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Best ad blockers Reddit users swear by in 2024

Best ad blocker Reddit adblock

In an era dominated by ad campaigns, ad blockers have become indispensable tools for folks seeking a smoother, less intrusive browsing experience. However, with an overwhelming number of ad-blocking options, it can take time to determine which ones genuinely deliver on their promises.

By harnessing the power of collective knowledge, we have scoured numerous threads and discussions to compile a comprehensive list of the most popular and highly acclaimed best ad blockers by Reddit users. From browser extensions to standalone software, Redditors have voiced their choices based on effectiveness, customization options, and privacy considerations.

We have meticulously tested dozens of ad-blocking solutions that Redditors claimed to be the best at swiping ads off your screen. Here is the list of ad blockers that Reddit users like, all laid out for you with highlighted test results, strengths, and weaknesses.

Reddit users best ad block recommendations: shortlist

  1. Reddit’s best ad blocker of all time
  2. Superlative ad blocker sworn by Reddit
  3. Excellent ad-blocking solution according to Redditors
  4. Capable & cheap ad block by Reddit
  5. Reliable and safe ad blocker recommended on Reddit

Reddit users considered factors when suggesting the best ad blocker

We highlighted the main priorities and preferences in Reddit’s best ad blocker threads. These criteria played a significant role in shaping Redditors’ recommendations for the top ad-blocking software.

  • Effective ad-blocking formula. An ad blocker’s ability to efficiently block a wide range of ads and trackers is the most essential criterion. After all, pesky ads come in the shapes of pop-ups, banners, autoplay videos, tracking scripts, and more. Reddit users valued ad blockers that consistently delivered on their promises to create an ad-free browsing experience.
  • Intuitive and sleek design. Redditors appreciated ad blockers that were easy to install and configure, with intuitive user interfaces and specific settings. Hence, seamless integration with popular browsers and hassle-free operation were vital considerations.
  • Privacy measures. Redditors praised ad blockers that prioritized user privacy. An excellent ad blocker not only disables ads & trackers but also protects personal data from being collected, tracked, or shared by advertisers or other third parties. Ad blockers with advanced privacy features, such as anti-tracking capabilities and enhanced cookie control, received positive recognition.
  • Device compatibility. Redditors considered compatibility with various operating systems, browsers, and devices a crucial factor. Reddit’s best ad blockers work seamlessly across multiple platforms, including PC and mobile. They are compatible with popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Pricing. While many ad blockers are free, Redditors acknowledged the value of premium options offering enhanced features, support, and customization. Of course, they also emphasize options that keep your funds intact.
Browse ad-free with Reddit's best ad blocker!

The Reddit community has spoken in favor of Total Adblock, an avid ad-blocking solution. It swipes all those pesky ads off your screen, securing a pleasant online experience and peace of mind. Customization options and extra features like notification disabling or Script-blocking let you tinker with the app to your heart’s content. Leave obtrusive ads in the past!

9.7 /10
Exceptional ad-blocking results
Whitelisting feature

Best ad blockers by Reddit community: overview

  1. Total Adblock – best ad blocker for streaming & browsing
  2. AdLock – well-rounded Reddit’s ad blocker against YouTube ads & more
  3. 1Blocker – a budget-friendly & excellent Reddit ad blocker

Below, you’ll find detailed overviews of the best ad blockers by Reddit in 2024. Each offers substantial ad-blocking capabilities, disables trackers, and supports major devices and operating systems, just to name a few.

1. Total Adblock – the ultimate best ad blocker by Reddit

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Best against adware like trackers & YouTube ads
  • Script-blocking
  • Whitelisting option
  • Available on iOS and Android only

Total Adblock is Reddit’s best ad blocker as users swear it swipes the ads off the screen instantly. Though available on Android and iOS only, the software is unbeaten in the anti-adware game. In a nutshell, it removes a variety of advertisements, such as pop-ups, cookie requests, autoplay video ads, banners, static and GIF images, and prevents interactions with malicious websites.

The software comes loaded with basic, however boosted features to improve your overall browsing experience. For instance, Script-blocking blocks any website from collecting cookies before the consent request can even pop up. What’s more, acceptable ad whitelisting and annoying notification disabling offer an instantaneous increase in webpage loading speed and peace of mind.

