Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow users to encrypt the data they send across the web, and to assume anonymous online identities. And they are growing in popularity all the time, including among Spanish internet users.

But there’s a world of difference between Spain’s best Virtual Private Networks and the mass of free or budget providers. So how can you pick one that you can rely on? Without expert guidance, you can easily leave yourself exposed. So use our ranking of Spain’s best VPNs and pick one that won’t let you down.

Why do you need to choose the best VPN for Spain?

The uses of encryption and IP anonymization are pretty obvious in repressive countries like Iran or North Korea, but what about Spain? Surely in an advanced democracy, privacy is less of an issue?

Well, privacy isn’t the only reason to use a Virtual Private Network. For instance, you can use VPNs to work around the geo-blocking imposed by streaming platforms like Netflix. These measures keep huge amounts of TV and movie content off limits in different countries. By pretending to be from other parts of the world (using a VPN), you can easily get around them. The same techniques can allow you to access huge reductions in airfares at sites which segment their customer base using geo-filters.

And whatever people say, no nation is free of surveillance and privacy abuses. Back in 2013, Edward Snowden’s revelations included details about America’s NSA harvesting private data from Spanish citizens. So nobody is safe.

What makes a good VPN? Here’s how we rank providers

When ranking Virtual Private Networks, we like to take multiple factors into consideration, then choose providers with a high overall score. We don’t pick out the cheapest or the fastest providers if they skimp on security. Instead, here are our basic criteria:

  1. Speed – Providers with wide server networks, reliable infrastructure and no bandwidth limits score well with us.
  2. Security – Only providers with the best encryption and leak protection meet our requirements.
  3. Privacy – Full IP anonymization and strict no logging policies are completely essential.
  4. Value – Great security and privacy doesn’t have to be expensive, so we choose VPNs which marry value and quality.
  5. Flexibility – We prefer providers who offer plenty of protocols, apps, and multiple device connections.

Our picks for the best VPN for Spain

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN service logo

Location: British Virgin Islands

Pricing: $8.32 month for 1 year

Features: Over 2,000 servers in 94 countries, Industry leading encryption and protocols, kill switch, user-friendly apps, unblocks Netflix, P2P friendly, 30-day guarantee, no logs

If you’re looking for the best VPN for Spain, ExpressVPN is definitely the provider to choose. After crunching the numbers, testing its performance, and comparing features, there’s no doubt about it.

This BVI-based Virtual Private Network gets everything right. It’s legendary for being able to unblock censored sites and work around Netflix geo-blockers, while P2P speeds are unparalleled worldwide. And with fast Spanish servers, it will serve your needs perfectly, whether you are downloading in bulk or just looking for a secure way to send emails.

256-bit AES encryption combines with every major protocol, rock-solid DNS leak protection, an effective kill switch and a watertight no logging policy to make ExpressVPN ultra-secure. And very few people have criticized the company’s ethics over the years, while many have praised its helpful attitude towards customers.

Fundamentally, if you want privacy, security, and world-class unblocking capabilities, you need to get ExpressVPN.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN service logo

Location: Panama

Pricing: $6.99 month for 1 year ($2.99 with discounts)

Features: DoubleVPN protection, 256-bit encryption, P2P friendly, unblocks Netflix, Over 5,000 servers, compatible with TOR, kill switch, 6 simultaneous connections, browser proxy extension, multiple apps, 30-day guarantee

One of the world’s most popular and most accomplished Virtual Private Networks, NordVPN only missed out on being named our best VPN for Spain by the tiniest margin. But rest assured, this is an elite provider, and you won’t feel let down when you take out a subscription.

Everything most people need is here: 256-bit AES encryption, DNS leak protection, a kill switch to add extra insurance should your coverage drop, and a very tight no logging policy. There’s even an options DoubleVPN system to add extra protection, and you can run Tor over NordVPN as well.

The server network is massive, spanning 60+ countries (Spain included), and NordVPN offers apps for all major devices, as well as a handy browser extension. 6 device connections is also pretty generous, while it all comes at an appealing price tag, especially with discounts.

As for negatives, there aren’t many. However, in our tests, NordVPN came out slightly slower for Netflix streaming and P2P than our champion. But as we say, there’s not much in it.

3. Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN service logo

Location: Seychelles

Pricing:$8.33 month for 1 year

Features: Can connect easily to routers, 24/7 support, strong encryption and DNS protection, no logs policy, a wide range of protocols including OpenVPN, unlimited devices, covers 50+ countries

Based in Seychelles, Astrill VPN is comfortably outside the so-called 14 eyes surveillance network, so users should be safe from the NSA. And it delivers a wide variety of attractive features for Spanish internet users.

Security is reassuringly tight, thanks to 256-bit encryption and a variety of advanced protocols, including OpenVPN, StealthVPN, OpenWeb, L2TP, IPSec, and SSTP. There’s also the option to take out a private IP, which is nice to have, and customers can buy specialist routers – handy for small businesses.

Another really positive feature is the ability to connect unlimited devices. This isn’t common with any Virtual Private Networks, and it’s very welcome for families or student households. And if you’re a gamer, you can upgrade for very little to a VIP “no latency” package.

