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Best ad blockers for Firefox in 2024

Best ad blockers for Firefox

Discover the advantages of integrating an ad blocker into your daily Firefox browsing. Beyond saving yourself from annoying ads, these powerful tools provide essential privacy, security, and data protection. Ads saturate the internet and disrupt your browsing. Thus, you safeguard against potential cyber threats with the best ad blocker for Firefox.

A reliable ad blocker effectively blocks pop-ups, autoplay video ads, and banners, cleans up white spaces, and more. It can mute cookie consent and newsletter notifications, ensuring uninterrupted browsing. Some Firefox ad blockers come bundled with a VPN to hide and protect your web traffic.

Incorporating an ad blocker into Firefox streamlines your online experience, enhancing privacy and security. Enjoy uninterrupted browsing, safeguard your personal data, and stay protected from intrusive ads. Our recommended list of best ad blockers for Firefox was compiled by a team of experts who considered factors such as effectiveness, privacy, and ease of use. Read onward to learn more.

Best Firefox ad blockers: shortlist

  1. Ultimate best ad blocker for Firefox
  2. Best Firefox ad blocker with top-grade VPN
  3. Excellent ad-blocking solution for Firefox

Didn’t find your favorite in the list of honor? Chances are they didn’t make the cut for a variety of reasons. We tested Ghostery, Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, ProtonVPN NetShield, and other notable providers and weren’t satisfied enough or found issues we couldn’t overlook. Stick with us to learn more about their fate in our review of best Firefox ad blockers.

What to look for when choosing the best ad blocker for Firefox?

While the market’s brimming with options, not all ad blockers are worth their salt. There are certain aspects to consider when choosing the best ad blocker for Firefox. Though some, like ad-blocking capabilities, may be obvious, some might surprise you. Let’s delve into it, shall we?

  • Blocking capacity. In addition to ads, you may encounter disruptive elements such as pop-ups, cookie consent notifications, and trackers while browsing online. It’s crucial to consider the capabilities of an ad blocker so you can surf online unperturbed.
  • Transparency. It’s not uncommon for ad blockers to secretly collect user data and sometimes even sell it to third parties. This practice is especially typical among free services. Ensure an ad blocker is reputable, and receives many positive reviews from users.
  • Additional features. While ad blocking is top priority, hefty extras can make or break the deal. They expand your capabilities on top of optimizing secure and smooth browsing on Firefox tenfold.
  • Device compatibility. Though we’re talking about Firefox ad blockers, having options is nice. Broad device compatibility means you can secure yourself an ad-free media and online experience on smartphones, PCs, tablets, smart TVs, and more.
  • Streamlined user experience. Easy navigation is essential for ad blockers. Not all users are tech-savvy, so having a linear yet visually pleasing application layout makes switching between features easier.
  • Affordable pricing. An ad blocker mustn’t cost a fortune, no matter how good it appears to be. Optimal price-to-value ratio is one of determining factors when choosing the right solution for you so you don’t come to resent it after a couple of months.

Choosing the best ad blocker for Firefox

We elected Total Adblock as the best ad blocker for Firefox because it hits all the right spots. The cheap premium blocks virtually all ads and prevents cases of malvertising or adware. Plus, you get to tinker with extra features without getting lost in some cluttered dashboard.

Get Total Adblock now 80% off

The best Firefox ad blockers: overview

  1. Total Adblock – ultimate Firefox ad blocker with robust features
  2. NordVPN Threat Protection – best VPN with superb ad blocker for Firefox
  3. Surfshark CleanWeb – a cheap and capable ad blocker for Firefox

Every provider that made it to this list is a superb ad-blocking solution. They have passed our rigorous testing procedure, demonstrating excellent capabilities befitting a Firefox ad blocker. Namely, the criteria included blocking quality, extra features, pricing, device compatibility, and more. Besides, some of the selected ad blockers come with VPN.

1. Total Adblock – overall best ad blocker for Firefox with diverse suite

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Near-perfect score against ads
  • Cleans white spaces after blocking ads
  • Variety of filters
  • Available on iOS and Android only

Total Adblock is the best ad blocker Firefox because it swipes all the ads off your screen, increasing website loading time, and reduces mobile data consumption. Couple it with a user-intuitive interface designed for all levels of technically inclined and you have your dream solution against ads. As for advertising, Total Adblock swiftly disables static & GIF images, banners, pop-ups, trackers, autoplay ads, and even slips YouTube ad block detection.

