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How to block ads on YouTube app in July 2024

How to block ads on YouTube

The fatigue from pesky ads interrupting your YouTube streaming sessions has become commonplace if you don’t have a premium subscription. We came to accept it somewhat. However, the inability to watch a single 1-minute without an ad popping into your face makes you wonder how to block ads on YouTube in July 2024.

Ad blockers and other means of blocking YouTube ads have been around for a while. However, the bad news is that YouTube has been experimenting with new policies against ad-blocking since October 2023. An increasing number of viewers are getting pop-up warnings to disable their ad blockers, or they won’t be able to continue watching. People are angry, and rightfully so, since the ads are getting out of hand.

Adding to the fire, the recent YouTube dynamic updates were actively disrupting various adblocking tools. In one such case, Adblock and Adblock Plus users started reporting abnormally high CPU usage triggered by YouTube tripping over Adblock’s code. These developments clearly show the war against ads is far from over.

So, in this article, we’ll explain how to block YouTube ads in July 2024, avoid the requests to disable ad blockers and present the methods our experts find most reliable. Read onward to resolve the harsh YouTube regime against people who want an ad-free experience.

How to block ads on YouTube with an ad blocker

  1. Subscribe to a five-star ad blocker from a trustworthy provider. Our #1 solution against YouTube ads is Total Adblock, now 80% off
  2. Download the software from official website or store and then install it
  3. (Optional) use a privacy-friendly browser like Firefox, Brave, or DuckDuckGo
  4. Toggle with in-app settings and enable the YouTube ad blocker
  5. Enjoy your ad-free YouTube sessions to your heart’s content!

Block YouTube ads with Total Adblock

Why you would want to block ads on YouTube app in July 2024

The desire to finally get rid of YouTube ads is a sentiment that millions of people share. It’s all about enjoying a seamless, uninterrupted viewing experience without the needless struggle to avoid YouTube ads peeking from every corner. An unexpected ad break can be a real mood killer when you’re engrossed in a video or tutorial, causing some understandable frustration. However, recently, YouTube has dug its claws into ad blockers and other ad-disabling solutions to ensure their revenue keeps flowing.

YouTube requesting to disable ad blocker

Lately, an alarming number of people have reported getting an error message where YouTube requires people to disable their ad blocker, or they can forget about watching videos. This caused an uproar. Regular viewers find the new policy outrageous since the YouTube Premium plan is quite pricey for such a limited suite of benefits. So, hardly anyone will disable the reliable ad blocker for YouTube to go rampant with advertising.

However, even those standing their ground have to deal with unexpected shenanigans. Just this January, AdBlock and Adbock Plus users reported a suspicious CPU usage increase of ~17% while using these tools with YouTube. Surprisingly, even those with YouTube Premium subscriptions were not immune. While it was later revealed that the error was from AdBlock’s side, it just once again shows how YouTube’s clash with adblockers hurts its users as collateral damage.

How does adblock work on YouTube?

Ad blockers are tools that work their magic by hiding or straight-up removing ads from websites like YouTube. Indeed, you can find some ad blockers bundled with other handy software, like robust VPNs or privacy-focused web browsers. Ad blocks have been trusty sidekicks in the quest against YouTube ads for a few years now. Put simply, people aren’t giving up on them despite the new policies.

Reddit opinions on YouTube ad-blocking policies

But there are many other reasons to block YouTube ads, some of which you may not have considered before. Here are the major causes behind ad removal:

  • Privacy concerns. Some folks are wary of targeted advertising collecting data on their online behavior. You, too, may want to limit the information shared with advertisers or keep your online habits private.
  • Malware prevention. Though YouTube is a safe and reliable platform, some ads may contain malicious code or unsafe URLs. You may get malware if you accidentally click on them, especially on your mobile. Blocking YouTube ads prevents such instances.
  • Saving time & attention span. Ads can eat the precious seconds and even minutes of your time, especially if you watch multiple videos. More so, few ad-related things are as annoying as waiting for it to end while showing a video to a friend. Besides, a dwindling attention span makes us impatient, and we lose interest quickly if an ad gets in the way. Even worse if two or three in a row do.
  • Mobile data & battery usage. Mobile users, in particular, have to be mindful of data consumption. Skipping or blocking ads can help save on mobile data, prevent unexpected overage charges, and save battery life.
Enjoy ad-free YouTube with an all-in-one solution

