Virtual Private Networks are used by millions of people across the world, including plenty of Israelis. By wrapping your data in encrypted “tunnels” and anonymizing your IP address, these invaluable tools provide an almost impregnable degree of privacy.

However, they vary in quality and effectiveness, so sourcing the best VPN for Israel isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve put together a ranking of the country’s leading contenders based on these factors:

  1. Speed – how fast providers are influences their effectiveness for streamers, P2P fans, and general web browsers.
  2. Security – we only consider providers who take security seriously, from 256-bit AES encryption to full DNS leak protection.
  3. Privacy – we also exclude providers with dodgy privacy protection records.
  4. Cost – price isn’t everything, but the best providers manage to deliver an excellent level of service and value at the same time.
  5. Ease of use – simple clients, plenty of simultaneous connections, and apps for every platform are all important features of high-quality providers.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN service logo
  • Location: Panama
  • Pricing: $6.99 month for 1 year
  • Features: 256-bit encryption, 30-day money-back guarantee, CyberSec and DoubleVPN included, kill switch, no logs, DNS leak protection, supports TOR, thousands of servers, P2P supported, unblocks Netflix, apps for all major devices, 24/7 support, 6 simultaneous devices, crypto payments supported

NordVPN is easily the best VPN for Israel, scoring highly across all of our criteria outlined earlier. If you need a premium Virtual Private Network at a low price, this is the provider for you.

Security-wise, there’s not much to quibble with. NordVPN offers 256-bit AES encryption, DNS leak protection, DoubleVPN, and CyberSec, to ensure that cookies and malware are eliminated before they become a problem. And you can run TOR through your encryption as well, adding even more privacy.

There’s no logging here – not even session data. And if your coverage drops for some reason, the NordVPN kill switch is there to ensure that your identity remains private. P2P is supported – and fast – and no provider unblocks Netflix as well. Entertainment lovers won’t find anything to question here.

You can pay anonymously, and the NordVPN can be installed on almost any device imaginable. With 6 simultaneous connections, families should be able to protect all of their devices. And if a problem arises, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. But we don’t anticipate any issues. This is a slick, well-supported, and extremely impressive VPN that should supply everything Israeli web users require.

2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost service logo
  • Location: Romania
  • Pricing: $5.99 month for 1 year
  • Features: 45-day money-back guarantee, dedicated IPs available, Bitcoin accepted, 7 simultaneous devices, 24/7 support, a wide range of platforms, more than 3,000 servers around the world, 256-bit encryption, unlimited bandwidth, unblock Netflix.

The Romanian-based CyberGhost is almost the best VPN for Israel, but just misses out. However, it may well be the finest budget provider, offering extremely low-cost 2-year and 3-year packages.

On the security side, CyberGhost provides everything users need: 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, and protocols tailored to different platforms. Add a strict no-logging policy, and you’ve got a very effective privacy tool.

The company also operates a huge 5,000+ server network, delivering very impressive speeds, and allowing users to unblock platforms like Netflix very reliably. P2P is not a problem, either, and with unlimited bandwidth, downloaders should be able to protect their torrenting without sacrificing too much speed.

Moreover, CyberGhost offers a whopping 7 simultaneous devices – enough for students, families, and even small businesses to create security setups. The only drawbacks we found were relative. While CyberGhost is fast, it’s not as fast as the best providers around. But if you need a budget option, you can’t go wrong.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN service logo
  • Location: The British Virgin Islands
  • Pricing: $8.32 month for 1 year
  • Features: Bitcoin payments accepted, unblocks Netflix, 3 simultaneous connections, 30-day money-back guarantee, 24/7 live chat, a wide range of apps, 256-bit encryption, no activity or connection logs, servers in 94 countries

We rank Virtual Private Networks for many countries, and ExpressVPN regularly comes out as our local favorite. But it hasn’t quite made it as the best VPN for Israel. However, don’t let that stop you from trying out this elite provider.

This is pretty much a VPN with everything. You can unblock Netflix easily, and P2P is supported, while security is guaranteed via 256-bit AES encryption and the OpenVPN protocol.

Speeds are uniformly excellent, and there are servers in 94 countries (148 locations in total), so working around geo-blocking and assuming identities across the world isn’t a problem. The client is easy to use, and comes in versions for Linux, Windows, macOS, and smartphones, while you can install ExpressVPN onto routers as well. We love that kind of flexibility.

The drawbacks are relatively minor. For example, ExpressVPN doesn’t have a stealth mode. It’s also quite expensive, and while Bitcoin is accepted, other cryptocurrencies aren’t. But overall, it’s a great product.

4. VyprVPN

VyprVPN service logo
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Pricing: $5.00 month for 1-year standard package
  • Features: Independently audited, no 3rd party technology, over 700 servers in 70+ countries, 256-bit encryption, apps for smartphones, computers and routers, anti-throttling tools, unlimited bandwidth, zero-knowledge DNS, no logs, 24/7 support, 3-day trial

Swiss provider VyprVPN has attracted plenty of converts with its technical specifications and high speeds. And it’s definitely a contender for the best VPN for Israel.

