Most top VPN providers make sure that their VPN software is as easy to use as possible. However, some also sacrifice feature richness on the altar of ease of use. Avast SecureLine VPN is one of the easiest-to-use apps on the market today. You can call it a dream for novice users; well, at least, in connection with its user-friendliness. From this post, you will learn how to use Avast VPN and what you can use it for.

How to download and install it

It is usually a no-brainer to download and install VPN apps. However, it may take a few extra clicks in the case of Avast VPN since Avast has a number of cybersecurity products to offer and their website makes them all available.

So, basically, the first step is to select whether you want a tool for your home or for your business. You can do so by clicking either the For home or For business menu at the top of the official website.

Next, you choose a platform (Windows, Mac OS, Android, or iOS) from the left panel and then, you can select a security product from the appearing lot. In this case, you will click SecureLine VPN, which will redirect you to the download page.

One more click on the Download For PC button, or whichever platform you chose, and the download should start automatically in a few seconds.

The installation itself does not require a Ph.D. in Computer Science either. Yet, there may be a bit more clicks involved in the process than usual. But nothing too complicated, of course. It is basically clicking OK, a few Nexts, Install, and Finish.

Now, you are ready to activate your Avast SecureLine VPN.

How to activate Avast SecureLine VPN

activate avast secureline vpn

Before you could use it, you need to activate Avast SecureLine VPN. There are three ways to activate your VPN software after purchasing it depending on what you may prefer:

  • Activation code
  • License file
  • Avast account.

You will find the activation code or license file in the order confirmation email you have received from Avast. Once you copy the activation code onto the clipboard or save the license file to your hard drive, you need to launch your Avast VPN software.

Open the menu and go to the My licenses option. Now, you can choose to Log in to your Avast Account or Enter a valid activation code on the Subscription screen. If you select the activation code method, you can either enter the code you find in your order confirmation email (or copy it from your clipboard) or click the Use a license file link to upload your saved license file.

Once you have finished with the activation process, you are ready to use your VPN software.

Avast VPN free trial sequence

Avast VPN free trial

One of the best features of this VPN service is that you can try it out for free. However, Avast doesn’t just give you a 7-day free trial, it may give you way more. Do you think 7 days are not enough to decide whether to purchase this VPN or not? Why not go for the 30-day trial then? How?

After the 7 days expire, you can activate a 30-day trial if you try to reinstall the app or when you try to use it afterward. You are then offered to either start a free trial and pay $0.00 for the first 30 days, or buy the product now. Of course, in this case, you already have to provide your banking or PayPal details like you are actually buying the product. Keep in mind though that you will have to cancel this subscription if you don’t want to be charged for a 1-year plan automatically.

And, this is not all. When you cancel your 30-day free trial, you may be offered a 60-day free trial on top. Please note that it is only possible to download the 7-day free trial version from the website or vendors’ sites as the rest of the free trials are only available for users who bothered to try it for 7 days.

What is Avast VPN good for

If your online anonymity is not a question of life or death for you, we would say with some reservations that you can use Avast VPN for the following things:

  • To spoof your IP address
  • To secure public WiFi connections
  • To watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Kodi: we must add that you may experience issues when connecting to Netflix servers or bypassing them. Speed issues may also occur and, therefore, annoying lags and freezes may happen while streaming videos. In other words, Avast SecureLine VPN may not be the best choice for streaming HD quality TV shows and movies. But, this can be totally dependent on your physical location and the VPN server you are connecting to.
  • To play online games: again, your ability to play seamlessly without connection drops and with a low latency may greatly depend on your connection quality.
  • To unblock geo-restricted websites: we would only recommend this VPN for geo-unblocking if this has no legal consequences in your country. If you live in China or another strictly censored country, you may want to use a VPN service that has strict no logs policy and strong privacy features.

In other words, you can try to use Avast VPN for basic VPN features and you may have mixed feelings about it.

What we do not advise you to use this service for is political, environmental, and any other kinds of activism, which may have serious consequences in your country, but, if you are an investigative journalist, you should also look elsewhere for proper online security and privacy.

We believe that this VPN solution has good potentials and could attract more users once their Privacy Policy and data sharing practices with the authorities change for the better.

How to use Avast Secureline VPN

Finally, let’s talk about how to use Avast VPN. To be honest, this is one of the easiest to use VPN solutions. We have seen several very easy to use apps in the past, so we can tell you for real that this VPN can be used by beginners and intermediate computer users as well with the greatest of ease.

The interface itself is quite intuitive and relatively simple.

In order to protect yourself online, you need to launch the application and on its main screen, click the OFF button to switch protection ON (Windows or Mac OS). Clicking this button will connect you automatically to an optimal or closest VPN server. The same way, clicking the large Connect button on the mobile apps should have the same result.

If you have a preferred VPN location in mind or want to use a dedicated server for P2P or streaming, you can change your virtual location easily by clicking the Change location button and selecting your desired server.

Basically, that is all about how to use Avast VPN. From this angle, it does look like the novice user’s dream. However, when we look at the Settings menu and your level of freedom to customize this service, the poor variety of features and settings may leave a bad taste in your mouth.

The Avast SecureLine Settings menu allows you the following very basic optimizations:

  • Show SecureLine notifications
  • Start SecureLine when my computer starts
  • Automatically turn on VPN when the app starts
  • Receive beta updates
  • Language: you have 44 languages to choose from, which probably makes Avast the most multi-lingual VPN software on the market
  • Turn on SecureLine when connected to unsecured WiFi networks

Still, good news for novice users because they can easily use Avast VPN without any technical knowledge whatsoever. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t recommend this VPN for more advanced users anyway.

In conclusion, we can say that Avast VPN may be a relatively good choice for computer users who need basic VPN features without serious online security and privacy. But when anonymity is a must, you may want to make sure your desired VPN software is armed with bullet-proof features, including a truly no logs policy, a kill switch, and leak protection.

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