Like its neighbours in Scandinavia, Finland is a bastion of free speech. Finnish citizens are completely free to make their own critical arguments online, and internet access is a legal right in and of itself. Does that mean cybersecurity should be an afterthought for internet users in Finland? Absolutely not.

As such, a virtual private network (VPN) is as much a necessity in Finland as it is anywhere else in the world. VPN bounce your internet connection to a remote server and then encrypt that channel so it cannot be traced.

In order to help you find the best VPN for Finland, then, we’ve assessed several VPN on the following criteria:

  • Strong privacy and security
  • Combination of price and features
  • Location outside the 5/9/14 Eyes (surveillance groups of countries)

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN service logo
  • Location: British Virgin Islands
  • Pricing: starts at $8.32/month
  • Features: military-grade encryption, browser extensions, private DNS server

If you’re looking for added security, look no further than ExpressVPN. Like Astrill, it’s a fairly expensive service; also like Astrill, though, it earns that higher asking price through its great range of security software and user-friendly features.

Furthermore, Astrill’s encryption cipher may be quicker than the one Express uses, but it’s just as secure, and Express’ speeds will never leave you high and dry. Furthermore, ExpressVPN boasts private DNS servers, which is a great safeguard against information leaks.

Better yet, Express’ higher price also gets you one of the largest ranges of browser extensions on the market today. This is great for the user experience, as it allows you to more easily toggle your VPN connection as and when you need it.

When all is said and done, ExpressVPN is a great piece of software that always manages to rank high amongst its contenders.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN service logo
  • Location: Panama
  • Pricing: starts at $3.49/month
  • Features: military-grade encryption, massive server list, 24/7 live chat support

Astrill and Express offer a lot of servers… but what if you wanted more?

Better yet, what if we told you that those extra servers won’t cost you any more money per month, but in fact, the ability to access them is around five dollars per month cheaper?

It’s reasons such as these that have earned NordVPN the right to call itself one of the most trusted VPN clients in the game. It also earns its reputation through the employment of the AES-256-CBC encryption cipher and being registered in Panama.

This means that nobody can hack your personal information when connected to Nord servers and no government authorities can force the company to surrender the information under a legal warrant.

Add to the fact that NordVPN boasts excellent customer support (available 24/7 through a live chat function) and you’re truly looking at one of the best VPNs for Finland.

3. VyprVPN

VyprVPN service logo
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Pricing: starts at $5.00/month
  • Features: great security, server list, geo-unblocking, download speeds

VyprVPN offers solid speeds and a great server list. It also supports more platforms than almost any other VPN service and the apps are very slick.

The VPN’s secret weapon, however, is AES-256-GCM, which is a faster version of the -CBC model we’ve observed thus far. This high level of security is underscored by its Swiss location, which makes it free of obligation to any intrusive data retention laws.

While it isn’t as huge as Nord or Express, those who care about the aesthetics of the software will love VyprVPN.

4. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN service logo
  • Location: Sweden
  • Pricing: starts at $3.82/month
  • Features: great speeds, security, geo-unblocking, torrent support

First off, we’d like to mention the elephant in the room here: PrivateVPN is based in Sweden, a country that forms part of the Fourteen Eyes alliance.

While this sounds like the exact opposite of what is seen as ideal for a VPN in the first place, rest assured that PrivateVPN does not store usage logs on its servers, and this claim has been verified through an independent auditor.

If you do decide to go with PrivateVPN though—and there’s not really any reason not to, since using a VPN in Finland is not illegal—then you’ll find yourself with a highly impressive, all-rounder VPN that delivers on most of the promises of any such service.

At less than four dollars per month, PrivateVPN is also better than it ought to be. Its connection speeds are reliably quick, and it rarely has a problem with unblocking geo-restricted content anywhere in the world.

And of course, it encrypts user data as effectively as anything else on this list. Swedish location aside, then, we can confidently say that this is one of the best VPN for Finland overall.

5. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN service logo
  • Location: Singapore
  • Pricing: starts at $1.33/month
  • Features: military-grade encryption, high-speed connections, split tunneling, kill switch

Astute readers will likely be alarmed that we’re recommending a VPN service registered in Singapore; after all, the city-state is a known partner of the Five Eyes surveillance group of countries.

However, your trust in Ivacy can be easily restored by checking its transparent privacy policy document.

As well as this, Ivacy encrypts your traffic connection with the trusty old AES-256-CBC encryption cipher and protects your data against connection losses with its automatic kill switch.

We’ll be honest, though, one of our favorite things about Ivacy is its combination of pricing and performance. At just $1.33/month, Ivacy is a steal considering how fast its server connections are. All of this is to say that this is yet another worthy candidate for the best VPN for Finland—Singaporean location and all.

6. Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN service logo
  • Location: Seychelles
  • Pricing: starts at $8.33/month
  • Features: military-grade encryption, obfuscated server, high-speed connections

Astrill VPN is registered in Seychelles and consequently is under no legal obligation to log its users’ data. It also packs one of the most powerful ciphers on the market today: the AES-256-CBC encryption cipher, which no amount of hackers could penetrate.

The service also supports StealthVPN, which is a modified version of the industry-standard OpenVPN protocol. This creates what is known as an obfuscated connection, thereby rendering your traffic untraceable.

What we really like about Astrill, however, is that it provides some of the fastest connection speeds in the game. As such, it’s an impressively user-friendly VPN that we think is particularly suited to users in Finland.

If you’re in Finland, which of these VPNs have you used before? Did we miss any great VPNs for Finland? Let us know in the comments below.