More than 700 servers dotted across the world give Vypr excellent coverage, and the company is an excellent option for people who need to work around geo-blocking. There’s a server location in Tel Aviv as well, which helps boost performance for Israeli users.

Encryption is as good as it gets, and with Zero-Knowledge DNS technology and the OpenVPN protocol, users can count on flawless privacy. You can also add in advanced stealth features via Chameleon – which makes it tough to even tell you’re running a VPN.

Support is available all the time and responds well to users’ concerns, and the level of technical knowledge shown by Vypr staff is impressive. That’s not necessarily surprising though, as the company maintains all of its infrastructures in-house. There’s no 3rd party involvement here, aside from providing security audits.

What didn’t we like? Well, VyprVPN operates at two tiers, with certain features off-limits to Standard customers. Premium packages come with added connections and security features, such as their unique Chameleon protocol. But this option is pretty expensive.

5. Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN service logo

Location: Seychelles

Pricing: $8.33 month for 1 year

Features: Specialist routers available, private IPs, no bandwidth limits, unlimited devices, crypto payments supported, Smart Mode, StealthVPN and OpenVPN protocols, kill switch, TOR supported, wide global server network

Based in Seychelles, Astrill delivers plenty of attractive features for Israeli VPN users. There are plenty of reasons to give this service a try: you can create incredibly secure browsing setups with TOR, private IPs, StealthVPN, and military grade encryption. So if you want to have total insurance against snoopers, Astrill is a great provider to choose.

Speeds are good (not stellar), but Astrill is also superbly flexible. You can filter which online services are protected by encryption, and connect as many devices as you desire. That’s a huge perk for households and businesses alike. And unblocking is very efficient, so Netflix access is almost guaranteed.

On the downside prices are relatively high, especially for short-term contracts. And in this case, that counts against Astrill. As we’ll see, the champion provider manages to match Astrill’s features, without adding the extra cost. Even so, this is a seriously impressive company.

6. Perfect Privacy VPN

Perfect Privacy VPN service logo

Location: Switzerland

Pricing: $9.99 month for 1 year

Features: Premium security features, unlimited connections, no bandwidth restrictions, excellent support, limited server network, no third party servers, 256-bit encryption

Switzerland’s Perfect Privacy is a premium VPN which will suit businesses and other professionals but may not be ideal for everyday users. Still, we felt that it had to be included, as Israeli small businesses may desire something a little bit more robust than off-the-shelf alternatives.

Perfect Privacy focuses on delivering flexible and in-depth security features. Encryption is rock solid, and every protocol is supported. You can apply the DoubleVPN technology, a filter through which services are covered by encryption, and run TOR as well. Moreover, with unlimited connections and router compatibility, Perfect Privacy seems made for office use.

However, where Perfect Privacy succeeds with security, it falls a little on cost and speed. Price-wise, this is a relatively expensive provider, reflecting its premium features. And it’s not the fastest provider around. The server network is limited. And although you’ll be able to unblock streaming services, don’t expect lightning fast performance.

7. BulletVPN

BulletVPN service logo

Location: Estonia

Pricing: $7.49 month for 1 year (half price with discounts)

Features: 30-day money-back guarantee, 256-bit encryption, 24/7 support, Smart DNS, 3 simultaneous devices, unlimited bandwidth, unblocks Netflix, P2P supported, OpenVPN protocols supported, global server network, no logs

If you want a lower cost Virtual Private Network which manages to balance value and functionality, look no further than Estonia’s BulletVPN.

All of the basics are present here. You’ll get 256-bit AES encryption, and a wide range of protocols, as well as Smart DNS to hide every trace of your web browsing habits. The company’s logging policy seems very robust as well. So, on the privacy and security front, there’s little to worry about.

Entertainment fans can rely on BulletVPN to unblock Netflix most of the time, and the global server network provides plenty of anonymization options. But there are no Israeli servers – something which may compromises performance in some situations.

Support is reliable and helpful (and available around the clock), and if you don’t like the service provided, the 30-day money-back guarantee essentially allows customers to try before they buy. All of this is very welcome, making BulletVPN as a true contender.

But there are some issues. For example, 3 simultaneous connections aren’t sufficient for many households. And speeds aren’t as fast as industry leaders. They aren’t appalling, but they just don’t match the best VPN for Israel.

There are plenty of reasons to subscribe to a VPN in Israel

For one thing, Virtual Private Networks allow Israeli movie and TV fans to widen their choice of content. Platforms like Netflix radically restrict the availability of content in Israel, but you can unlock everything they show by relocating your IP to the USA or European countries.

Then there are political reasons. You might feel insecure about government surveillance, or want to fly under the radar of law enforcement agencies seeking out copyright violators. With a VPN in your armory, you can easily do so.

The Israeli authorities also have a track record of blocking certain sites, from adult video sites to controversial posts on social media networks. Virtual Private Networks can work around those restrictions without any problems.

If you’re in Israel, which of these VPNs have you used before? Did we miss any great VPNs for Israel? Let us know in the comments below.