Our testing revealed nothing but premier results as it blocked up to 99% of adware. First-hand experience showed that Total Adblock disabled ads, banners, and display images, and cleaned up the white spaces in their wake. On top of that, the ad blocker managed to halt most YouTube ads even after the recent Google update. Moreover, it doesn’t seem to be collecting user data without consent.

Though available only on mobile, Total Adblock offers a functional extension on Chrome and all other Chromium-based web browsers. To your benefit, the ad-blocking software is also compatible with Firefox and Edge. The good news is that the company TotalAV is trying to make it available on all kinds of browsers. In the meanwhile, mobile apps offer a fun and easy user experience.

Total Adblock is a supreme ad blocker as sworn by Reddit, and luckily, and comes with a cheap deal of $2.99/month. Of course, there’s a free 7-day trial for those who want to test the service before committing fully. In addition, backing out is a valid option thanks to the 14-day money-back guarantee.

2. AdLock – multi-device & privacy-oriented ad blocker voted by Reddit

Company location
Company location:
24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Exceptionally effective ad blocker
  • Whitelisting feature
  • Many filtering options
  • Cannot work simultaneously with VPN services

Reddit users determine AdLock as one of the best ad blockers on the world wide web. First of all, this stand-alone ad blocker effectively disables cookie requests, pop-ups, banners, autoplay video ads, trackers, and cryptocurrency mining ads, among others. It’s an excellent option for those looking to avoid all sorts of malware, protect online privacy, and improve the device’s performance.

Feature-wise, Adlock comes off as rich. Reddit users love it because it gives you full control over your browsing experience. For example, the whitelisting feature allows choosing websites where ads are acceptable. Meanwhile, smart filtering options for system applications mean that if you’re fed up with ads in specific apps or video games, AdLock blocks ads in the respective software.

Our testing showed pleasing results, even up to 90% effectiveness. AdLock blocked most ads, dealing with static images, GIFs, banners, and other pesky ads. It even cleaned white spaces in the stead of those ads. Trackers were out of sight right off the bat. Moreover, Reddit’s ad blocker fared fairly well against data-mining social media sites, too.

AdLock supports major operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android), which is great news for both mobile and PC users. Further into the desktop zone, the ad blocker runs on Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox as a browser extension. Both smartphone and PC variations of the app are linear and easy to navigate, creating a smooth user experience.

You can get all of the benefits Adlock provides, especially now for a small price tag of $3.50/month. If you have any doubts, try it out with a standard 30-day money-back guarantee or the generous 14-day free trial.

3. 1Blocker – top-notch Apple-focused ad blocker according to Reddit

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Commendable shield from YouTube & other ads
  • Diverse options including a firewall
  • Blocks regional ads
  • Only available on macOS, iOS, and Safari

1Blocker stands out as one of Reddit’s highly recommended ad blockers, offering comprehensive and reliable functionality. The software actively disables a variety of adware: trackers, push notifications, comments, banners, widgets, autoplay video ads, just to name a few. Moreover, you can block ads in a desired region from a list, like German, Russian, or other localized ads.

One of the advanced features that 1Blocker can pride itself on is Custom rules. They allow you to create your own options on web pages by using the app’s templates. As such, you can block websites, cookies, hide elements and HTTPS. Meanwhile, the in-built Firewall tool deals with in-app trackers, so you can browse without any surveillance. The feature even integrates with Siri to allow you to interact through voice commands.

Our testing revealed around 88% success rate. 1Blocker dealt with the majority of adware, including trackers, social media comments and widgets, banners, static and GIF images. It even blocked several YouTube ads. Since 1Blocker is built to run on an operating system instead of a browser, it’s capable of blocking ads on YouTube apps on an iPhone and iPad.

As for device compatibility, 1Blocker falls a little short. Reddit’s ad blocker is only supported on macOS, iOS, and Safari browser. Sadly, it offers no functionality for Windows, Linux, Android devices, or even other browsers apart from Safari. On the bright side, the focus on Apple products brings about a unique formula for working splendidly on supported operating systems.

1Blocker has a free version, which allows to toggle one permission at a time. However, if you want to enjoy more features for a pleasant browsing experience, you can snatch 1Blocker for your Apple device for a whopping price of $2.99/month.