So what’s not to love here? Well, again there isn’t too much counting against Astrill VPN. Price-wise, it can be a little more expensive than the best VPN for Spain, and while 24/7 support is available, it can sometimes be tough to access.

4. Perfect Privacy VPN

Perfect Privacy VPN service logo

Location: Switzerland

Pricing: $9.99 month for 1 year

Features: Unlimited device connections, P2P welcome, no logs at all, IPv6 support, excellent support, StealthVPN included, 7 days guarantee

Located in privacy-obsessed Switzerland, Perfect Privacy delivers on its name, offering a slightly more expensive service for high-end users.

Why “high-end”? Perfect Privacy includes a few features that are not found elsewhere, including neural routing, the TrackStop anti-malware and adware tool, and support via TeamViewer. Everything they do is in-house as well, so no third party companies are involved.

Security is as tight as it needs to be, with 256-bit encryption, StealthVPN, and an absolute no logging policy. And you can extend encryption to email very easily. So it’s well suited to professionals.

However, this does come with a higher price tag, so there’s no way we could describe this as the best VPN for Spain. And some people won’t appreciate the relatively short 7-day guarantee, or the 1000mbps bandwidth limit although these negatives are balanced out by unlimited connections.

5. ibVPN

ibVPN service logo

Location: Romania

Pricing: $3.08 month for 1 year (Ultimate package)

Features: Zero logging policy, multiple protocols and apps, 5 simultaneous devices, excellent services for Smart devices such as Kodi, P2P allowed, industry-leading encryption, crypto payments accepted

Romania’s ibVPN is a less well-known budget competitor for the title of best VPN for Spain which we just had to mention. If you’re seeking a secure, privacy-conscious alternative, look no further.

ibVPN scores well everywhere. Security is impressive, thanks to 256-bit encryption and support for OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, and SSTP. And the no logging policy hasn’t been questioned.

Moreover, ibVPN is incredibly flexible. Apps are available for desktops, smartphones, and also devices like Kindle Fire, Kodi, and PS4 consoles – so true all-round protection is within reach. And 5 simultaneous devices should cover most families.

Netflix unblocking isn’t an issue, and P2P is catered for – so where’s the catch? Sadly, speeds aren’t quite up to the level of the best Spanish providers, and P2P is limited to a few servers.

6. VyprVPN

VyprVPN service logo

Location: Switzerland

Pricing: $5.00 month for 1 year ($5 with discounts)

Features: 256-bit encryption, Swiss location, no third party servers, independent audits, 700+ servers in 70 countries, apps for all major platforms, anti-throttling features, no bandwidth limits, multiple protocols

Owned by Golden Frog and based in Switzerland, VyprVPN has a lot going for it but isn’t quite up there with the best VPN for Spain.

This is a Virtual Private Network that gets most things right. Security is strong, with 256-bit encryption and the ability to use OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and Chameleon protocols. Vypr’s security systems have been independently audited, and they only use in-house servers – something not all VPNs can say.

Speeds are very good in most cases, Netflix unblocking is a breeze, and P2P is supported – with no bandwidth limits. There are apps for Android and iOS phones, local servers in Spain, and tools to counter ISP throttling, which can affect streamers and P2P fans.

These are features we’d expect from an elite provider, so where are the minuses? Well, despite there being no P2P blocking, Golden Frog’s stance on torrenting and copyright issues is troubling. However, overall, VyprVPN is worth checking out.

7. CyberGhost

CyberGhost service logo

Location: Romania

Pricing: $5.99 month for 1 year

Features: up to 45-day money back guarantee, almost 3,000 servers in 59 countries, no logs, P2P supported, unblocks Netflix, 7 simultaneous devices, highest encryption standards, kill switch, no bandwidth limits

Romanian contender CyberGhost is a common presence on “top 5” lists worldwide, and it definitely performs well for Spanish users.

For starters, Romania is outside the 14-eyes, so surveillance shouldn’t be a problem. And even then, 256-bit encryption, full DNS leak protection, and the use of OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols provide excellent security.

CyberGhost is well setup for streamers and P2P fans. It unblocks Netflix superbly, opening up a vast array of entertainment, and there are no bandwidth limits for P2P users. Most servers perform well with P2P, so torrenters will be delighted.

It’s also very cheap, considering the level of security provided. And if you aren’t happy with the speeds, apps, or privacy, you can invoke a generous 45-day guarantee – the longest in the business.

But there may be a downside, which is why CyberGhost isn’t our pick for the best VPN for Spain. Firstly, speeds aren’t lightning fast. Streaming is usually fine, but you will find quicker VPNs. And the provider’s Israeli parent company has been linked to malware and adware injection – although nobody has proved that this applies to CyberGhost.

Another drawback is that CyberGhost only accepts PayPal, credit cards, or BitPay – so a wide range of cryptocurrencies is excluded. Not great for people who want to pay anonymously. So it’s not perfect, but still a pretty strong option.

If you’re in Spain, which of these VPNs have you used before? Did we miss any great VPNs for Spain? Let us know in the comments below.

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