Whisk the stubborn YouTube ads off videos with Total Adblock, the #1 ad-blocking salvation. It’s hands down the best shield against ads with room for customization and personal experience. Grab the affordable ad blocker today to relax with YouTube videos without hindrances.

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How to block ads on YouTube with ad blocker: detailed guide

If you’re wondering how to stop ads on YouTube, your best shot is an ad blocker. Here’s a how-to guide for installing the ad-blocking software on your device:

  1. Choose a trustworthy ad blocker that can get rid of YouTube ads. Our top recommendation is Total Adblock with blocking success rate of 97%
    Total Adblock website
  2. Download the app from the official app store or provider’s website
    Total Adblock mobile app download
  3. Install the ad-blocking software or setup add the extension in your browser
    Total Adblock Brave extension
  4. Launch the app or extension, toggle with settings to personalize your experience
    Total Adblock Brave settings
  5. Now you can enjoy ad-free YouTube sessions!

Get the best ad blocker for YouTube

Other methods of blocking YouTube ads

Ad blockers are indeed your allies against ads permeating YouTube and other online platforms. But if you’re exploring other options for stopping YouTube ads, there are a few tricks up your sleeve. For example, you can turn to the Brave or DuckDuckGo browser for a more liberated online experience. YouTube Premium is always there. Or, you could get a VPN with ad-blocking capabilities. The choice is yours to make.

Use VPN that blocks YouTube ads

Naturally, we can already hear you ask “Does VPN block YouTube ads?” and that’s a good question. While a random pick off the shelf might not cut it, there’s actually more than one solid VPN to block YouTube ads.

Our experts find a VPN with a built-in ad blocker a first-rate solution to stop ads on YouTube for good. Some secure VPNs, like NordVPN, employ powerful ad-blocking algorithms that strip away the interruptions, so you can binge YouTube without the hassle of ads. Moreover, they bolster your online privacy by encrypting your internet connection, shielding you from malvertising and data tracking.

The only downside is that a VPN subscription fee might exceed what you’d pay for a standalone ad blocker. However, the service’s advantages typically outweigh the price. You can use the VPN to bypass geo-blocks and stream Netflix, Max, or Disney+. And, since an ad blocker is already incorporated, you get an ad-free experience on any streaming platform, not just YouTube.

✅Blocks all YouTube ads
✅Grants access geo-blocked videos
✅Protects your privacy at all times
✅Robust malware protection
✅Beginner-friendly setup
✅Costs much less than YouTube Premium
❌Limited ad-blocking customization
❌Requires pay

Block YouTube ads with NordVPN

Watch YouTube videos without ads using privacy-friendly browsers

Privacy-friendly web browsers, such as Brave and Firefox, offer a way to enjoy a more seamless and ad-free YouTube experience. On top of that, they combat YouTube ads while prioritizing your online privacy. In fact, users report seeing few to no ads on YouTube when they combine an ad blocker with a secure browser.

Most private browsers already have incorporated ad blockers that help remove ads on YouTube. However, they’re not foolproof. While they work much better than most other methods, built-in software will never compare to stand-alone solutions like Total Adblock. Either way, using secure browsers extends to other websites, which is a huge bonus.

✅Easy to set up & use on PC
✅Safe to use
✅May block ads on other websites
❌May not block all YouTube ads
❌Cluttered use on mobile

Block YouTube ads with a Premium subscription

YouTube Premium subscription is the fastest lane to bidding farewell to YouTube ads. The plan comes with a bundle of other perks like offline video viewing, accessing exclusive content from your favorite creators, and even playing videos in the background. However, the price greatly exceeds the value.