As a stand-alone ad blocker, Total Adblock spoils users with a wide array of features. The most prominent is whitelisting, allowing you to list ads that get a free pass. Another nifty extra our experts liked is Script-blocking, which disables non-essential cookies to prevent adware and malvertising from targeting your data. And if you, like us, have a repulsion for notifications, the Firefox ad blocker lets you disable them in the dashboard.

Our research team determined a 99% score against all ads on Firefox browser. We experienced a truly ad-free experience with Total Adblock, running into a couple of autoplay video ads only. All the cookie consent requests, ads, redirects, and other hindrances are whisked away before you can even think of them. Best of all, the app or extension also cleans up white spaces in the wake of blocked advertisements.

The best Firefox ad blocker is available on Android and iOS phones. You get lightweight and beginner-friendly apps with full-fledged functionality, all features included. PC users aren’t out of options. Total Adblock runs an extension on Chrome, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, and Edge browsers apart from Firefox. The extensions are just as easy to navigate and don’t slack up on feature selection either.

Total Adblock has another fantastic feature – a small cost tag further depleted by a generous 80% discount. Besides, the 7-day trial allows you to test the service and see whether it’s worth the fuss. And the 14-day money-back guarantee is here should you change your mind or wish to prolong the testing period.

2. NordVPN Threat Protection – trustworthy ad blocker for Firefox & other browsers

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Company location
Company location:
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Exceptional ad-blocking quality
  • Increase website loading time
  • DNS blocking
  • No whitelisting

NordVPN’s Threat Protection is the #1 Firefox ad blocker due to its unmatched capability to block various adware. Regarding ads, the ad-blocking solution disables autoplay video ads, banners, cookie & newsletter notifications, pop-ups, and more. Besides, it is part of the world-class VPN suite, which means extra user data protection, among other perks.

Together with NordVPN, Threat Protection offers full-fledged security measures that target adware and malware. For one, the ad blocker’s URL trimming feature removes tracking parameters installed in URL links. Moreover, Threat Protection’s formula automatically blocks malicious domains via DNS filtering, preventing contact with dangerous websites.

During our testing, Threat Protection blocked a total of 95% of all ads on Firefox. Most adware, like push notifications, banners, GIFs, and trackers, were gone instantly, leaving no white spaces as we browsed. We enjoyed a solidly ad-free YouTube experience on the Firefox browser extension, except for a few slips. However, that’s expected, given that the service combats ad blockers harshly.

As for device compatibility, Threat Protection got you covered swimmingly. This ad blocker for Firefox is supported on all major operating systems – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. More so, the software runs Threat Protection Lite for browser extensions. It operates on Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, and other leading browsers besides Firefox.

Prepare for trouble and make it double with a small price tag. Threat Protection, bundled with one-and-only NordVPN, comes at a swift discount of 72% + 3 months free. Of course, the provider offers flexibility to test the service before committing. You can do so by opting for a 7-day free Android trial or the 30-day cash-back guarantee.

3. Surfshark CleanWeb – an efficient Firefox ad blocker for PC & mobile

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Company location
Company location:
The Netherlands
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Commendable ad-blocking abilities
  • Website breach alerts
  • Whitelist feature with CleanWeb 2.0
  • Some apps lack features

Surfshark’s CleanWeb scores among the best ad blockers for Firefox due to its comprehensive and reliable functionality. The ad blocker is integrated with a VPN, which guarantees all-around security. As for adware, CleanWeb swoops ads, trackers, push notifications, banners, and even autoplay video ads. Moreover, it deals with malware, too.

If you’re sick of spam or worry you’re not well-acquainted with cyber threats, CleanWeb will resolve those quickly. The Firefox ad blocker deals swiftly with adware and malicious sites and even prevents a lot of phishing attacks. What’s more, the browser extension comes with the enhanced CleanWeb 2.0, which includes a bypass list to allow ads on websites of choice.

Our thorough tests revealed that CleanWeb deals well enough with most ads – halting 91% of all advertising campaigns. However, there were instances of ad-blocking mishaps. For example, static images or Google Analytics ads remained active. Overall, CleanWeb’s an excellent choice for Firefox since it significantly increased loading speed, blocked most adware and performed well on YouTube.

