Without any doubt, Steam is the world’s most popular gaming platform. It comes with an enormous catalog of games, including exclusive ones, and allows you to create your own library of video game titles. Let’s also not forget frequent Steam sales that drop the prices to their minimum. However, this platform doesn’t come problem-free.

Geographical restrictions, DDoS attacks targeting online games, and Steam being blocked on specific networks are things that users must deal with. However, we’ll tell you about the best possible solution to all these problems (and a few extra benefits as well). Therefore, we’d like to introduce you to VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

Why would you need a VPN for Steam?

You have probably heard a few things about VPNs before. After all, these have become hugely popular applications aimed at preserving your online anonymity. However, what kinds of benefits can Steam users get from a VPN? Well, here’s what you need to know:

  • Overcome geo-restrictions: Steam features a vast number of games, with new titles released daily. However, a number of those are only available in certain countries. For example, users in Japan have an array of futuristic and unique games that are restricted to this country. Well, you’ll be happy to know that a reliable VPN can unblock any geographical restriction, with ease.
  • Unblock Steam anywhere: It’s not uncommon for Steam to be blocked in schools, colleges, and workplaces. Using a VPN and connecting to a secure server will unblock Steam, in addition to pretty much any other Web-related service.
  • Fight against malicious attacks: Hackers frequently target online games via DDoS attacks. Also, they can implant keyloggers that steal your license keys and plenty more. By making sure your data travels only through a secure VPN tunnel, you can prevent any unauthorized access.

The Best VPN for Steam – 5 bulletproof options!

1. CyberGhost

CyberGhost service logo
  • Pros: lots of servers, good speeds, slick app
  • Cons: not very customizable
  • Price: starts at $2.75
  • VPNpro rating: 9.1

CyberGhost has been on the market for seven years now, and it went through seven major iterations. Right now, it has more than 3,500 servers and an army of satisfied users. All of these are the reasons why we think this is the best VPN for Steam right now.

What’s interesting about CyberGhost is that it offers plenty of specialized servers. Also, it’s best for unblocking websites and web-based services. Many of those are fast-performing servers for media streaming and torrenting, which you can use for gaming as well. And lastly, it comes with a no-logs policy, which means it collects zero personal data.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN service logo
  • Pros: very secure and reliable, wide network
  • Cons: somewhat expensive
  • Price: starts at $8.32
  • VPNpro rating: 9.6

Our list of the best VPN for Steam wouldn’t be complete without ExpressVPN. It’s a highly popular VPN, known for its speedy performance and we think you’re going to be more than happy with this pick.

ExpressVPN has built its reputation around anti-censorship measures. It’s used by millions around the world to unblock websites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Gmail. And of course, Steam is on the list as well. You can use any of its 3,000+ servers to connect to different regions, access different Steam markets, secure your Web connection, and plenty more.

3. TorGuard

TorGuard service logo
  • Pros: highly customizable, great for P2P
  • Cons: occasional issues with geo-blocking
  • Price: starts at $4.99
  • VPNpro rating: 8.8

We understand that some of you might be into more technical solutions. Therefore, we have a recommendation for those who want to dive into everything that VPNs offer. And this is where TorGuard comes into play.

Initially built for torrenting, TorGuard has expanded into various different areas. It comes with advanced features that let you unblock even the toughest of websites. And if you want everything this VPN offers, you can get a dedicated IP address, which gives you complete virtual anonymity. Finally, let’s not forget that TorGuard enables you to fine-tune your gaming experience by choosing various protocols and different levels of encryption.

4. VyprVPN

VyprVPN service logo
  • Pros: super-fast and reliable, supports many platforms
  • Cons: not great for torrenting
  • Price: starts at $5.00
  • VPNpro rating: 8.3

There’s a significant reason why VyprVPN is among the best VPN for Steam. This one is built upon this company’s proprietary protocol called Chameleon. As its name implies, this is a high-end VPN protocol designed to hide anything you do online, all the while providing fast download and upload speeds.

VyprVPN is all about protecting its users from online dangers. It offers more than 200,000 IP addresses, broad platform support, 24/7 support, and of course – it comes with a no-logs policy. It isn’t hard to see why it has more than 1 million active users.

5. Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN service logo
  • Pros: good security features, unblocks netflix, good for torrenting
  • Cons: not great in countries with heavy censorship
  • Price: from $4.12
  • VPNpro rating: 6.8

We end our list of the best VPN for Steam with Buffered. This is a relatively small VPN that’s known for being highly user-friendly. Therefore, this recommendation is for those who’d like a fully automated VPN solution.

Featuring a mobile-like interface, Buffered is incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is to click on a server you’d like to connect to, and the VPN will do everything else on its own. Within a few seconds, you’ll be equipped with a new IP, your data will become encrypted, and you’ll ready to continue with your activity. This means that you can launch Steam on your computer, access your library and download titles not usually available in your region. It’s as simple as that.

Can you get banned from Steam for using VPNs?

It’s essential for you to understand that Steam isn’t a big fan of VPNs. In fact, their legal documents prohibit the use of any “IP proxying methods to disguise the place of your residence.” However, the situation isn’t that simple as VPNs have become mandatory in countries where Steam might be fully blocked. With this said, here’s what you need to avoid:

  • You’ll see articles online about using VPNs to buy games in foreign currencies. That’s because Steam offers prices on a per-country basis. Buying games not available in your country won’t get you blocked. However, buying games at a lower cost by accessing different Stream markets should be avoided.
  • You should also forget about using VPNs to get to in-game items not available in your country. These might be in-game downloads, discount offers, or extra items.
  • And lastly, VPNs must never be used to harm other users or cause any damage.

As you can see, Steam isn’t overly restrictive. However, keep in mind that using VPNs for benign reasons will never get you into trouble.

What Makes a Good VPN Service?

You should always go for VPNs with plenty of servers, spread across the entire planet. Also, having access to a large number of servers usually means that you’ll get better performance in terms of speed and gaming experience.

Then, make sure to select a VPN with high-end security features. This allows you to quickly overcome any digital block and ensure that any type of unauthorized access is eliminated. In other words, pay attention to what kind of encryption and protocols your chosen VPN brings.

Our 5 picks score well on all these points and won’t let you down!