argue, not that relevant for torrenters.

AirVPN’s no-logging policy does seem rock solid as far as we can tell, which means that they will have nothing to provide even if someone does request any information related to you.


So how much are all of the aforementioned features worth? Around $3.1/month if you subscribe for 3 years at once. The plans get more and more expensive as you reduce the time of your subscription but even the standard one month plan is less than $8.

This makes AirVPN a fairly cheap VPN for torrenting. Although it has only a few hundred servers in its arsenal, it does have impeccable security credentials and is a good choice for people who are willing to sacrifice a little bit of performance for more security.


AirVPN is a good VPN for torrenting. The only problem with it is the inconsistent performance, but if you are looking for secure torrenting – look no further.

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