You can easily shield most of your devices from ads since CleanWeb offers broad compatibility. For starters, this anti-adware solution is supported on major devices: PCs, mobiles, and even smart TVs. PC users can relish the enhanced CleanWeb 2.0, which operates as a browser extension on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Brave.

Surfshark’s label as the budget-friendly VPN means you get both the Firefox ad blocker and the VPN much cheaper. On top of that, now you can snag the service at 83% off + 2 months free. If you feel like testing the waters first, no worries. The 7-day free trial (on Android & iOS) and 30-day money-return warranty got your back.

Firefox ad blockers that didn’t make it

Of course, there are other capable solutions in the market that attract thousands of users. Fame doesn’t really cement a provider’s capabilities, in our opinion. After testing over 20 ad blockers, here are some that were close but didn’t make the cut:

  • Ghostery. You’ll find torn comments about this free Firefox ad blocker; some say it’s great, some warn you to keep away. While it’s alright as a free recourse, Ghostery has been caught red-handed in selling user data to advertising parties.
  • uBlock Origin. It’s one of the best ad blockers, its primary focus is Chrome and not Firefox. Besides, some users report hiccups in user interface and that uBlock consumes quite a lot of RAM when in active use.
  • Privacy Badger. This software only blocks trackers, not ads. The most direct consequence of blocking trackers is absence of targeted ads but they’ll simply be replaced with irrelevant ones.
  • AdGuard. Our greatest beef with this highly praised ad blocker isn’t functionality – it’s the alleged relations with Russia. Though the staff denies any ties with the federation, we remain unconvinced until proven wrong.
  • AdBlock Plus. It’s great and handled our tests well enough, but we can’t overlook that it’s owned by Eyeo. The company has quasi-alliance with online advertisers, suggesting overly high chances of your data falling into wrong hands. Also, explains why we saw some ads even though the functionality is good.

Best ad blockers for Firefox: comparison

CategoryTotal AdblockNordVPN Threat ProtectionSurfshark CleanWeb
Free version
✅Yes (7-day free trial)✅Yes (Free 7-day trial on Android)✅Yes (Free 7-day trial on Android & iOS)
Ad blocking rate during tests
Malware filtering
Blocks user trackers
Disables cookie banners
BrowsersChrome, Opera, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, and EdgeChrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, Opera, and EdgeChrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Opera
Device supportAndroid and iOSWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOSWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, FireTV, Android TV
Extra features
Script-blocking, cookie pop-up blocker, whitelisting, notification disabler, advanced filtersURL trimming, malicious site blocking, download scans, VPN, DNS filteringData breach alert, whitelisting, anti-malware & phishing filter, Surfshark search, VPN

How we selected the best Firefox ad blockers

Our selection process comprises the evaluation of criteria and the practical part – testing. Thus, we could pick only the best adblockers for Firefox for that sweet ad-free online browsing.

  • Third-party testing. To test its capabilities, we conducted first-hand research, running a Firefox ad blocker across PCs, tablets, and phones. Also, we relied on independent testing tools like Adblock Tester and Cover Your Tracks to determine the best candidates.
  • Extra tools. Often ad blockers are evaluated based on their ability to go the extra mile. For instance, blocking more than just basic adware, dealing with malicious sites, and containing additional measures. The latter can be whitelisting, URL trimming, and DNS filtering, to name a few.
  • Software freshness. Since ads generate massive revenue for companies, they work hard to combat ad blockers and advance their marketing tactics. Devs must regularly update ad blockers to counter these new implementations. Basically, keep it running fresh.
  • Customization options. Easy to navigate interface is all awesome, but having customization options on top takes the prize. Switching between features and parameters should take a few clicks and be linear.
  • Price-and-quality ratio. No one wants to spend a chunk of their salary on an ad blocker. Hence we picked cheaper options that deliver.

Total Adblock exceeds all exceptions as it passed all our tests with flying colors. Mobile apps and browser extensions bestow a full-fledged web experience without ads in sight. Furthermore, hefty extras allow you to customize and personalize usage, which is wrapped in intuitive and low impact design.

No more ads on Firefox and beyond

Dive into the ad-free and speedy browsing experience on Firefox and even outside this browser. Total Adblock swipes ads off your screen with ease. Meanwhile, your online anonymity and security are barred with doors of steel since the Firefox adblocker comes with a myriad of hefty extras. Bury the memory of ads with just a few clicks!

9.8 /10
Exceptional at removing Firefox ads
Bypasses YouTube detection
Boosts browsing speeds

Why do you need to block ads on the Firefox browser?

