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Best ad blockers for Mac in 2024

Best ad blockers for Mac

Ads are a modern-day digital plague. Or a pain in the bottom, if you will. You need an ad blocker for Mac to browse ad-free.

You boot up your browser to do a thing or two, and, lo and behold – ads pop up left and right. Cookies request pop-ups, autoplay video ads, and whatnot. Flashy, intrusive, and most definitely annoying. Worse yet, ads can also contain malware and often track your data, which can be sold to third parties.

Luckily, a solution exists in the shape of an ad blocker. The best ad blockers for Mac are capable of blocking a wide array of adware and trackers. Hence, you can enjoy a boosted online browsing experience. Besides, knowing that your user data is no longer collected and your Mac is protected brings tranquility to your digital ventures.

The best ad blockers for Mac: shortlist

  1. The best ad blocker for Mac with 98% effectiveness
    9.8 / 10
  2. Ad blocker for Mac that’s also the best VPN solution
    9.7 / 10
  3. A very reliable & cheap Mac ad blocker
    9.4 / 10
  4. Good ad blocker for Mac with useful filtering options
    9.4 / 10

You might come across other popular Mac ad blocks on your journeys, like Adblock Plus, AdGuard, or Wipr. They didn’t make it into the top list as they lacked in some departments. Want to know where? Read on and find out!

What to look for when choosing the best ad blocker for macOS?

The market’s loaded with ad blockers. Many are the self-acclaimed best ad blockers, of which hardly 10 are actually good enough at blocking ads. So, how to choose the best ad blocker for Mac? There are several things to consider before rushing to make a decision.

Must have features for Mac ad blocker

  • Proven capability to block ads & trackers. Firstly, the ad blocker must be able to do the basics: stop ads and trackers. That’s the whole point of a Mac ad blocker, right? It’s an especially nice touch if the ad blocker can disable YouTube ads, social media ads, autoplay video ads, and other kinds of adware that may be harder to block generally.
  • Broad device coverage. Although the topic is the best Mac ad blockers, the application must be supported on various devices. Ads span multiple gadgets, from smartphones to smart TVs. So, you might want to block adware on other household devices besides your Mac.
  • Extra features. Of course, additional features are always a solid extra. The MacBook ad blocker is already excellent at blocking ads, so additional features build an even greater security foundation. Tools like malware scanners or data breach alerts will never go unused as they offer comprehensive protection.
  • Reputation. Grabbing a completely new or low-rated product is never a good idea. Therefore, going through reputable sites to look for opinions from real people is a must. Hence, apart from our own analysis, we checked Reddit, Quora, TrustPilot, and Apple App shop reviews to form an opinion.

Our top 4 Mac ad blockers tick out all of the boxes. Nevertheless, our research team recommends Total AdBlock as the best Mac ad blocker. It’s a highly trusted provider that offers 98% effectiveness, excellent filtering features, and great compatibility. Hence, don’t hesitate to grab Total Adblock today!

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The best Mac ad blockers in 2024: overview

  1. Total AdBlock – the most effective & best Mac Ad blocker that is easy to use
  2. NordVPN Threat Protection – the most reliable Mac ad blocker
  3. Surfshark CleanWeb – a budget-friendly solution for adware on Mac
  4. AdLock – best ad blocker for Mac that can block advertisements on YouTube

Cybersecurity industry’s saturated with ad blockers that boast their capabilities and reputation. Unfortunately, only a few of them are worth their salt. If you’re not versed in ad blockers or are unsure which is the best for Mac, you can lay your worries to rest.

We have assessed multiple Mac ad blockers to determine which options are the best at blocking those pesky ads. Our evaluation is based on stern criteria highlighting the capability to deal with adware. Hence, we tested ad-blocking abilities, features, device compatibility, pricing, and a couple more.

