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Total Adblock is the best ad blocker if you’re looking for a mid-range solution with maximum protection against pop-ups, redirects, autoplay, and other kinds of ads. Our tests, in line with results from independent labs, cement the ad blocker’s capabilities. This solution actively blocks nearly 100% of all ads, while the sleek interface makes your experience fun and easy.

Minimum Price:
$2.42 / month
Apps available:
windows macos android ios
Works with:
windows macos android ios
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With intrusive advertisements popping up everywhere, whether browsing or watching videos, ad blockers have become indispensable tools. They ensure you can enjoy the web ad-free while also taking care of ads of dubious origins that threaten your security.

Total Adblock is among the top ad blockers available today, boasting a virtually 100% ad-blocking score. Available as a browser extension and an app on mobile devices, it’s one of the best options to keep adware at bay. Plus, it’s the product of TotalAV, a company with the top antivirus solution.

For this Total Adblock review, we tested how well it blocks ads, what kind of features it offers, and what platforms it’s available on. We also considered pricing and whether you’re getting your money’s worth. Let’s dive in.

Total Adblock overview

🏆 Rating:⭐ 9.8
💵 Price:From $2.42/month
🌐 Blocks trackers:Yes
📺 Blocks YouTube ads:Yes
🖥️ Compatibility:Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Android, iOS
Support:Live chat, knowledgebase
🆓 Free version:Yes (7 days)
🏷️ Coupons:Check out Total Adblock coupon 75% OFF

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Total Adblock pros and cons

What our experts like:Our experts don’t like:
✅ Excellent ad-blocking results
✅ Customization options
✅ Works with YouTube, Twitch, Facebook
✅ User-friendly add-ons and apps
❌ Free version doesn’t block ads on the top 15,000 websites
❌ Doesn’t always block error monitoring
❌ Lack of a Firefox extension

Total Adblock features

Since ad campaigns are ever-evolving, so is Total Adblock. It includes several robust features targeting different types of ads, which is befitting of a proper ad blocker. And Total Adblock comes with customization options, too. It’s a nice perk to have since it allows you to tailor the ad blocker to your specific needs.

Furthermore, our experts have found that Total Adblock effectively blocks all adware it comes across. Thus, you benefit from a safer, seamless browsing experience.

Acceptable Ads & Acceptable Pop-Ups

Acceptable Ads and Acceptable Pop-Ups are essentially a whitelisting feature that lets you select the websites you don’t mind seeing advertisements on. Quite handy if there’s a specific page you might need to get alerts from or if there’s a content creator you want to support via AdSense.

Total Adblock Acceptable Ads

You’ll find it in the Settings menu by pressing the cogwheel icon. From here, paste the URL addresses of the websites you want to whitelist from ad blocking.

Pop-Up Blocker

The Pop-Up Blocker mutes all notifications in your browser. When enabled, you won’t see any more entry, timed, exit, fullscreen, promotional, and other kinds of pop-ups once you enter, browse, or try to exit a website.

Total Adblock Pop-up Blocker

What’s more, it can detect and eliminate phishing scams that are masked as alerts. However, this may interfere with useful alerts and download notifications from trusted websites. A bit of a nuisance, but not such a big problem since you can whitelist acceptable pages.


Available only on Android and iOS apps, the filters feature lets you select what content and website elements Total Adblock should eliminate from a page. Currently, users can filter out:

  • User trackers that log your browsing activity data, which can later be used to create personalized ads
  • Social media widgets such as Like, Share, Follow buttons,
  • Pop-ups, cookie notices, third-party widgets
  • Known mobile ad networks that primarily flood you with mobile ads

There’s also an option to turn off the Total Adblock Base Filter. Our research team wouldn’t recommend disabling it since it’s responsible for recognizing and blocking most of the adware you come across online.

Total Adblock Android filters

Additionally, filtering out unwanted elements noticeably speeds up loading times. And this especially rings true for pages riddled with pop-ups.

How we tested the Total Adblock ad blocker?

Besides in-house testing, our team also checked how efficient the ad blocker is with independent testing tools for this Total Adblock review. Is Total Adblock safe? Reliable? That’s what we set out to find out with the help of first-hand testing and third-party tools

First, the research team tested Total Adblock using AdBlock Tester. This particular test checks whether an ad blocker can successfully block contextual advertising, analytics tools, banner advertising, and error monitoring.