Reasons for using an adblock on Firefox vary from the most obvious to little gems. After all, we would do Firefox ad blockers an injustice if we reduced their purpose exclusively to wiping GIFs, banners, pop-ups, and other flashy ads off your screen. Reliable software tackles malware and spam. Especially if bundled with a VPN for extra horsepower, an ad blocker won’t let you interact with malicious sites. And filters suspicious spammish emails.

First and foremost, think of your privacy. Your personal data is a precious commodity that must be safeguarded in this disrespectful digital landscape. Most ads have implemented trackers that collect sensitive information about you. Disabling them solves it, while an ad blocker with a sturdy VPN further enhances privacy protection.

Best Firefox ad blocker extension

Unfortunately, adware eats your resources like there’s no tomorrow. Hence you experience slower website loading times, especially on mobile devices, as it drains battery life. This can make your browsing experience abysmal. Of course, visual experience matters, too. You will never see ads if a Mozilla Firefox ad blocker works well. Moreover, you won’t be bugged by white spaces left by disabled ads.

You can browse clean and orderly web pages like god intended.

Firefox’s built-in ad blocking features

Mozilla Firefox’s ad blocker is integrated with the browser. In fact, it has already earned Firefox the recognition of one of the most privacy-oriented browsers in the industry. However, we must specify that this ad blocker operates more as a content blocker. Let’s review the main features:

  • Enhanced Tracking Protection. This tool is designed to balance between sustaining good browsing performance and blocking trackers. Also, it comes with three modes: The Standard Mode, the Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection, and the Custom mode. In short, the first one blocks trackers without compromising loading time. If you want more efficiency at blocking trackers, the second mode is your go-to. Finally, the Custom mode allows you to choose what to block and what not.
  • SmartBlock 3.0. In a nutshell, the feature enhances your browsing ventures by identifying and blocking broken sites. Moreover, the feature presents localized privacy-preserving alternatives to compensate for blocked sites.
  • Total Cookie Protection. Cookie requests are annoying and don’t leave much choice unless you have an ad blocker. So, Mozilla rolled out an implementation that confines cookies to a website, preventing data sharing with trackers.
  • HTTP Referrer Protections. As we browse the internet, full URLs of the previous websites are sent to their respective servers. However, the issue lies in the sensitive user data traces included in the links. To avoid that, the HTTP Referrer tool prevents servers from obtaining full URLs.

Is Firefox’s in-built ad blocker worth it?

While these features may sound like a solid foundation for ad-free and privacy-minded browsing, it’s far from that. Yes, we must credit Mozilla’s efforts and the functionality of the ad-blocking features. Regardless, unlike stand-alone or in-built VPN blockers, they are not developed fully to deal with intended cyber threats and related nuances.

If you want an in-depth adware solution for your online activities, then it’s best to opt for our recommended best ad blockers for Firefox. A fully developed ad blocker can deal with various adware, protect from malicious sites, combat phishing attacks, and more. If full-fledged security and ad-free browsing are what you want, then stand-alone or VPN in-built ad blockers are your holy grail.

Total Adblock is an irreplaceable ad blocker, securing a truly ad-free Firefox experience. Best yet, it costs about the medium size of coffee with 80% discount!

Snag the best Firefox adblock cheaper

How to disable the ad blocker on Mozilla Firefox?

Disabling a Mozilla Firefox in-built content blocker is a sensible choice. While it is good at blocking ads, the feature often distorts a website layout. So, if that prickles you up, you need to turn off the Mozilla Firefox ad blocker. In addition, this disabling method also functions as a whitelisting measure.

The whole deal is super simple:

  1. Click on the shield icon on the left side of the address bar
    Disabling ad blockers on Firefox
  2. Toggle the ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’ switch

Browse on Firefox ad-free

How do I block YouTube ads on Firefox?

Few things are more irritating than the rotten YouTube ads interrupting your viewing experience. Sadly, advertisements generate loads of revenue for YT, which means they aren’t going away anytime soon. So, we bet the question ‘how do I block YouTube ads on Firefox?’ has crossed your mind multiple times. Well, an ad blocker is your solution.

There’s more to ads being flashy nuisances on your screen. Numerous advertisers are infamous for secretly collecting your data and performing malicious activities. Some even straight-up inject your device with malware. So, if you want your device and sensitive information safe without minding where you click, blocking ads is it.