1. Total AdBlock – #1 Mac ad blocker that stops almost all adverts

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Top-class script-blocking
  • Whitelisting options
  • Highly effective with YouTube
  • No standalone app for Mac

The most effective and intuitive ad blocker for Mac is undoubtedly Total AdBlock. The software can block ads, pop-ups, malware, trackers, and more. And tests don’t lie: Total AdBlock dealt with 98% of adverts. Thus, you won’t see any obnoxious autoplay video ads, banners, cookie & newsletter notifications, pop-ups, or any other junk.

So, let’s look at what makes Total AdBlock so effective. Script blocking prevents malvertising and adware by disabling non-essential cookies. Furthermore, Whitelist will act like a digital bouncer and let some ads on specific pages through. On top of that, Total AdBlock can hide elements and seamlessly fill up scapes where ads used to be. Not to mention, you’ll experience better browsing speeds as there will be no ads that slow you down.

When we tested Total AdBlock on Mac, we had one issue. There is no standalone application for Macbooks. Nevertheless, it operates flawlessly on Safari, Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi. So you can still enjoy an ad-free experience on your browser. Plus, you can use Total AdBlock’s iOS app, which will obliterate any pesky ads on your mobile phone.

Best of all, Total AdBlock for Mac won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you grab a special discount coupon, you can get this ad blocker for $1.59/month. Moreover, you can take advantage of the 14-day money-back guarantee. So, save 80% on the best Mac ad blocker today!

2. NordVPN Threat Protection – trusted provider with Mac ad blocker add-on

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Company location
Company location:
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Outstanding ad-blocking results
  • Comes with a VPN
  • URL trimmer feature
  • No whitelisting

If you want to stop ads and have VPN protection, then NordVPN is the best Mac ad blocker for you. Generally, the ad blocker prevents you from being tracked and warns about malicious websites. On top of that, it protects you from malware and phishing attacks. It ensures your Mac isn’t used as part of a botnet. The software is updated regularly, so it stays up-to-date with companies’ latest ad tactics.

Feature-wise, the Mac ad blocker comes equipped with a scanner for harmful downloads. Thus, the software effectively blocks ads and malicious sites during your ventures and prevents you from downloading infected files. Meanwhile, the URL Trimming feature allows you to remove the tracking parameters sometimes found in URLs.

NordVPN’s ad blocker is a perfect match for Mac computers. It’s thanks to the comprehensive functionality and easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Luckily, the software also offers streamlined Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux solutions.

The plug-and-play ad-blocking formula and NordVPN can easily be yours at a smaller price thanks to the currently available 72% cheaper. And before you get the ad blocker, rummage through discount coupons lest you find a better bargain.

3. Surfshark CleanWeb – a high-end ad-blocking solution for Mac

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Company location
Company location:
The Netherlands
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Solid ad-blocking abilities
  • Comes with a VPN
  • Website breach alerts
  • Some features cost extra

Surfshark’s CleanWeb is one of the top solutions for ad-blocking on Mac. During our testing, the ad blocker excelled at blocking ads, pop-ups, banners, video ads, cookie consent pop-ups, trackers, and even instances of malware. The good news is that the service comes with the budget-friendly Surfshark VPN, one of the best VPN services.

The CleanWeb feature is available on Mac along with the dedicated Surfshark app. Meanwhile, the upgraded CleanWeb 2.0 is for browser extensions. Both versions successfully block various adware, including but not limited to pop-ups, YouTube ads, social media ads, and trackers.

CleanWeb 2.0 is the gold nugget for Mac users. This upgraded feature regularly compiles a summary of blocked ads. Moreover, you can enjoy the whitelisting feature, cookie pop-up blocker, and website breach alert. Doubled with the encryption and security features of Surfshark VPN, you get comprehensive protection against cyber threats.

Since adware haunts many devices, broad compatibility in an ad blocker is a huge plus. CleanWeb is supported on all Surfshark apps and works with all major browsers. Meanwhile, the upgraded CleanWeb 2.0 enhances online business on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge browser extensions. For one, the tool includes a bypass list to allow ads on chosen web pages.