4. Wipr – a diverse and capable Safari ad blocker ranked by Reddit users

email, knowledge base
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Disables third-party trackers
  • User-friendly setup & navigation
  • Solid against YouTube & autoplay ads
  • Works only within Safari

Wipr is an efficient ad blocker for Safari that can be easily set up within seconds. It effectively blocks advertisements, trackers, banners, pop-ups, cryptocurrency miners, EU cookies, and GDPR notices on Safari’s web pages. However, it’s important to note that Wipr doesn’t offer security-oriented tools and therefore does not block malicious, scam, or phishing sites.

This Reddit’s ad blocker updates its block-list twice a week, keeping it fresh. You don’t have to take any action as the app automatically checks for updates on your behalf. Furthermore, you get a Whitelisting option, which allows toggling which websites get a free pass for ads and which don’t. In fact, Wipr receives recognition for keeping the website layout clean after removing adware.

We tested Wipr extensively and witnessed it eliminating 78% of adware. It successfully disabled static and GIF images and banners, most trackers, pop-up requests. Wipr managed fairly sufficiently with YouTube ads. However, you can use the Wipr Extra extension for increased combat against autoplay ads, like YouTube ones.

Compatibility-wise, Wipr is rather limiting. It’s a Safari-based ad-blocking solution, so it can work on macOS and iOS devices if you use the browser on them. The ad blocker is compatible with iPhones running iOS 12.0 or later, and iPads running iPadOS 12.0 or later. On the flip side, Wipr offers a linear and easy-to-navigate design, taking just a few clicks to enable or customize features before you can begin browsing ad-free.

You can enjoy the benefits of Wipr thanks to the mind-boggling cost of $1.99/month. However, it doesn’t offer a free trial. Fortunately, Wipr is considered one of the cheapest premium ad blockers, so it’s not a significant loss in case you’re not charmed by the service.

5. Blokada – Reddit’s ad blocker for mobile with safety precautions

email, support forum
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Lightweight, preserves mobile data
  • Tracking fingerprinting prevention
  • Encrypts DNS queries
  • Expensive

Blokada is an Android ad blocker that offers two options: the standalone Blokada Plus, which includes a VPN, or the regular Blokada. In either case, it effectively disables intrusive ads, banners, cookie requests & other notifications, autoplay ads, and trackers used for personalized adware. As a system-wide solution, it allows for a hassle-free browsing, gaming, and streaming experience on your phone.

Blokada comes in two forms: Blokada 5, which is free, and Blokada 6, a subscription-based version with customization options. For example, Exceptions serves as a whitelisting tool, allowing you to manage the blocking of specific websites. Meanwhile, Blocklists provides curated lists for different purposes, such as malware, tracking, phishing, ransomware, spam, and other cyber threats.

Blokada has proven its strength by addressing 75% of adware. It removed basic adware, images, banners, and most trackers instantly. However, due to DNS filtering, you may occasionally see the frames of ads without their usual content. We also encountered a quirk related to the YouTube app, where some video ads still appeared despite a general decrease in advertising.

Reddit’s ad blocker is only available on Android and iOS. While it’s great news for mobile fans, such limited device compatibility is rather upsetting. Regardless, the free version, with limited customization, is exclusively available for download from Blokada’s website, while version 6 can be freely obtained from the Google Play Store.

For those requiring extensive block lists, Blokada offers a $5.99/month subscription price for a well-rounded ad-blocking service. If you’re a curious car that prefers to test the service first, there’s a 7-day free trial available.

Ad blockers comparison by Reddit users

ProvidersTotal Adblock logo
Passed ad-blocking tests✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Malware protection✅Yes✅Yes❌No❌No✅Yes
Blocks user trackers✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Blocks YouTube ads✅Yes✅Yes✅Partially✅Partially✅Partialy
Device supportAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS, macOS, and WindowsmacOS, iOSmacOS, iOSAndroid, iOS
Browser supportChrome and Chromium-based browsers, Firefox, EdgeChromeSafariSafari❌No
Reddit users likeSimple
setup, reliability at blocking YouTube at other adware, extra features
Effective against trackers, blocks YouTube ads, disables pop-upsCustomization options, good at blocking YouTube ads, disabling notificationsRegularly updated block-list, whitelisting, blocks autoplay and YouTube ads most of the timeSleek interface, consistent with ad-blocking