You just can’t lose if you decide to block YouTube ads on Firefox. Unless you want to support your favorite content creators, there are only positives to it. They earn a significant part of their income from advertising, too. However, other direct ways exist to support content-producing folk, so it’s your call.

Block YouTube ads on Firefox

Another way to block YouTube ads on Firefox involves purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription. While the active sub does forestall most ads, YouTube might still sprinkle in a number of advertisements. Besides, YouTube Premium is quite expensive, especially compared to the price of paid ad blockers.

In short, you need a reputable ad blocker to block YouTube ads on Firefox. This solution is cheaper and overall more effective. First, the software must be streamlined for the browser and have proven functionality. Our top pick is Total Adblock. Not only will you stop seeing YT ads, but you can also enjoy comprehensive online security.

Are free ad blockers for Firefox safe?

In short, no. Free ad blockers for Firefox aren’t safe enough. Of course, the difference between free and premium ad blockers may appear non-existent for a regular user. Yet, the difference’s as vast as the sea. While there are some solid free ad blockers, we advise overall abstaining from freebies for these reasons:

  • Inefficient ad-blocking. Typically free ad blockers are so ineffective that you see practically the same number of ads as previously. Besides, freebies sometimes let certain ads slip if they belong to a company that funds the ad blocker service.
  • Inadequate security. You get little to no security with a free ad blocker. So trackers and malware can go rampant. If the service barely affords to keep ads at bay, it definitely doesn’t have resources for protective measures like malicious site scanning.
  • Data theft. This is a huge drawback of freebies. They reportedly sneakily collect user data and often sell it to third parties. It’s ironic, considering an ad blocker is supposed to prevent trackers from doing so.
  • Risk of malware. Though a rarer case, some free Firefox ad blockers come injected with malware, which can infect your device and compromise your data.
  • Neglected software. Since ad campaigns are constantly evolving to combat ad blockers, the latter must be advancing, too. However, having few funds, free services rarely get attention from devs.

No such issues occur with paid ad blockers for Firefox. Though, how to get them without spending a penny? Top players offer free trials and 30-day money-return guarantees. This grants users the flexibility to test their service before committing. In a nutshell, your best shot is Total Adblock with whom we encountered no problems whatsoever.

Disable Firefox ads today

Parting shots

The online landscape is riddled with clever and obtrusive ad campaigns, which makes Firefox browsing an unpleasant experience. Not to mention all this data collecting, the chance of malware, and the overall annoyance the ads cause. So, to keep your sanity and online security intact, you need a reliable Firefox ad blocker.

Total Adblock is the best ad blocker for Firefox. The software, on mobile or the browser, swipes ads away instantly. Forgot what smooth browsing is like? Don’t worry, this ad blocker will remind you. Better yet, nifty extras broadly expand your horizons without requiring IT skills. With it in tow, you can surf the web securely on top of ad-free.

What do you think is the best ad blocker for Firefox? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Get the best deal today

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What is the best ad blocker for Firefox?

Total Adblock is the best ad blocker for Firefox. It blocked 99% of all ads on Firefox, including YouTube pre-rolls, cookie banners, autoplay videos, GIF & static images, and redirects. More so, mobile apps and Firefox extension operate seamlessly and are easy to navigate and include all the features.

How to get rid of ads on Firefox?

The most effective way to get rid of ads on Firefox is getting an ad blocker. There are few reputable ad blockers in the market that block adware instantly. On top of that, they disable trackers to protect your data, offer extra features like data breach monitoring or DNS filtering.

How do I permanently block ads in Firefox?

You need to use an ad blocker constantly to disable ads permanently on Firefox. Your best shot is Total Adblock since it deals with adware exceptionally well and gives a summary of blocked malware attempts. Once turned on, the Firefox adblocker works all the time until disabled.

How do I add exceptions to enhanced tracking protection?

Adding exceptions to Enhanced Tracking Protection on Firefox is a quick procedure. Once you’re on a web page that you want to exempt, click the shield icon to the left of the address bar. Switch off the Enhanced Tracking feature and reload the site. Now the ad blocker doesn’t work on this website.

Are there other options for ad blockers for Mozilla Firefox?

There are a few other options for adblockers available. One of the most popular ad blockers for Firefox is Total Adblock. It blocks ads, trackers, and other unwanted content from websites. Ultimately, you can choose the best adblocker for Firefox that fits your needs and preferences.

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