Total Adblock AdBlock test results

Total Adblock scored 94/100, which is a great result. It blocked custom, Google AdSense, and Yandex Direct contextual advertising, along with Google Analytics and Hotjar analytics tools. Furthermore, it had no trouble blocking banner advertising, such as flash, GIF, and static image banners. The only thing Total Adblock failed to disable is Sentry and Bugsnag error monitoring.

Then, our team tried Total Adblock reviews on Can You Block It. Particularly, we picked the eXtreme test as it displays all kinds of ads from third parties, including direct links, banners, interstitial ads, pop-ups, and much more. Furthermore, it’s great for testing how effective the ad blocker is against ad networks.

Total Adblock Can You Block It test

Again, Total Adblock successfully blocked all possible ads on the eXtreme testing, proving to be a reliable and safe ad blocker.

Finally, our team tested Total Adblock on Cover Your Tracks. This particular test checks if an ad blocker can block tracking ads, remove invisible trackers, and protect users from fingerprinting.

Total Adblock Cover Your Tracks test

Total Adblock took care of all tracking ads and invisible trackers. However, the tests showed that our browser has a unique fingerprint. It means what we do on the browser is linked to a unique profile. Or, in simpler terms, our online actions are somewhat trackable. Since Total Adblock isn’t designed to tackle this, we let this tidbit slide.

Does Total Adblock really work?

Yes, rigorous testing has shown that Total Adblock works and is a reliable ad blocker. It efficiently blocks various ads, trackers, analytics tools, and more. Furthermore, our research team found it’s effective whether you use the browser extension or the mobile apps.

With a nearly 100% ad-blocking rate, Total Adblock is our go-to ad-blocking solution. We recommend it to anyone wanting to be free of intrusive advertising.

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Can Total Adblock block YouTube ads?

On desktop, Total Adblock doesn’t run into issues when blocking YouTube ads. We ran it with 35 videos of YouTubers known for putting lots of advertisements in their content and saw 0 ads. So, you won’t encounter any YouTube ads while watching videos via browser.

Mobile apps are a whole other matter. Total Adblock itself discloses that it cannot remove ads in the YouTube app, neither on Android nor iOS. If you want to get rid of them, you’ll have to play the video within the Total Adblock application. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn on Total Adblock
  2. Launch the YouTube app and pick a video you want to watch ad-free
  3. Tap Share, and a list of applications will appear
  4. Find Total Adblock among them or tap on More if it’s not listed
  5. The video will open in the Total Adblock app without any advertisements

We must note that you’ll have to do this with every video you want to watch without being bombarded with adware. And it only works if you have a Premium subscription. Truthfully, we found this process slightly annoying, especially when trying to binge-watch several short videos. Still, while it’s not the most streamlined process, at least Total Adblock blocked YouTube mobile ads.

What ads does Total Adblock block?

In a nutshell, Total Adblock tackles a variety of advertisements with script-blocking. This method blocks Javascript from running and executing specific scripts flagged as dangerous or problematic. As such, this ad blocker currently eliminates:

  • Contextual advertising. This type of ad is placed on the website based on the content of the page. So, if you’re looking at an article about traveling, you’ll see cheaper plane ticket advertisements. Or if you’re looking up books, you’ll see ads for glasses, e-readers, and the like.
  • Analytics tools. These are trackers that collect information about your browsing habits: which sites you visit, what elements you interact with, how much time you spend on the website, whether you interact with ads or not, etc.
  • Banner advertising. Banner ads incorporate images to be more eye-catching and appealing to the average web surfer. Such advertising includes GIFs, static images, pop-ups, page push ads, and such.
  • Error monitoring. This is more of a gray area since error monitoring essentially tracks how well a site loads and what broke during loading. It’s not necessary to block this as it’s primarily used for feedback for developers overlooking the website.
  • In video ads. Includes auto-play videos, in-feed video ads, and even mid-roll ad breaks that plague most YouTube videos.

Block ads with Total Adblock

Is Total Adblock safe?

Yes, Total Adblock is safe to use and is one of the best ad blockers you can utilize. The company behind this product, TotalAV, is a trusted and reputable cybersecurity solution provider that also offers a robust TotalAV antivirus, web antivirus protection, a secure password manager, a quality budget-friendly Total VPN, and more.