Sure, YouTube Premium offers more than just an ad-free experience, but the perks leave to be desired for such a price. For many, the cost of the individual subscription, which is $13.99/month, is a deal breaker. Therefore, folks tend to choose an ad blocker instead. For comparison, Total Adblock costs only $1.59/month while you retain freedom from advertising on most websites and apps.

Here’s how to get YouTube Premium subscription:

  1. Open your YouTube app or visit the YouTube website
  2. Sign in to your Google account if you’re not already logged in
  3. Click on the ‘Premium’ tab, usually located on the top right corner of the screen
  4. Click on the option to ‘Get YouTube Premium’
  5. Follow the prompts to select a plan and enter payment details
  6. Now you can complete the subscription process
✅Download content directly to your device
✅Watch videos offline and ad-free
❌Unreliable third-party apps & extensions
❌Doesn’t align with YouTube’s ToS

Block all YouTube ads with Total Adblock

Remove ads in YouTube videos by downloading them

One of the answers to the ‘how to stop ads on YouTube’ question is downloading videos. You can do this using desktop software like 4K Video Downloader, Save Tube, or browser extensions like SSYouTube or YouTube Video Downloader. However, note that this practice doesn’t exactly align with YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Like the recent battle with ad blockers, YouTube actively fights to remove third-party apps for downloading videos. So, before diving into this method, consider several factors. First of all, not all of those downloaders are safe. Besides, you risk YouTube’s wrath if you get caught downloading the content directly from them. So, proceed cautiously—choose a reputable and safe option for your video downloads.

✅Download content directly to your device
✅Watch videos offline and ad-free
❌Unreliable third-party apps & extensions
❌Doesn’t align with YouTube’s ToS

Block specific ads on youtube

To be fair, blocking particular ads is not really a solution to the ad problem. Think of it as filtering the ads you see. YouTube gives you an option to let them know whether an ad you just saw is relevant to you. The platform builds a more pertinent ad experience through your responses.

Here is how you block certain ads on YouTube:

  1. Once the ad is playing, click on the ‘stop seeing this ad’ button or ‘i’ icon
  2. Or press Tab + Enter during the pre-roll ad
  3. Choose the reason you don’t wish to see the ad again in the little questionnaire
  4. Submit and that’s all
✅Easy to toggle with❌Only filters ads, doesn’t remove them

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How to choose an ad blocker to block all ads on YouTube

At the end of the day, an ad blocker is your best solution to the ad problem. While some users were smashed in the face with demanding messages from YouTube to disable their ad blocks, our experts find that the software continues to work.

  • Blocks ads on YouTube. The ad blocker must block YouTube ads first and foremost. It’s even better if the software has verified capabilities of disabling ads on other platforms. That way, you can invest in overall ad-free browsing, gaming, and streaming.
  • Beginner-friendly interface. You shouldn’t underestimate sleek design and ease of use. A good indication of any software is that both newbies and veterans can easily make heads and tails of the use.
  • Hefty extra features. A stand-alone ad blocker should offer extras like whitelisting, script-blocking, filtering, or notification disabler. Some ad blockers come bundled with other services that boost your online security. The most popular ones are antivirus and VPNs.
  • Device compatibility. An ad blocker with broad device compatibility is a solid choice since you can watch YouTube on your PC, mobile, and even smart TV.
  • Reputation & user reviews. Don’t choose a YouTube ad blocker blindly. Check out what ad blockers Reddit recommends, TrustPilot reviews, forums, and expert opinions. Usually, users share their first-hand experience and valuable insights, which you’ll rarely find in review articles.
  • Affordable price. No YouTube ad blocker should cost a fortune. For this reason, be mindful to find the software that offers an optimal price-and-value ratio.

What is the best ad blocker for YouTube ads in July 2024?