Why you should trust Reddit community ad block recommendations

We can start by saying that the Reddit community is colossal, housing millions of users. On this platform, they freely share their opinions and experiences under the guise of a username. So, there are a few solid reasons why you should trust them:

  • First-hand experience. Reddit users typically discuss ad blockers and other kinds of software either because they already have experience with it or because they’re looking for opinions about it. It’s easy to spot the former group as they share about their run with a specific ad blocker.
  • Valuable insights. Because some Redditors have dabbled in certain products (in our case, ad blockers), they can give valuable insights into the pros and cons. Which ad blocker is the best for browsing? Which falters against YouTube ads? Can you stream ad-free? Redditors will answer all.
  • Typical users don’t advertise. Yes, some Reddit users try to sneak promotions into comment sections, but it’s so easy to spot that it almost hurts. Otherwise, folk come to Reddit to genuinely discuss things, and share answers, opinions, insights, and reviews.
  • Issues discussed in threads. One of the best things about looking for ad blockers Reddit swears by is that they honestly like to bring out bugs or issues with the software. Whether they ask for help regarding an issue or talk about it as a fact, you get a priceless peek into the product before purchase.

Best streaming ad blockers by Reddit

AdLock seems to have entered numerous Redditors’ daily online life, including streaming. The software tackles YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Max, Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming-related ads. Though AdLock blocks ads on Android and iOS, mobile streamers can enjoy a clean viewing experience.

Best Reddit ad blocker for streaming

When we say clean viewing experience, oh, we mean it. Reddit’s best ad blocker for streaming cleans up white spaces, so streaming platforms look clean as ever. While it’s not crucial for the streaming quality itself (which it already makes smooth as butter), it dramatically improves browsing sessions. Overall, AdLock seems to hit all the right spots.

Best YouTube ad blocker by Reddit

Speaking of YouTube ads, it’s an acute problem among web users trying to avoid the new YouTube ad blocker detection system. Thus, we scoured the threads and subreddits to find the best weapon to battle the new YouTube ad blocker radar. Reddit fans singled out Total Adblock the most once again, among a few other brands. In fact, we can personally vouch for this software as the best Reddit’s YouTube adblock since it performed really well during our tests, too.

Best YouTube ad blocker Reddit

However, as you can see from the comment above – using the ad blocker alone might not be enough, especially after Google’s recent crackdown on all ad blocker users. According to Redditors, Total AdBlock disables YouTube ads best on privacy-oriented browsers like Firefox and Brave. Also, SponsorBlock extension doubles any ad blocker’s power against YouTube ads and other interruptive pop-ups.

How to block ads on YouTube with the best ad blocker by Reddit

If you’re trying to slip under Google’s sights, you’ll need the most advanced ad blockers you can find these days. Luckily, even the best YouTube ad blockers by Reddit don’t require you to be a tech wizard. You can do it in just a couple of minutes by following these steps:

  1. Go for a powerful ad blocker designed to block YouTube ads. Redditors’ top choice is Total AdBlock
  2. Visit the provider’s website or browser’s add-on store and either download the application or install the browser extension
  3. Launch the app or activate the ad-blocking feature in the browser extension
  4. Enjoy a cleaner and ad-free YouTube experience

Stop YouTube ads with Total Adblock

Best gaming adblock by Reddit’s community

Of course, the Reddit community has insights about which ad blocker is the best for gaming. Though we may not agree with every opinion, we can all settle for Total Adblock being one of the best solutions for gaming.

Best ad blocker Reddit for gaming

Online or mobile video games can be riddled with ads at times, disrupting the intense sessions or the ‘Aha!’ moments. Therefore, it came as no surprise that Reddits find Total Adblock perfectly geared against gaming adware. It works perfectly against YouTube ads, and gaming ads were no exception during our tests. So, we wholeheartedly agree with the nomination.