Since they follow the same practices across all TotalAV products, you can rest assured that Total Adblock keeps you safe and ad-free without infringing on your privacy.

Total Adblock compatibility

Total Adblock is available as a browser extension for Chrome, Brave, Opera, Edge, and Vivaldi. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support the Safari browser, and you can no longer download the add-on for Firefox.

You can also get Total Adblock as a separate app for your Android and iOS devices. The caveat is that Android phone owners have to download the application directly from the provider’s website. Many ad blockers aren’t available on the Google Play Store since they “block or interfere with another app displaying ads.”

Total Adblock cost and payment options

Total Adblock offers only two subscription tiers – Free and Premium. Of course, we noticed significant differences between the costless and the paid options.

FeaturesTotal Adblock FreeTotal Adblock Premium
Price$0.00 (only 7 days of full capabilities)$2.42/month
Blocks unwanted ads✅ Yes✅ Yes
Eliminates intrusive trackers✅ Yes✅ Yes
Malicious website protection✅ Yes✅ Yes
Acceptable ads preferences❌ No✅ Yes
Browser notification removal❌ No✅ Yes
Blocks unlimited ads❌ No (excludes the top 15,000 websites)✅ Yes
Antivirus protection❌ No✅ Yes
CouponsGet 75% off

Get Total Adblock 75% cheaper

Total Adblock free version

You can use Total Adblock for free, but you only get full premium capabilities for 7 days. And you don’t have to create an account for it, which is a big plus. After the trial period ends, users can continue using the ad blocker without paying, although it won’t be as effective due to certain limitations.

Most notably, our team found that the free Total Adblock version doesn’t block advertisements of the top 15,00 websites. And some beneficial features aren’t available for those taking advantage of the free tier, such as Acceptable Ads and disabling browser notifications. So, you’ll still get spammed with pop-ups here and there.

However, going Premium is not such a bad option, considering Total Adblock’s comparably low pricing.

Total Adblock paid plan prices

Total Adblock only has one paid plan, initially costing $2.42/month, which is just $29.00 a year. If you remain a paying customer, the price slightly increases after the first year to $119.00/year, which is about $9.92/month. It isn’t much considering you’re getting a comprehensive ad-blocking solution.

A 14-day money-back guarantee protects the subscription, and you’re getting the complete feature toolkit unavailable on the free version. There’s also an option to purchase the TotalAV antivirus suite that includes Total Adblock at no additional cost. It’s a great bundle for those who want a cybersecurity solution that protects you on several fronts.

Just keep in mind the subscription renews itself automatically. You can disable this from your account settings.

Block all ads with Total Adblock

Total Adblock is the best ad-blocking solution that doesn’t hurt your wallet. It effectively eliminates adware, user trackers, cookie pop-ups, notifications, and even phishing alerts. What’s more, you can fully customize what it blocks.

9.8 /10
Excellent ad blocking
Works with YouTube
Highly affordable

How to use the Total Adblock ad blocker?

We found the process of setting up Total Adblock straightforward, no matter if you’re getting the extension or the application. But just in case, we provide detailed guides on how to do it in both instances.

How to get the Total Adblock browser extension

  1. Head over to the Chrome web store and find the Total Adblock extension
    Total Adblock on Chrome store
  2. Click Add to Chrome to get the add-on
    Total Adblock Chrome extension
  3. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm adding Total Adblock. Select Add extension.
    Add Total Adblock extension to Chrome
  4. The extension will take a moment to download. Once complete, you’ll find it in the Extensions tab in the upper right corner. Clicking on it will open Total Adblock.
    Chrome extension list
  5. Toggle on the blocking button on the main screen to enable Total Adblock
    Total Adblock main screen
  6. And that’s it, you’re ready to enjoy ad-free browsing

Disable ads with Total Adblock

How to get the Total Adblock mobile app

Now, the situation with the Total Adblock mobile apps is slightly different. While you can quickly download the ad blocker from the Apple App Store, it’s unavailable on Google Play. You’ll have to get it directly from the provider’s website. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Head over to, and it will automatically download Total Adblock’s APK file
    Download Total Adblock for Android
  2. Tap on the notification and select Packager Installer to install the APK file
    Total Adblock Package Installer
  3. You’ll get a notification that you aren’t allowed to install apps of unknown origins. Press on Settings to change this.
    Total Adblock Android install warning
  4. A new window will appear. Toggle on Allow from this source.
    Install unknown apps settings
  5. Now, a message will pop up that it’s dangerous to allow apps from unknown sources. Android does this for all apps downloaded outside the Google Play Store. Check that you’re aware of the risks and tap OK.
    Unknown app installation warning
  6. You’ll get a notification asking you to confirm the installation. Press Install.
    Confirm Total Adblock installation
  7. Depending on the manufacturer of your Android phone, the Total Adblock app may get scanned for risks
    Total Adblock security check
  8. You can finally open Total Adblock
    Total Adblock on Android
  9. Either press Get Started if you’re new or Login if you already have an account

