The words “cybersecurity” refer to the security of computers. mobile devices, computer networks, and associated products and services. It is a critical area for private and public organizations, individual users, as well as governments around the world.

According to news sources, hackers and cybercriminals stole $172 billion from people in 2017. To counter this threat, the best cybersecurity companies are always coming out with new products and services. Several cybersecurity firms are also educating people on how to secure their data and money.

A study by Norton, one of the leading cyber security companies, has revealed that 978 million people lost their money to cyber criminals in 2016. This means that a little less than 10% of the global population runs the risk of losing its online data and wealth to cyber thieves.

Why is cybersecurity important? Computer and network security are important especially for stopping data theft and stealing of money. It is also important for national security, and to prevent the shutting down of utilities and essential services.

For example, in May 2018, the WiFi services of the Atlanta airport were disrupted because of a cyber attack on the city’s internet services. This led to a disruption of the flights arriving and departing from this airport.

Now let us understand the various forms of a cyber attack. These are:

  • Ransomware — a virus infects the files and won’t go unless a ransom is paid by the owner of the computer.
  • Malware — it is a kind of a computer software that sneaks into a computer and damages its files.
  • Social engineering — sometimes, several users on a social platform are tempted to click a particular file by one or more of their fictitious friends. This results in the stealing of their personal data.
  • Phishing — an email arrives at somebody’s computer from a fake address and asks the user to click an embedded link. When it is clicked, then the user loses his sensitive information.

McAfee – defending people and organizations against viruses

McAfee is known for its anti-virus software and is considered as one of the best cybersecurity companies in the world. It stops phishers, Trojans, viruses, rootkits, and malicious websites from harming computer systems.

Trojans are seemingly harmless software, which hide dangerous viruses. Rootkits are software tools that give the control of your computer to an unauthorised person.

McAfee products are used mainly to protect users who frequently visit social media sites and download content. It is easy to set up with the help if a few clicks.

Norton Security 2018

This product does much more than simply protecting your computer from viruses. Norton protects the privacy of users irrespective of the device they are using. It warns the users against visiting unsafe websites and downloading suspicious content.

Norton helps you locate your lost devices like smartphones and tablets. It also firewalls your computer network by stopping dangerous traffic. The Norton Community Watch collects information from its global community on new viruses, malware and other harmful files.

Norton works well with Windows and Mac computers.

For the latter, it offers the following features:

  • Identity Safe — it remembers the personal information of its users and locks them up so that they can’t be stolen by hackers.
  • Location Awareness — this feature modifies your levels of protection depending on your location like home, office, cafe etc.
  • Mac Application Controls — Norton checks whether outsiders are trying to gain access to your device as soon as you switch on your Mac.

Check Point

Check Point is an Israeli company and specialises in firewalls and network security management. It offers its products to individual customers and enterprises. Check Point has more than 100,000 corporate customers and has been mentioned in several Gartner reports.

Some of its products are:

  • SandBlast – It provides security from the most sophisticated virus attacks and zero-day threats.
  • Next Generation Firewall – This product uses more than 6,000 web 2.0 applications to erect modern firewalls around companies.

It also has a VPN, which you can read more about in this Check Point VPN review here.


IBM offers the following cybersecurity products and services:

  • Patch management — this product removes unauthorised downloads from computers and reduces the risk of virus and malware attacks.
  • Encryption — IBM Guardium Data Encryption can encrypt and decrypt data without affecting databases, applications or computer networks. Encryption means keeping information secret. To decrypt it means to make it publicly available.
  • IBM X-Force — this threat intelligence product gives input on viruses, malware, spam and the reputation of websites and URLs.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab claims to have protected 400 million individuals from various forms of cyber attacks. This cybersecurity firm offers its services to small, and medium enterprises and also to large enterprises. Its services include internet security, cloud security, and anti-virus security.

  • Cloud security — this product automatically turns on its VPN the moment a user logs in to his email. It launches a secure browser while the user is entering his credit card details. The cloud security product also checks for data leaks in the user’s network.
  • Internet security — this product can be used on Windows and Mac computers. It protects the user against attacks from ransomware, malware etc. Your personal information is always secure. Money remains safe while shopping online.
  • Anti-virus management — this product checks the various drives of your PC to find any lurking viruses. It blocks viruses, trojans, and makes your PC safe.

Palo Alto Networks

This company also offers cybersecurity services. It has 50,000 customers, including 85 Fortune 100 organizations. Some of its products are:

  • UEBA — the User and Entity-Based Analytics product from this company tracks the users of its resources by Machine Learning and tries to identify potential threats.
  • Security Operating Platform — this interface connects with the company’s partner and customer apps to protect the networks of its customers.


Microsoft Email Services breach

Microsoft provides the following products and services in cybersecurity:

  • Active Directory — this product helps in the safe and secure management of computer networks in a building, a neighborhood, city or even multiple locations around the world.
  • Key Vault — This feature is meant for its Azure Cloud services. The Key Vault is used for securing private keys.
  • Azure DDos service — a DDos attack is meant to overwhelm the computer network of a user by generating traffic from multiple sources.
  • Azure Information Protection — also referred to as AIP, this product is a cloud security solution. It is used by organisations to protect their documents by classifying them. This classification is done by labeling and users can restrict access to those documents by applying the right labels.
  • Application Gateway — this service filters traffic to pre-determined networks and makes them safe and secure. In simple language, the Application Gateway is a firewall.

Trend Micro

This Japan-based company offers the following cyber-security services:

  • SaaS security — this company delivers anti-virus solutions over the cloud.
  • TippingPoint — this intrusion protection service (IPS) blocks malicious viruses and their lateral entry while ensuring that the network is working perfectly.
  • IoT security — this service is meant for the security of IoT focused companies. IoT refers to the Internet of Things, which means connecting various objects such as refrigerators, cars, trucks, air-conditioners through the internet.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, cybersecurity is important not just for private data but also for company data. Countries treat cybersecurity with a high degree of importance.

There are various kinds of cybersecurity services available on the market.

Some of these services are meant for individual users while others are customised for medium and large-scale companies.

Some of the top companies in this business are IBM, Microsoft, and Kaspersky Lab, all of which we suggest checking out.