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Best ad blockers for Twitch in 2024

Best ad blockers for Twitch

As a lot of content online goes free these days, the abundant amounts of ads are taking over more and more screen time. Streaming sites like Twitch are no exception, as numerous distracting and super random ads are becoming a common complaint among many irritated viewers. But what if you don’t yet know how to get rid of Twitch ads? Well, you’re just in the right place.

As a frequent visitor of Twitch, I had already lost my patience and decided it was high time to find my salvation. Ad blockers are already widely used by the majority of internet power-users, but not all off-the-shelf solutions deliver on their promises. So, I went on the search for the best Twitch ad blockers that reliably stop all types of ads in your path.

In this article, you’ll find the best Twitch ad-blocking tools, our insights on their Chrome extensions, and some extra tips to buff your overall Twitch experience. And for those of you in a rush, here’s a quick look into our top tested picks of June 2024, coming up next!

Best Twitch ad blockers: shortlist

  1. The most reliable Twitch ad blocker
  2. Strong and dependable ad blocker for Twitch
  3. Flexible and private Twitch ad blocker
  4. The most secure ad blocker for Twitch

Why block ads on Twitch?

Twitch, owned by Amazon, makes a ton of money from ads alone. But blocking ads isn’t just about sticking it to big corporations, as there are other major reasons to get yourself a reliable ad blocker for Twitch:

  • Streaming without interruptions. Ads can be a real buzzkill during streams, especially when they pop up all the time. An ad blocker keeps those interruptions at bay, making your streaming experience smoother and lag-free.
  • No more deafening ads. Numerous Twitch users report obnoxiously loud video ads that can startle and ruin your vibe, particularly with more laid-back or relaxing content. With a Twitch ad blocker, you can dodge those jolting ads and enjoy the streams from top streamers without any unpleasant surprises.
  • Twitch Prime with no ads. You’d think paying for a subscription or having Amazon Prime would spare you from Twitch ads. However, They still sneak in. An ad blocker saves you the trouble of dealing with ads, even when you’re shelling out money to Twitch.

Twitch ad during a live stream

So, whether it’s smooth streaming, freedom from subscription ads, or avoiding ear-splitting moments, a reliable Twitch ad blocker lets you take charge of your Twitch experience and enjoy it the way you want.

What to look for when choosing the best ad blocker for Twitch?

Picking the perfect ad blocker for Twitch can be quite a quest, especially with users reporting that some of them become ineffective over time. With a gazillion providers out there, it’s like navigating a maze of options, but fear not – here’s your cheat sheet on what to look for:

  • Twitch ad blocking. You need an ad blocker that’s a force to be reckoned with, so look for one that eats Twitch pre-roll ads for breakfast. The best blockers easily stop banners, pop-ups, and video ads together with intrusive trackers as well.
  • Device compatibility. Make sure your chosen ad blocker plays nicely with your favorite Twitch-streaming browser and dances seamlessly with your device’s operating system.
  • Extra firepower. Don’t settle for anything other than the best. It’s wise to seek out ones with bonus features like an antivirus shield or a built-in VPN, which can even avoid ads altogether.
  • Value for gold coins. Don’t let shiny price tags fool you. The most expensive option isn’t always the best. Look for the ad blocker that offers the most bang for your precious cash.

Armed with these tips, venture forward and see which Twitch ad blocker banishes ads, protects your data, and lifts your streaming adventures to the next level!

How to stop Twitch ads without ad blocker

If you’re still wondering how to block Twitch ads in other ways, then you’re in for a treat. While all major player countries, such as the US, Germany, Sweden, or the UK, get bombarded with adverts, some regions see almost no ads whatsoever.

Now we must say that this method works particularly well with Twitch specifically. In this case, a quick IP change through a VPN can help dodge most if not all ads coming your way. However, for maximum efficiency, we still recommend using both a VPN and the ad blocker for double the trouble.

Countries will little to no Twitch ads

Now let’s say you already have your trusty Twitch VPN at the ready, but which regions are the best to connect to? Well, they are quite numerous. Here’s the list of countries with little to no Twitch ads:

Central AmericaCosta Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama
EuropeBelarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine

We tried this ourselves and found that connecting to Lithuania or Poland stopped pretty much all the ads completely. If you’re trying this yourself, bear in mind to clear your internet cookies and browser cache beforehand.