Play ad-free with Total Adblock

Best Twitch ad block by Reddit

Twitch is one of the platforms that fight against ad blockers fiercely. We get it, they want their revenue. However, people also want smooth streamers. New and new threads pop up that discuss the best Twitch adblocks. Reddit users clearly aren’t giving up seamless streams, and that’s what some of them have to say about the remaining few effective ad blockers:

Reddit's best Twitch ad blocker

Besides, Total Adblock is a substantial Twitch ad block. Reddit may be divided regarding the question of ‘how to block Twitch ads’, especially after the platform’s latest ad policy. However, apart from game streams, you can play online games with much fewer pesky ads thanks to Total Adblock.

Reddit’s best ad blockers for browsers

As endorsed by the Reddit community, Total Adblock is the premier choice among browser-oriented ad-blocking solutions. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, premium Total Adblock formula effectively blocks intrusive ads, pop-ups, and trackers, ensuring a seamless and distraction-free online environment.

Best ad blocker Reddit for browsers

Users can enjoy faster loading times, enhanced privacy, and protection against malicious sites and phishing attempts. Moreover, the ad blocker can further enhance private browsers and make your online ventures confidential and sound.

Browse without ads today

Best ad blocker for Chrome by Reddit

Reddit is divided when it comes to the best ad blocker for Chrome. However, quite a number of people have titled Total AdBlock as the top choice for Chromium-based browsers. The software’s ability to deal with even the most annoying ads, including YouTube and pop-ups, is what determined it as the go-to Chrome ad block.

Best Chrome ad blocker Reddit

We also enjoyed a seamless browsing experience on Chrome and other Chromium browsers, so our experts vouch for the Reddit’s pick. Total Adblock is easy to use and delivers a smooth ad-free browsing, safe from trackers and other annoying advertisements that harvest user data.

Top mobile ad blockers according to Reddit

Redditors have consistently hailed Blokada as the ultimate choice for mobile ad blockers, and for good reason. With its unrivaled efficiency and comprehensive ad-blocking capabilities, Blokada is the best Android ad blocker – Reddit vouched for it. While most praise came from Android users, the ad blocker is a solid choice for iOS as well.

Best ad blocker Reddit for mobile phones

This powerful app seamlessly eliminates all forms of intrusive ads, including banners, pop-ups, and video ads, providing a smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience. Also, Blokada disables in-app ads, optimizing performance and preserving precious mobile data. As for the interface of this Android ad blocker, Reddit folks appreciate its user-friendly setup along with frequent updates.

Best free effective ad blockers by Reddit: are they worth it?

Though some Reddit users may report positive experiences with free ad blockers, neither is worth its salt nor conceals the drawbacks perfectly. Here are free ad blockers that some Reddit users report as good, while we recommend abstaining from them.

  1. Chrome Ad Blocker. Though mentioned sometimes by Reddit users in good graces, it’s a no-go option. The ad blocker is virtually ineffective, blocking very few ads and often making a mess of the UX. So, you’re still bombarded with adware, which provides no security.
  2. AdGuard. While AdGuard receives plenty of attention and praise for its functionality, the ad blocker has acknowledged ties to Russia. While the staff behind it are denying any allegations about Russian relations, it’s best to be mindful of their uncertain background. If the allegations are true, your data could potentially be mined, not to mention the negative socio-geographical stance of the web towards Russia.
  3. Privacy Badger. The problem with Privacy Badger is that it only blocks trackers, not ads. Of course, disabling trackers means the prevention of targeted ads. On the other hand, little use of an ad blocker lets the rest of the pesky ads flash before your eyes and interrupt the media.
  4. uBlock Origin. Though uBlock Origin is one of the golden boys in the market, the recent Google’s Manifest V3 update changed the tidings. After this update, the ad blocker now works with difficulty on Chromium-based browsers, sometimes to a point of being totally ineffective.
  5. AdBlock Plus. Though free and even open-source, this browser extension is owned by Eyeo, which is known to have quasi-alliance with online advertisers. Consequently, AdBlock Plus deliberately gives the green light for certain ads to run despite the user turning the blocker on.

Browser ad-free safely today

Best cheap ad blockers according to Reddit

Total Adblock once again makes its debut. This time, as the cheapest ad blocker that Reddits seemed to love. Well, no wonder when the ad-blocking software comes free of charge and delivers fairly good results. Of course, the premium one is much better.

