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Last updated: June 25, 2021
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Few things are better than a good TV series marathon. For that, however, you have to find a show that is both captivating, and, most importantly, sufficiently long.

Here you’ll find everything from a good comedy to an intense thriller. Pick one, and start to binge!

So, get some popcorn, find a comfortable spot, and get ready to enjoy the show.

How binge watch your favorite shows?
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Top 10 shows to binge watch

best shows to binge watch

Here are the best shows to binge watch, depending on your mood and taste:

  1. The Office
  2. Veronica Mars
  3. Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker
  4. Friends
  5. The Crown
  6. Narcos
  7. You
  8. Big Little Lies
  9. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  10. Breaking Bad

The Office

One may think that the workday of your regular office employees wouldn’t be the most interesting comedy setting. Yet the situation is very much the opposite with The Office, which dedicated fans would easily name the best binge show on Netflix.

This mockumentary follows the daily life of the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, managed by the most unfit boss for the job – Michael Scott (Steve Carell).

There are many subplots about relationships, career struggles, disappointments, boredom, and moments of joy. We witness both the struggle to make the company grow, and a rollercoaster of humorous encounters – from inappropriate behavior to life-threatening situations.

You will laugh, and you may even reconsider certain situations in your life because this show is not only hilarious – it’s also very sincere. If you’re having a bad day, watch a few episodes of The Office, and it will surely get better.

Veronica Mars

When you’re looking for the best shows to binge-watch on Hulu, consider Veronica Mars.

It’s an American mystery drama TV series, set in the fictional town of Neptune, California. It follows a former popular girl Veronica who went from being surrounded by cool friends to an outcast. All because of personal traumas caused by the death of her friend.

Now she is assisting her father, who is a private investigator solving the crimes of a small, but definitely not boring town.

This show is a great mix of crime and drama, with a pinch of witty humor and sarcasm – a real treat for long evenings. Moreover, the fans of  The Good Place who can’t get over the end of the show may find it comforting to see their beloved Kristen Bell in a different role.

Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker

When it comes to the best new binge shows there’s plenty to choose from. However, we highly recommend checking Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker.

It is based on the true story of America’s first black, self-made female millionaire. It follows her incredible journey from working as a washerwoman to finding a  slow, but sure way out of poverty.

Step-by-step, Madam C.J. Walker builds an entire beauty empire, and you definitely don’t want to miss a single episode of her inspiring journey. This is a mini-series – a sweet treat for those who cannot afford a super long binge.


It would be quite challenging to find a person who hasn’t watched at least one episode of Friends. It is a true ’90s sitcom classic about a group of six friends living in New York.

The group of these twenty-somethings goes through the struggles of finding love, enduring breakups, dealing with difficult family members, and so much more. Most importantly – they evolve both as individuals, and as friends.

The show is popular among all kinds of people: those who watched it in real-time, but also those who weren’t even born in the ’90s. The appeal is obvious as we can easily identify with relatable characters in even more relatable situations.

So, if it’s been a while since your last TV binge, Friends is an excellent choice. With that said, you cannot call yourself a true fan if you haven’t watched an entire season of this great show in a day.

The Crown

Without a doubt, The Crown is one of the best dramas to binge-watch these days.

In this Netflix-original we see the life of Queen Elizabeth II – all the way from the 1940s to these days. The TV series has everything you would expect from an excellent drama – political intrigues, romance, and, of course, the famous British humor.

Things that have happened behind the doors of the Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street have been involved in shaping the entire 20th century. Therefore it’s a must-watch not only for royal family fans but for everyone who wants to learn more about this important time as well.

Even if you’re not a history geek or you couldn’t care less about the royal family, give it a try. The dialogues, costumes, and love affairs might grab your attention.


If you’ve somehow missed the story of Colombian narco baron Pablo Escobar, you will be surprised how captivatingly it’s depicted in the TV series Narcos.

The show tells the story of the growth of an international drug empire. It follows the crime lord, Escobar (Wagner Moura) himself, and a DEA agent sent to capture him, Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook).

The cat and mouse game is truly tense and gripping, and you will never know who is chasing whom. Therefore you are likely to find yourself craving for more.

Opinions on the show differ – some claim it is the most accurate representation of the narco baron. Others, in particular Escobar’s son, argue that facts are lost in fiction. Wherever the truth lies, one thing is for sure – once you start watching the series, it is impossible to stop.

All three seasons were set and filmed in Colombia. And late in 2018, the fourth season was released, as a spin-off, titled Narcos: Mexico.


You is one of the best thriller series to binge-watch these days. It starts off as an innocent love story that gets more intense and dark with each episode.

Penn Badgley portrays an irresistibly charming young man who is willing to do anything to get the girl of his dreams. And by anything, we mean anything – stalking her on her way to school, staring through windows, and, of course, using social media to learn every little detail.

This is a great TV series to reevaluate how much we share on our social platforms. Sometimes, it may cost us a few moments of embarrassment, while in some cases we may be sacrificing our security.

Big Little Lies

If you cannot choose whether you want to binge a drama or a thriller, opt for Big Little Lies.

One of the best crime-drama shows to binge-watch on gloomy days follows the life of three rich women. They’re living a normal upper-class life, but a murder changes everything. The life of their idyllic little town turns upside down.

This is a great pick for Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman’s fans, as well as those who are hungry for a mix of a captivating crime story and love affairs. The TV series has won numerous awards, including Critic’s Choice, several Emmys, and Golden Globes.

Big Little Lies is based on a novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Even if you don’t like anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion is an exceptional TV series that may change your views on this genre.

The plot revolves around the aftermath of a worldwide cataclysm set in futuristic Tokyo. A teenage boy, Shinji pilots a Transformer-like mechanical suit called Evangelion to protect humanity against alien invaders known as Angels.

Over the course of one season, the series explores the life of mechanical suit pilots,
the origins of the cataclysm and the “Angels’” motives.
The show is one of the best anime series to binge-watch. Give it a shot, and you will not be

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is often called the most excellent TV series of all time. We here at VPNpro would call it the most addictive show ever made.

If you need evidence, it even has a Guinness World Record as the most critically acclaimed TV series. Not even The Sopranos could pull that off.

Breaking Bad follows the story about a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White (Brian Cranston), who gets diagnosed with stage III lung cancer.

Having two years to live, Walter teams up with his student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Together they work to make and sell high-purity methamphetamine to secure his family’s financial future after his death.

You will be at the edge of your seat during five seasons. So, no more waiting – dive into this remarkable TV series.

Can’t find a streaming service for your location? Try using a VPN

Our favorite TV shows to binge are available on various streaming platforms – Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and others. Most of these are available in the US and not necessarily anywhere else.

To enjoy them to the fullest, be sure to use a reliable VPN service. Not only will it help you access the geo-blocked content, but it will also ensure that your streaming experience is safe, private, and anonymous.

To choose the best option for you, check out our list of best VPN services.

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