No Twitch ads with a VPN by Reddit

Of course, not all VPNs can fetch the same results. As such, we sincerely recommend checking out the services with built-in ad blockers, such as Surshark. Going with reliable providers is the best way to not just avoid advertisements or hidden trackers, but also improve your streaming speeds by bypassing ISP throttling.

Kiss Twitch ads goodbye!

Stop wasting your time with unskippable ads and annoying pop-ups. Bypass Twitch ads by connecting to hundreds of NordVPN servers in Lithuania, Poland, or Mexico and trample the remaining few with Threat Protection. Try it today, with a 7-day free trial!

9.8 /10
5800+ servers in 60+ countries
Blocks all ads and trackers
30-day moneyback guarantee

It’s pretty clear that a VPN bundled with an ad blocker is the ultimate weapon against invasive Twitch ads. However, if VPNs don’t really float your boat and you just want a straightforward ad blocker, our list is just up ahead.

The best Twitch ad blockers: overview

  1. Total AdBlock – the best Twitch ad blocker
  2. Surfshark CleanWeb – Twitch ad blocker with solid security
  3. Adlock – customizable ad blocker for Twitch
  4. Proton VPN NetShield – secure Twitch ad blocker

Finding the best ad blocker for Twitch can be a real challenge with so many options out there. Luckily, we’ve already done the legwork and put together a list of top recommendations to make it easier for you. We considered the most essential stuff, like blocking ads and trackers, extra features, and pricing.

1. Total AdBlock – the best ad blocker for Twitch

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Superb ad-blocking
  • Add-on for all popular browsers
  • Whitelisting feature
  • Local apps only on Android and iOS

Without a doubt, Total AdBlock is the most effective ad-blocking extension for Twitch across the board. While full apps are only available for mobile devices, the Chrome add-on for PCs has proven remarkably successful in removing all forms of advertisements. With a single click, it banished pre-roll ads, banner ads, and even subscription promotions from appearing entirely.

This tool truly shines when it comes to blocking Twitch ads. While testing, it was able to prevent over 97% of all advertisements and hidden trackers. As my personal long-term experience shows, it remains consistently effective even after sneaky Twitch updates seeking to circumvent ad blocking.

This blocker also offers great compatibility across all major platforms. The web browser extensions for all Chrome-based browsers, Firefox and Safari work flawlessly on both PC and Mac. And whether you go with an Android, iOS app, or a browser extension, Total AdBlock offers a wide degree of personalization and filtering options.

At the end of the day, Total AdBlock proved itself to be a formidable foe against any pesky Twitch ads. Try it out risk-free with a 7-day free trial, then continue forward with a 80% discount and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

2. Surfshark CleanWeb – secure Twitch ad blocker for multiple devices

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Company location
Company location:
The Netherlands
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Wide compatibility
  • Browser extensions
  • Comes with a VPN
  • Works only with VPN

Surfshark’s CleanWeb is an affordable and dependable ad blocker for Twitch, which is part of their VPN suite. For instance, starting CleanWeb is as easy as just activating your VPN connection. It efficiently blocks ads, pop-ups, and video ads all while quietly working in the background. CleanWeb also enhances browsing speeds since your device doesn’t even have to load any unnecessary website clogs.

From my experience, Surfshark’s CleanWeb displayed great results throughout all the tests. It effectively stopped 94% of adverts, push notifications, trackers, or potential malware, especially on streaming sites like Twitch or YouTube. Of course, minor snags may appear every once in a while, but CleanWeb consistently delivers speedy ad-free browsing.

While fully compatible with PCs, mobiles, and smart TVs, CleanWeb also offers browser add-ons for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other Chromium-based browsers. The enhanced CleanWeb 2.0 version, available in the browser extensions, further adds features like breach alerts and blocking cookie consent pop-ups.

Get yourself CleanWeb bundled with a VPN, now 86% off if you enter your Surfshark discount code. Feel free to give it a try with the 7-day free trial or subscribe now risk-free with a 30-day money-back warranty.

3. AdLock – reliable Twitch ad blocker wide personalization

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Company location
Company location:
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Effective ad blocking
  • Customizable filters
  • Available whitelisting
  • Doesn’t work together with VPNs

Beloved by many daily internet users, AdLock is another excellent tool to enhance your Twitch experience by a mile. Since AdLock is no cookie-cutter ad blocker, it catches anything out of place from even touching your device. And during my tests, it really showed what it’s worth.