CleanWeb and Surfshark VPN come at a nifty price, currently at 83% off. While it’s a solid deal, you might discover an even better one among Surfshark discount codes. If you wish to test the waters first, then be sure to utilize the 7-day free trial and the 30-day money-return guarantee.

4. AdLock – solid ad blocker Mac choice with extensions for browsers

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Company location
Company location:
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Great blocking capabilities
  • Whitelisting options
  • Various filtering options
  • Doesn’t work with VPNs

AdLock is one of the top Mac ad blockers due to its effectiveness and compatibility. It works great on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and other browsers as a browser extension. However, it operates best as a standalone app. That way, apart from blocking regular ads, it can also eliminate interruptions on external platforms like YouTube, KMPlayer, uTorrent, or games.

So, what does this provider have to offer? Advertising Filters feature lets you manage what you don’t want to see. It’s based on EasyList technology, a primary list that eliminates most ads, images, objects, and other unwanted elements. In addition, Anti-tracking will hide your online activities and personal data from advertisers and data brokers. And the Safebrowsing feature will warn you before accessing dangerous sites and files.

Nevertheless, there are some reasons why it’s not on top of the list. For starters, during the tests, AdLock had a pretty rocky performance. It didn’t block all the ads, especially on YouTube. Even worse, it can’t work simultaneously with VPNs, which leaves you vulnerable to more serious threats.

If you want to give AdLock a go, you can test it out trouble-free without buying it instantly. AdLock offers a freemium version that works on Chrome and Safari browsers. After that, you can get a deal by grabbing a long-term plan. That way, AdLock will only cost you $1.05/month.

Mac ad blockers that didn’t make it

The top Macbook ad blockers stand out due to their reputation, ease of use, and, of course, capabilities of blocking various ads. As you can imagine, we had to go through heaps of services to find the best ones. And there were quite a few that didn’t make the cut. Below, you’ll find well-known ad blockers that fell a bit short during the tests.

  • AdGuard. While it works fairly well, there is a huge stain in the company’s past. AdGuard originates from Russia. Some users speculate whether it still fuels the war machine. Apart from that, it can take a massive toll on your browsing speed.
  • Wipr. We had a few hiccups when testing this ad blocker on Mac. Sometimes, we would get bombarded with YouTube ads. Plus, it left huge empty ad spaces instead of covering them up.
  • AdBlock Plus. It’s one of the most favored free Mac ad blockers. However, the owners of this ad blocker, Eyeo, have loads of ties with advertisers. Meaning your data could end up in the wrong hands.

Only the best Mac ad blocker will let you enjoy ad-free internet adventures. For that reason, choose a service that’s praised by users and experts globally. Get Total AdBlock and remove all visual noise from your digital landscape.

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Best Ad blockers for Mac: comparison

💼 ProviderTotal AdBlockNordVPN Threat ProtectionSurfshark CleanWebAdLock
💰 Price$1.59/month$3.39/month$2.19/month$1.05/month
🆓 Free versionYes (7-day free trial)Yes (Free 7-day trial on Android)Yes (Free 7-day trial on Android & iOS)Yes (14-day free trial)
📺 YouTube ad blockingYesYesYesYes
🚧 Blocks trackersYesYesYesYes
🦠 Malware filterYesYesYesYes
🖥️ Device compatibilityAndroid and iOSWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOSWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, FireTV, Android TVAndroid, iOS, macOS, and Windows
🌐 BrowsersChrome, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, and EdgeChrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, Opera, and EdgeChrome, Firefox, EdgeChrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge
🏷️ Best deal
Get 80% offGet 72% offGet 86% off

All Top 4 ad blockers prevent adverts, malicious sites, and obnoxious cookies. Some had a few hiccups during the analysis, but they eliminated visual noise and seamlessly covered it up.

