As someone living in the US, you are under constant surveillance from tech companies, your ISP, and government agencies like the NSA. That’s why using a VPN is one of the best decisions you can make for your privacy. Spoofing your IP address and encrypting your data will hide your online activities away from all those prying eyes.

Yet that’s not all they’re good for. If you’re going on a trip and don’t want to miss your HBO show, a proper VPN will ensure you don’t get caught up in geo-restrictions. It will also allow you to use torrents anonymously.

To help you choose the best VPN for USA, we’ve gone ahead and listed the best services for American users.

No time to read? Here are our best VPNs:

1. NordVPN

NordVPN service logo
  • Location: Panama
  • Pricing: starts at $3.49
  • Features: great security, speeds, server list, torrenting and support

NordVPN has the best security features on the market also happens to easily meet our criteria:

  • it’s based in a privacy-friendly location – Panama
  • it has one of the best pricing structures of any VPN service, period
  • NordVPN has an extensive – and growing – list of awesome features

For these reasons, we’re pretty confident in naming NordVPN as a top VPN for USA. Even better, it’s the first major VPN service to have an independent audit of its no-logging policy by the world-famous auditing firm PwC. Since their recent speed update, the service is also one of the fastest out there, so it’s definitely not all work with NordVPN.

2. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN service logo
  • Location: British Virgin Islands
  • Pricing: starts at 1.99
  • Features: great price and security features, unlimited connection, top speeds

Surfshark VPN’s privacy-friendly home in the British Virgin Islands, low price, and stellar list of features make it a solid choice for US users. This service has a lot going for it in terms of security – AES-256 encryption, a kill switch, and multi-hop are nothing to scoff at in the age of diminishing privacy.

Furthermore, Surfshark is certainly among the fastest VPNs on the market, which means you can use it for torrenting, streaming, or anything else you can think of.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost service logo
  • Location: Romania
  • Pricing: starts at $2.75
  • Features: great security, server list, torrenting and support

On the first part of our list when looking for the best VPN for USA we have best VPN options if you want something located outside the 5/9/14 Eyes alliances. For that reason, CyberGhost is a pretty great choice – especially for newbies.

For the good stuff, we can happily state that CyberGhost has a great starting point (beginning at $2.50/month) and features that are standard for a good VPN provider, including torrenting support. Over the past year, CyberGhost’s server network has grown exponentially, reaching 6200+ servers in 90+ countries. This has increased CyberGhost’s appeal for various entertainment purposes.

In short, it’s cheap and has strong enough features to nominate for this best VPN for USA list.

4. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN service logo
  • Location: British Virgin Islands
  • Pricing: starts at $6.67
  • Features: great security, speeds, server list, torrenting and support

First on our list is ExpressVPN – one of the stalwarts of the VPN industry. It comes up in any conversation about best VPN services, and that remains true for users in the US too.

ExpressVPN has solid security features and supports most devices/platforms on the market. Over the years its privacy has been tested by government authorities as well as independent auditors, only to prove it’s as good as it says.

Of course, we also have to note that it’s pricey. But, if you understand the adage, “You get what you pay for,” then you’ll understand why it’s still a top choice: amazing features and dependability for an understandable price.

5. VyprVPN

VyprVPN service logo
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Pricing: starts at $2.71
  • Features: great security, server list, speeds, and support

Another VPN service provider that’s completed an independent audit of its no-logging policy is VyprVPN – one of the older VPN providers on this list.

It’s great that it’s located in ever-neutral Switzerland, putting it outside the data-hungry and privacy-ignorant 5/9/14 Eyes alliance. With that, the pricing is also pretty nice – although definitely not the nicest – starting at 2.71/month. It also has Netflix support and works pretty consistently in China.

However, as with everything, there are a few downsides. In general, the signup process isn’t particularly anonymous, and VyprVPN may cancel your subscription if they receive any copyright complaints.

For that reason, it’s kind of a no-no for torrent-lovers.

6. IPVanish

IPVanish service logo
  • Location: USA
  • Pricing: starts at $4.87
  • Features: good support, speeds, server list, and simultaneous devices allowance

Despite also being based in the US, IPVanish is a good option for many reasons. First of all, they have great security features and own their whole server network. They’re also not bad for torrenting or streaming. The customer support is good, as are the speeds.

However, we’re still iffy on the price of their plans, because if you’re paying a minimum of $4.87, you could probably get more from a different provider.

7. Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN service logo
  • Location: Seychelles
  • Pricing: starts at $10.00
  • Features: great security, speeds, server list, torrenting and support

Astrill VPN is one of our top VPNs for many good reasons. It’s great for torrenting and awesome if you ever find yourself in Asia where it has a solid network of servers.

Better yet, it’s located in the Seychelles, which is outside the prying 5/9/14 Eyes. This means that your data is quite safe, especially since they have a good no-logs policy. That being said, Astrill is quite expensive when compared to the industry average, including giants like NordVPN.

8. TorGuard

TorGuard service logo
  • Location: USA
  • Pricing: starts at $4.17
  • Features: great security, speeds, server list, torrenting and support

TorGuard may have been higher if it weren’t for one glaring fact: it’s smack dab in the 5/9/14 Eyes alliance. In fact, the remaining best VPN for USA service providers are American, which is why they’re closer to the bottom of our list due to privacy reasons.

Nonetheless, there is still some logical fit for these VPN providers. After all, being in America, it’s not a bad idea to have American VPN providers, as long as they meet the other requirements listed above. Luckily, they do.

It’s pretty good – but not great – for Netflix, works in China and other restricted countries, and the price is acceptable, starting at $4.17.

If none of the other VPNs on this list work for you, TorGuard is a pretty good alternative.

9. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access service logo
  • Location: USA
  • Pricing: starts at $3.33
  • Features: great price, torrenting, and great speeds for Westerners

Private Internet Access, or PIA for short, is a good mid-level VPN. The major good point? It’s one of the cheapest VPN providers of the bunch, starting at just 3.33. It’s also quite good for torrenting and, since you’re in the West, it has some pretty good coverage as well.

The major bad stuff keeping it from the tops of any list is that it’s located in the ultimate 5 Eyes country. But so is TorGuard. However, it also has some other weaknesses, such as the lack of live chat support.

Bottom line

These VPNs are all great for USA, but each of them has its own advantages.

However, if the price is a top priority for you, the best VPN we can recommend will be either NordVPN or Surfshark – both of which seem to be quite similar, which NordVPN having stronger security features and Surfshark offering unlimited connections. And if the price is important for you so much that you prefer it written in zeroes, we suggest looking at our Best Free VPN for USA article.

Regardless, you can’t go wrong with the first four VPNs listed and, if you’re not overly concerned about torrenting, then you can add VyprVPN to the great list of VPNs for the US as well.

If you’re in America, which of these VPNs have you used before? Did we miss any great VPNs for the USA? Let us know in the comments below.