Adlock is not just a Twitch specialist; it’s a high-performance ad-blocker boasting a 90% effectiveness rate overboard. Operating at the DNS level, Adlock effectively combats ads, trackers, and malware by intercepting all unwanted traffic from all notorious adware sources. What’s more, it offers really flexible personalization options such as whitelisting and customized filtering.

Adaptability is AdLock’s strong suit, as it stretches across various platforms and browser extensions, ensuring reliable ad-blocking on all the most popular devices. Whether you’re browsing, gaming on your mobile device, or streaming on Twitch, AdLock ensures no ads sip into your entertainment. However, I should warn frequent VPN users that AdLock doesn’t play together with virtual private network services simultaneously.

Affordability is a key advantage for AdLock thanks to a generous 70% discount, making it an excellent option for any budget-conscious Twitch viewer. Moreover, all subscriptions include a 30-day money-return guarantee and round-the-clock customer support to make your start as smooth as possible.

4. Proton VPN Netshield – private and secure ad blocker for Twitch

24/7 live chat
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Comes with a VPN
  • Personalized settings
  • DNS-level ad blocking
  • Requires VPN connection

Proton VPN NetShield is another rock-solid ad blocking and VPN combo to go for. It blocks online malware, third-party cookies, and removes tracking from links on top of bashing video ads, banners, and other usual suspects. Thanks to the DNS level filtering, NetShield proactively stops any ads in their tracks from even starting to load on your system.

During my personal tests, Proton VPN NetShield performed fairly well, blocking almost 70% of ads and trackers on its own. That may not seem like much, but it gets way better if you use it as a second line of defense. Namely, the included VPN can help you connect to an ad-free Twitch region, like Lithuania or Poland, and pass on the ads altogether.

No matter what device you use, NetShield has you covered. It supports all major platforms like Windows, macOS, and even Linux, including mobile platforms like Android and iOS. You can even add it as a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and all other Chromium-based browsers.

Shut the door on invasive ads and enjoy a secure Twitch experience with Proton VPN NetShield. Be sure to grab a Proton VPN coupon to get a 55% discount and try it risk-free for a whole month thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best ad blockers for Twitch: comparison

ProviderTotal AdBlockSurfshark CleanWebAdLockProton VPN NetShield
Free versionYes (only ads and trackers)Yes (Free 7-day trial on Android & iOS)Yes (paid for more features)No (only with Proton VPN Plus)
Blocks Twitch ads✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Blocks trackers✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Malware filter✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Supported platformsAndroid, iOSWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, FireTV, Android TVWindows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TVWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Browser add-onsChrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, OperaChrome, Edge, Firefox, OperaChromeChrome, Firefox

How we selected Twitch ad blockers

In search of the best Twitch ad blocker, you have to establish clear guidelines. We put these services to the test using our criteria to showcase their full potential. Our assessments covered ad-blocking prowess, device compatibility, extra features, pricing, and more. Here’s how we tested our top ad blockers for Twitch:

  • Ad-blocking capabilities. First and foremost – the ad blocker must block the ads, period. We also tested our contenders’ effectiveness in fighting video ads, pop-ups, cookie requests, malicious sites, and phishing dangers.
  • Supported platforms. It’s always wise to invest in a solution that covers a wide variety of gadgets. Here we considered the range of devices supported by each ad blocker, including smartphones, tablets, and both Windows and macOS PCs. Anything outside of these is a huge plus.
  • Bonus features. Extras are always welcome, so we looked at valuable features such as whitelisting, data breach alerts, and bonus security measures.
  • Frequent updates. All apps or services running the ads always look for new ways to catch anyone dodging the adverts. We took into account whether the ad blockers receive regular updates and improvements to keep up with evolving ad providers and malware spreading tactics.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Our top recommendations offer a balanced quality-to-price ratio, ensuring affordability without compromising on performance. We gave some extra attention to the premium services with available free ad blocker versions, trial periods, or money-back guarantees.

Total AdBlock aced our tests, excelling as a specialized ad-blocking service. It not only blocks Twitch ads but guarantees an ad-free experience on YouTube and mobile games as well. With its comprehensive functionality and unwavering focus on ad blocking, Total AdBlock ensures a seamless and uninterrupted online experience just a click away.