Best cheap ad blocker Reddit

Numerous folks enjoy its ad-blocking formula on browsers, PCs, and mobile devices. While it only blocks about 4/10 YouTube and autoplay ads, it’s not bad. Still, as with all free services, Total Adblock does lack to be the overall best ad blocker, so we heartily recommend opting for the premium one for a full-fledged ad-free experience.

Which ad blockers Redditors do not recommend?

Though there weren’t many fingers pointed at certain ad blockers in the Reddit community. Still, we found a few ad blockers Reddit didn’t recommend choosing for others.

  • Adblock Pro. Reddit reports this ad blocker as not particularly effective against YouTube ads or other kinds of advertisements and raises privacy-related concerns. Since it’s a free ad blocker, it will likely be collecting user data (as noticed by some) and selling to third parties.
  • Bromite. It’s a Chromium fork with ad blocking and privacy measures that work free of charge. However, numerous Redditors report that it needs extra tinkering to block ads, which can be too much for a regular user.
  • Superblock Adblocker. It’s a Chrome add-on ad-blocking solution, which fails at blocking most adware, and thus, Redditors have been disappointed by it. In a nutshell, it occupies space on Chrome, increasing its RAM usage without giving any value in exchange. Since it can’t block simple malicious URLs or adware, forget about blocking YouTube ads

Ad blocker subreddits

Reddit is abundant with shared experiences and insights into products of various kinds, including ad blockers. So, if you want to delve deeper into what folks have to say there, you should be aware of the most popular subreddits with ad-blocking discussions.

Here’s the list of top ad blocker subreddits:

  • r/AdBlock – the pinnacle of ad-blocking threads
  • r/privacy – a perfect hub for privacy practices
  • r/Adblockmasterrace – from ad-related rants to bingo moments

What is Reddit’s winner of best ad blocker?

We can safely conclude that the true best ad blocker is Total Adblock as Reddit users employ. It blocks an impressive variety of adware and even partially combats malware with extra tools like Script-blocking.

Best ad blocker Reddit

Total Adblock comes through in many areas of online entertainment, including gaming, streaming, or simply offering the best functionality on specific devices. With its effectiveness in removing adware reaching the 99% success rate, we didn’t expect anything else.

Final touches

Redditors are hard to impress, yet they have spoken loud and clear, voicing which ad blockers excel in specific categories. Though each software may suit different user cases, there are several options that stand out due to advanced functionality and additional perks.

Total Adblock is the #1 ad blocker Redditors recommend. This ad blocker passed the tests with flying colors. Moreover, you get nifty features like script-blocking and notifications disabler to secure that sweet silent browsing experience.

What do you think is the best ad blocker? What are your experiences? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Get the best deal today

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What is the best ad blocker by Reddit?

The best ad blocker by Reddit is Total Adblock. It actively blocks ads, trackers, notifications, pop-ups, static and GIF images, direct link ads, banners, YouTube and autoplay ads. Reddit users find its functionality linear and easy to navigate with the ad-blocking formula unbeaten in the game.

What ad blocker to use by Reddit opinion?

According to Redditors, the best ad blocker to use is Total Adblock. The Chromium-based ad blocker extension works perfectly on major browsers and mobile devices. More so, it blocks almost every ad, including YouTube ones, prevents interactions with malicious websites, and optimizes browsing.

What is the #1 ad blocker on Chrome by Redditors?

Reddit’s #1 ad blocker on Chrome is Total Adblock. The ad blocker performs well on all Chromium-based browsers, and the recent Manifest V3 update doesn’t seem to bug the software at all. If you want all of the ads off your screen without any limitations, premium Total Adblock is the way.

Is YouTube banning ad blockers?

Yes, Google is actively disrupting viewers trying to bypass YouTube ad block detection. If you’re caught using an ad blocker, you will receive notifications asking you to allow ads. If you continue on despite requests to disable your ad blocker, playback may be disabled after 3 warnings.

How do I block ads on YouTube 2023 by Reddit?

Numerous Redditors confirm Total AdBlock to be the most effective choice. Visit the provider’s website and either download the app or install the browser extension. Then, launch the app or enable the extension’s ad-blocking feature. Finally, return to YouTube for an ad-free viewing experience.

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