Ease of use

Total Adblock offers intuitive, user-friendly browser extensions and applications. It’s very easy to get a hang of, whether you’re tech-savvy or using an ad blocker for the first time. Let’s dig deeper.

Browser Total Adblock extension

We liked that the Total Adblock extensions are available on almost all popular browsers – Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi. What’s more, you’re getting the exact same features across all of them, meaning you won’t miss out on any handy perks no matter which browser you prefer.

However, we didn’t like that Total Adblock no longer supports the previously available Firefox extension.

Total Adblock main screen

Now, the extension design is minimalistic and tidy. Once you open Total Adblock, the main screen displays all the ads and trackers it blocked. Pressing on the cogwheel icon switches to settings, where you can customize how the ad blocker behaves. There’s the aforementioned Acceptable Ads, Acceptable Pop-Ups, Pop-Up Blocker, and Disable Notifications.

Total Adblock settings

Furthermore, you can change your language preferences, contact support, see your account details, or even download debug logs. Finally, pressing on the person icon shows relevant account information. Here, you can also contact technical or billing support and remove Total Adblock from your extensions.

Overall, Total Adblock’s browser extensions are some of the easiest to use and provide excellent ad blocking. During testing, it blocked all possible ads on Can You Block It, blocked all tracking ads and invisible trackers on Cover Your Tracks, and even successfully blocked YouTube ads, pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video ads included.

Mobile Total Adblock app

We found that the Total Adblock apps for Android and iOS are more feature-rich than the extensions. But there are significant differences between the mobile apps as well. While both are easy to use, intuitive design-wise, and block ads at a near-perfect 100% rate, you won’t get the same experience depending on your phone’s operating system.

Total Adblock Android application

Let’s look at Android first. It’s a well-designed app that offers everything you can find on Total Adblock’s browser extension. However, it additionally comes with the option to Update rules over Wi-Fi only, which saves up your mobile data, and Content Blocking Filters. These let you toggle what kind of content you want to block based on their purpose:

  • The Tracking Protection filter is for turning off online counters and web analytics tools
  • The Social Media filter is for disabling social media buttons and the like
  • The Annoyances disables web elements such as cookie notices, widgets, pop-ups, etc.
  • The Mobile Ads filter is for blocking known mobile ad networks

Now, Total Adblock’s iOS app looks a bit different than its Android counterpart, but that doesn’t make it any more difficult to use. It has a few widgets on the main screen instead of blocked ads & trackers statistics, and there’s more tabs. Notably, account information is in a separate tab.

Total Adblock iOS app

Another difference our team noticed is that, unlike Android, Total Adblock’s iOS app offers a larger filter selection. Aptly called Advanced filters, it’s a more comprehensive filtering system that lets you pick what you want to block depending on the purpose but with more options. There are multiple filters for:

  • Ad Blocking
  • Privacy
  • Social Widgets
  • Annoyances
  • Security
  • Other
  • Language Based

Adding to that, it also includes a Safari browser extension. But does this mean that Total Adblock’s Android app performs worse? No – in fact, it blocks ads, trackers, and all kinds of web annoyances just as efficiently as the iOS app. You can also use Total Adblock on Firefox for Android, albeit you need to adjust the browser’s settings first. It’s just that iPhone owners have broader customization options.

Both apps successfully blocked advertisements on AdBlock Tester, disabled nearly 100% of ads on Can You Block It, and took care of tracking ads and invisible trackers on Cover Your Tracks. We also tried them on various social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and the likes, and enjoyed relatively ad-free scrolling. Total Adblock also took care of the various video ads that plague YouTube, providing a seamless viewing experience.

Total Adblock customer service

Regarding customer support service, our Total Adblock review concludes with a very positive image. The provider offers several support options. You can reach them via phone number provided on their website or submitting a ticket via email: [email protected]. Note that you need an active account for that.