However, Total AdBlock proved to be the best Mac ad blocker. Our research team notes that this blocker was the most effective against various ads during the tests. Even YouTube could not detect it. Plus, it was extremely easy to use and provided plenty of filters. So, you can configure it however you like.

Thus, we highly recommend using Total AdBlock if you’re going for the best Mac ad block.

How we selected macOS ad blockers

Testing ad blockers is a procedure comprising many steps and criteria. We tested multiple options on Mac to see which ad blockers offer the best value for the price. Basically, we assessed such factors as:

  • Ad & tracker blocking capabilities. We run ad blockers via several testing mediums like AdBlock Test. Our top recommendations yielded excellent results at blocking ads, trackers, YouTube, and other autoplay video ads, social media ads, and other kinds of adware.
  • Regularly updated software. Adware evolves constantly. It’s no wonder, given that it’s often a major source of revenue for modern companies. To combat continually advancing ad strategies, the best ad blockers for Mac must be updated & upgraded often.
  • Device compatibility. We are talking about the best ad blockers for Mac, so naturally, the picks are compatible with the device. However, ads make their way into a variety of devices, so having the option to extend the prevention beyond Mac PC is a plus.
  • Additional features. Extra opportunities and functionalities are always welcome. We took into consideration whether ad blockers have more to offer than basic ad-blocking. Thus, our picks offer more. For instance, they have anti-malware tools. Keep in mind though, that they do not substitute for an antivirus.

Your best shot is Total AdBlock because it’s equipped with the latest technology for tackling adware and partial malware. This MacBook ad blocker swept through tests with the best grades, so we heartily recommend it. Also, its interface is a delight to work with!

Browse ad-free with Total AdBlock

Total AdBlock lays all your ad-related worries to rest. The best ad blocker for Mac is capable of disabling YouTube ads, pop-ups, trackers, social media ads, and even deals with malware. Moreover, Total Adblock offers a VPN and an antivirus, so you get double security and privacy.

9.8 /10
Exceptional ad-blocking results
Combats adware & malware
URL trimming tool

Why do you need to block ads on your Mac?

The nettlesome ads are flashy, intrusive, and overall obnoxious. But there’s more evil to them, directly affecting your device and your human right to privacy. Here are a few reasons to opt for a MacBook ad blocker:

  • Block ads & trackers. The most obvious one is blocking adware, which can be irritating and dangerous. Whether it’s cookie request pop-ups, notification invites, inappropriate ads, or intrusive autoplay video ads, you want them to leave you alone.
  • Chance of malware infection. Though that is a rarer case, some ads contain malware. It can infect and harm your device or compromise your personal information. As a cybersecurity tool, a solid ad blocker for Mac protects your PC by blocking such ads.
  • Prevent content interruptions. We are busy online on a daily basis. Browsing the internet, shopping, online gaming, watching YouTube, or streaming, we want to do it seamlessly. Ads quickly disrupt these activities and tend to do so annoyingly often. A reliable ad blocker solves this problem, enhancing your overall online ventures.
  • Increase website loading time. Ads are infamous for decreasing website loading speed since they consume additional data. You solve this issue with just a few clicks by enabling an ad blocker. Turn on the feature, and boom – instantly faster browsing.
  • Protect your online privacy. Our digital print is inevitable, but we can take easy measures to protect our online privacy. Ads often have trackers that observe our online behavior to generate targeted ads later. While this is common practice, it’s a mild violation of user privacy, which an ad blocker protects.

Browse ad-free with Total AdBlock

Best ad blockers for MacOS based on your browser

Different users prefer different browsers on their Mac devices. In that case, questions like ‘What is the best ad blocker for Mac on Chrome?’ may be asked. Or maybe you want the best ad blocker for Safari. Either way, you must first figure out which browser you like the most. Then, choose an ad blocker that offers the best functionality for that platform.