The best ad blocker to block YouTube ads is Total Adblock due to its effectiveness and, most importantly, consistency. Our research team tested the Total Adblock extension (version 3.14.1) on the Windows 11 Pro Chrome browser (version 120.0.6099.129). We encountered neither error messages nor ads in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Austria, and Sweden. The research has been conducted over the course of 3 weeks from the end of December 2023 to mid-January 2024.

Blocked YouTube ads statistics with Total Adblock

Total Adblock app (version 1.3.0(45)) and iOS 15.7.8 yielded similar results. We saw no increase in YouTube ads on Android and iOS Total Adblock apps. Blocking YouTube ads was a breeze. All we had to do was toggle with the apps for a personalized experience; the rest was smooth sailing. Ultimately, Total Adblock successfully blocked up to 99% of adware on YouTube during our tests.

Besides, Total Adblock offers broad customization for personalized. Want to block a website from collecting cookies before any requests? Enable Script-blocking. Meanwhile, extras like acceptable ad whitelisting and annoying notification disabling boost the loading speed of websites, including YouTube.

Relish ad-free YouTube sessions

Bottom line

Ad blockers are easy solutions to blocking YouTube ads, requiring little interaction from users. However, since YouTube has leveled up their adblock detection game, the question rose anew: how to block ads on YouTube and slip through warning messages prohibiting the use of ad-blocking software? If you don’t want to give into their propaganda of the pricey YouTube Premium, then opting for an undetectable ad blocker is the key.

Total Adblock is the best ad blocker for blocking YouTube ads. The service bolsters your privacy while securing an ad-free viewing experience since it blocks trackers. Moreover, you can whitelist acceptable ads, disable notifications, and otherwise customize your use as you wish. Besides, the ad-free ventures extend to other websites, like streaming, social media, shopping, and more.

Get the best deal today

What do you think is the best ad blocker for blocking YouTube ads? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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How to block YouTube ads?

You can block YouTube ads with an ad blocker. It’s the most reliable and linear solution. For example, services like Total Adblock extend your ad-free experience outside YouTube. All you have to do is download and install the premium software (freebies aren’t advisable) or extension and enable it.

Can you turn off ads on YouTube?

You can’t turn off ads on YouTube. But you can opt for a YouTube Premium, or an even cheaper alternative that guarantees ad-free experience on most online platforms—ad blockers. Pick a reliable service, like Total Adblock, which comes with nifty extras and nearly 100% YouTube ad-blocking rate.

How to you get rid of ads on YouTube for free?

You can block ads on YouTube for free with an ad blocker. it’s the best solution to ads as reliable services also offer free ad blocker versions. For example, you can download a free Total Adblock extension on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and other browsers. Enable the extension and you’re good to go.

How to block YouTube ads on Android app?

You can block ads on YouTube Android app with an ad blocker. Pick a premium ad blocker with a sturdy Android app. One of the best is Total Adblock, since it’s more feature-rich than the browser extension and blocks over 90% of ads on YouTube app. Plus, you get to customize your ad-blocking experience.

How to block YouTube ads on iPhone?

You can block YouTube ads on iOS with an ad blocker. Though there are free ones, it’s best to get a premium app for a fully ad-free and customizable experience on YouTube & beyond. Total Adblock has a robust iPhone app. It performed the best on our tests and has a myriad of features.

Does NordVPN block YouTube ads?

Yes, NordVPN can block YouTube ads using an integrated ad blocker. NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature not only reliably blocks ads on the YouTube app and browsers but also gets rid of trackers and stops malicious websites. And the best part? It’s completely free for all NordVPN users.

Does Total Adblock block YouTube ads?

Yes, Total Adblock is one of the best ad blockers for YouTube ads. It blocks almost 100% of all video ads, banners, and, best of all, completely avoids YouTube ad blocker detection. You can try it out completely risk-free with a 7-day free trial and continue further with a 14-day cash-back guarantee.

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