Visit Total AdBlock

How to fix Twitch purple screen error

The purple screen of death, dubbed by many of Twitch viewers, is an error message usually caused by interference with the service. In most cases, it’s the result of Twitch detecting an ad blocker doing its job. As a free content platform, Twitch makes its bank by serving generous amounts of ads, which ad blockers thin out quite a lot.

Twitch purple scree error

Fortunately, where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you want to binge your favorite streamers without exposing yourself to tons of unwanted ads, try a few of our quick possible fixes:

  • Switch your current ad blocker. There is a fat chance your current ad blocking solution is just not comprehensive enough to block the ads without exposing itself to the Twitch algorithms. Going with our best ad blockers for Twitch is your first step to go ad-free in no time.
  • Go outside of Twitch browser app. Alternative Twitch streaming sites, such as twitchls.com, reportedly bypass a lot of ads you’d get on the main site. Switching over to the official Twitch app may also increase your chances of dodging any unnecessary interruptions. Some viewers even say using an incognito mode on your browser bears some fruit, but don’t forget to clear your cookies first.
  • Twitch Prime or Twitch Turbo. The premium subscription could help you see fewer ads. However, there are enough reports to state this solution is not foolproof and some adverts still find their way into your Twitch video feed regardless.

Should I get a free ad blocker for Twitch?

Free ad blockers come with risks and limitations. They are often ineffective, lack updates, and may have hidden costs or privacy concerns. To ensure a reliable ad-blocking experience, we genuinely recommend investing in a premium ad blocker. Paid options, such as Total AdBlock offer comprehensive ad blocking, regular updates, and enhanced privacy features.

Total AdBlock with Twitch stream

Additionally, when it comes to blocking ads on platforms like Twitch, many free ad blockers fall short. Twitch is known for its dynamic and evolving advertising tactics, frequently introducing new ad formats and strategies. Free blockers often struggle to keep up with these changes, resulting in decreased effectiveness over time. As a result, you may still encounter intrusive ads while using free solutions like uBlock Origin, undermining the whole premise.

uBlock doesn't always work with Twitch

Finally, some free ad blockers pose significant privacy risks as they collect or sell your personal data in exchange for their services. Even if they don’t explicitly do it for the monetary goals, this could introduce other bad actors. For example, we didn’t include AdGuard due to its alleged connections to Russia. Trade-offs like these raise valid concerns about data security and the potential misuse of your information if it’s ever sold off to any third parties.


Twitch is notorious for its intrusive video ads in combo with annoying and loud Twitch pop-ups. Fortunately, a robust and well-equipped ad blocker is your best weapon against this unwelcome screen junk.

Our top recommendation for Twitch ad blocking is Total AdBlock. This powerful ad blocker tackles all video ads, trackers, pop-ups, and other online threats. Moreover, it goes above and beyond just Twitch to offer an all-in package to block any ads on YouTube and other applications.

What is your experience with Twitch ads? What do you think is the best Ad Blocker for Twitch? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Get the best deal today

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What ad blocker works on Twitch 2024?

Total AdBlock is currently the top ad blocker for Twitch. A well-rounded ad-blocking solution not only helps you dodge Twitch ads and pop-ups but protects you from malicious trackers and malware. Throughout our testing, we found that Total Adblock is the perfect choice for the task.

How can I block ads on Twitch?

The easiest solution is to get yourself an ad blocker. Reliable ad blocking services not only block almost every ad Twitch throws at you but also stop any pop-ups, trackers, and malware. This will let enjoy an uninterrupted and seamless Twitch streaming experience and keep your online presence safer.

Can you remove all ads on Twitch?

Using a dependable Twitch ad blocker ensures an almost completely clean video feed. Even if you’re a Twitch Prime or Turbo subscriber, some ads might still find their way onto your screen. A powerful ad and malware blocker, like Total AdBlock, is the safest way to remove any leftover ads.

Can you fix Twitch purple screen?

Yes, there are multiple ways to fix Twitch purple screen. It’s an indicator of interference between your ad blocker and the streaming platform. You can fix Twitch’s purple screen by disabling your current ad blocker, switching to a trusted ad blocking service, or watching through the Twitch app.

Can you use a VPN to remove ads on Twitch?

Yes, many viewers are using VPNs to avoid Twitch ads proactively. Using a VPN to connect to a server in a country with no Twitch ads is a tried and true solution to avoid them altogether. Through our experience, NordVPN showed the best results and stopped all Twitch ads without a dedicated ad blocker.

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