You can go to the Total Adblock Help Center by clicking Support from the settings menu. Here, you’ll find three tabs separated by type – technical support, account support, and billing support. We must note that these are just FAQ pages that include only the most pressing questions.

A lot can be said about a company’s customer support based on their responses on other platforms. For example, let’s see how they treat Total Adblock reviews on TrustPilot:

  • So far, have responded to over 90% negative reviews on the website
  • Professional behavior from staff
  • Negative reviews receive attention within 24 hours since posting
  • 78% 5-star Total Adblock reviews as of December 2023

Overall, the support agent we talked to was polite, responsive, and quite knowledgeable.

Conclusion: is Total Adblock any good and worth getting?

Definitely worth it. Total Adblock is a multilayered solution against ads with advanced features and filter lists, because it reliably blocks unwanted ads and trackers. The fact that Total Adblock can secure an ultimately ad-free out of the box without additional tinkering makes it especially appealing. That, and affordable pricing.

Our tests have shown that Total Adblock is one of the best effective ad blocker with an almost perfect 100% score. While the free version can hold a fair share of ads at bay, the premium subscription is the way to go. Especially since it doesn’t exclude top websites from ad blocking and includes all the handy features.

The key to successful ad blocking is the rich package of advanced features. Tools like ad whitelisting allow for personalization along with other customizable settings. As for the main dish, it’s the intelligent filtering lists that hold the front so steadily. Script-blocking, notification disabler, and more – all for peaceful online venturing.

All in all, Total Adblock is a comprehensive ad-blocking software that, as our testing revealed, blocks adware instantly. It’s simple yet effective, and you don’t have to worry about it – just leave it running in the background, and it takes care of the rest.

Get the best deal today

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Is Total Adblock any good?

Yes, Total Adblock is a great ad blocker. Our testing has shown that Total Adblock is legit and effectively blocks ads, user trackers, and all kinds of other adware. Moreover, the app blocks YouTube ads and ads on social media websites.

How much does Total Adblock really cost?

Total Adblock costs just $2.42/month, which is essentially $29.00 the first year. Alternatively, you can get it bundled with TotalAV, a reputable antivirus, and pay $49.00/year. Or try Total Adblock for free for 7 days.

Can Total Adblock be trusted?

Yes, you can trust Total Adblock. Total Adblock is a safe, legitimate ad blocker created by TotalAV, a trusted and secure antivirus provider.

Is Total Adblock legit?

Yes, Total Adblock is legitimate software developed and owned by TotalAV, a reputable antivirus software provider. Our in-house testing proved this ad blocker to be effective at blocking all kinds of ads, even when using the free version.

Is Total Adblock the same as Adblock?

No, Total Adblock and Adblock are separate ad blockers. TotalAV created Total Adblock, while Adblock is owned by Eyeo, a company that also owns Adblock Plus.

Is Total Adblock totally free?

Total Adblock has a completely free version. However, it is limited because it allows ads on the top 15,000 websites and doesn’t block YouTube ads. We recommend getting premium for $x/month for the best ad-blocking experience.

Does Total Adblock block YouTube ads?

Yes, testing proved that Total Adblock effectively blocks YouTube ads. But if you want to block ads on the YouTube app, you’ll have to play the videos you want to watch via Total Adblock. Plus, the app and extensions bypass YouTube’s ad block detection that’s been plaguing users recently.

How trustworthy is Total Adblock?

Total Adblock is completely trustworthy. The tool is owned by TotalAV, a company responsible for a line of cybersecurity software, like the famous TotalAV antivirus. The ad blocker runs on frequent updates from developers, respects user data, and protects millions of users from ads.

How much does Total Adblock cost per month?

Total Adblock costs $2.42/month. A price leaning on the cheaper side considering its value. The ad blocker disables nearly 100% as tested by our experts and third-party labs. Moreover, the feature-rich suite allows users to tinker with functionality for personalization.

Is Total Adblock a legitimate app?

Yes, Total Adblock is legit. Owned by the reputable TotalAV company, the ad blocker continues to serve millions of users across different platforms. Thanks to robust features, filter lists, and regular updates, the app whisks away almost all ads, including YouTube and social media.

 9.8 / 10
Total score
$2.42 / month
Minimum Price
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