Total AdBlock Blocking trackers on Amazon

For instance, Total AdBlock offers effective and easy-to-use extensions for the most popular Mac browsers. NordVPN has a streamlined app for Mac and a plug-in for various browsers. Meanwhile, Surfshark’s ad blocker offers the upgraded CleanWeb 2.0 for browsing. If you want more details, take a look at the table below:

Ad blockerSupported browsersBlocked adware
Total AdBlockSafari, Chrome, Brave, Opera, Edge, VivaldiAds, pop-ups, trackers, cookies request notifications, malicious banners, YouTube ads, autoplay video ads, partially malware
NordVPN Threat ProtectionChrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, Opera, and EdgeAds, pop-ups, trackers, cookies request notifications, malicious banners, YouTube ads, autoplay video ads, partially malware
Surfshark CleanWebChrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, and EdgeAds, pop-ups, banners, autoplay video ads, YouTube ads, cookie consent pop-ups, trackers, partially malware
AdLockChrome, Safari, Firefox, EdgeAds, pop-ups, trackers, cookies request notifications, malicious banners, YouTube ads, autoplay video ads, partially malware

Are free Mac ad blockers safe?

We don’t recommend free Mac ad blockers as they are unsafe and have other problems typically. We know, it may seem a nuisance having to pay for software that does a very simple job: blocking ads. On top of that, most cause more harm than good. Reasons to abstain from free Mac ad blockers:

  • Fail to block ads & trackers. Numerous free ad blockers fail to block even the simplest ads as the software is underdeveloped.
  • Compromise user data. Ironically, ad blockers are meant to stop ads from collecting your data and companies from selling said data to third parties. Free ones end up doing the very same thing.
  • Distribute malware. Though such occasions aren’t frequent, some free Mac ad blockers contain malware. So, once you download the extension or software, your security is compromised.
  • Slow down online browsing. Often, freebie ad blockers run on messy code, making them clumsy. Hence, you experience decreased website loading time.

Such issues don’t occur if you opt for paid ad blockers. Total AdBlock comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee, which means you get a fully developed ad blocker for Mac. Also, if you’re using Total Adblock on a browser, you can use the extension without paying for a limited time.

Browse ad-free with Total AdBlock

Final remarks

Adware is a bothersome nuisance that conceals more cyber threats than regular users would assume. Disabling flashy ads each time we venture online is one of the safest ways to browse. Fortunately, that can be done thanks to a reliable ad blocker.

The best option for Mac users is Total AdBlock, one of the most trusted providers in the industry. As such, the service effectively blocks all kinds of adware and keeps your online activities safe, encrypted, and private. What’s better than securing your online experience? Securing your peace of mind.

What do you think is the best ad blocker for Mac? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Get the best deal today

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Does Mac have an ad blocker?

There is an in-built ad blocker on the Safari browser. However, it’s reportedly ineffective against most ads. If you want a fully functional ad blocker for Mac, your best choice is Total AdBlock. The Mac ad blocker comes with TotalAV security suite, providing comprehensive security against ads and malware and various online threats.

What are some good ad blockers for Mac?

The most reliable ad blockers for Mac include Total AdBlock, Threat Protection, and CleanWeb. They are part of their respective VPN suites, which means extra security and encryption. They deal with YouTube ads, trackers, autoplay video ads, social media ads, and most other adware.

Do ad blockers work on Mac?

Yes, our recommended ad blockers work well on Mac. They offer streamlined extensions and applications for the Apple PC and rank among the best Mac ad blockers. They can block trackers, pesky adware and offer functional solutions to boost your online browsing experience.

What is the best ad blocker for Mac Chrome?

The best Mac ad blocker for Chrome is Total AdBlock. It’s the number one option as during the testing, it effectively blocked adware: YouTube ads, cookies request pop-ups, trackers, social media ads, and more.

How to turn off ad blocker on Mac?

There are several ways to turn off an ad blocker on Mac. If you are using an ad blocker as an extension, go to the extensions settings on your browser and disable the ad blocker. If you’re using an ad blocker with a VPN, head to the additional features of the app or browser and disable the ad blocker.

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