Best TV shows in 2018Who’s a fan of the most popular and best TV shows in 2018? Hands up! Right, the majority of internet-dwellers. One of the best things about the 21st century is undoubtedly the variety of TV shows we can entertain ourselves with. Agree?

Of course, life isn’t just about our love for virtual pleasures. Sometimes, you’re kind of forced to get up from your couch to buy some more snacks for the next episode of your favorite show. On-demand media streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu never stop expanding their repertoire. It’s hard to keep up with all the best TV shows and the new releases as well.

You could easily spend 36 hours a day in front of your screen, and even that wouldn’t be enough. However, there can be severe obstacles stopping you from being able to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. No, it’s not the fact that a day consists of only 24 hours when you need at least 36. Unfortunately, we’re talking about your location.

How can your location be an issue when it comes to the best TV shows on the planet? Let us dig deeper to explain how to watch the best TV shows when they’re not available at your location, and what these best TV shows are in 2018.

How to watch the best TV shows

Certain factors can stop you from watching your favorite TV shows. As you may know, media centers have rigorous detection systems to filter out unauthorized users. Namely, ones using proxies and unblockers like VPNs. It’s understandable from their angle; they have to comply with copyright laws and deals.

Regional restrictions and web content censorship can be a pain in the you-know-what for users all around the world. Don’t even dream about watching the Netflix US catalog if you live in China, Iran, or Saudi Arabia. At least, that’s the deal normally. But we’re here to provide you with a solution and not to put you down. Because, if you choose your VPN service right, you can watch your TV shows wherever you are on the planet.

Why use a VPN

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) services have something magical about them: they can spoof your IP address and bypass geo-restrictions. Well, we can’t claim that all VPN apps can circumvent the most rigorous detection. But many of the main competitors do their best to provide you with the possibility to access your favorite media centers and TV shows.

A decent VPN offers you anonymity and security while online. But what you mostly need to watch the best TV shows is a VPN that can bypass the detection of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the others. And then, of course, there’s the question of speed and latency. In any case, you need to make sure you purchase the best VPN for your needs.

Who needs a VPN to watch TV shows

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: the use of VPN software doesn’t mean you don’t need a valid subscription for any of the media streamers. Hopefully, you don’t believe that a VPN solution can magically create an account for Netflix or the other big guns. Still, it’s important for us to mention this before anyone is misled.

You basically can’t live without a VPN if:

  • you live in a country where you have geo-restricted TV show catalogs
  • you are a traveler
  • you temporarily live in another country
  • you live in China or another censorship-friendly country
  • you are a political activist in hiding, but you’re also a fan of films

If any of these above points match your situation, you probably can’t watch the best TV shows on demand. We hope our website can help you choose the best VPN for your streaming purposes.

And now, let’s see what the 18 best TV shows are in 2018. Get your VPN ready and start streaming!

18 Best TV shows in 2018

You know, this is probably one of the toughest lists to put together. With the flood of new seasons and new series emerging, there’s no easy way to rank or even to select the best TV shows. So, we didn’t even try that – to rank them that is.

We tried to figure out what the most popular shows were in 2018 from several sources and on multiple streaming services. This list could easily contain 100 shows. And, we could make several other and different ones based on other aspects. Maybe next time.

So, let’s see now what the most watched and, in this sense, the best TV shows were in 2018.

Friends, Seasons 1-10 (Netflix, Prime)

Best TV shows in 2018 Friends

Grey’s Anatomy, Seasons 1-15 (Netflix, Prime, Hulu)

Best TV shows in 2018 Grey's Anatomy

13 Reasons Why, Seasons 1-2 (Netflix, Prime)

Best TV shows in 2018 13 Reasons Why

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Seasons 1-4 (Netflix, Prime, Hulu)

Best TV shows in 2018 Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The 100, Seasons 1-5 (Netflix, Prime)

Best TV shows in 2018 The 100

The Big Bang Theory, Seasons 1-11 (Netflix, Prime)

Best TV shows in 2018 The Big Bang Theory

Game of Thrones, Seasons 1-7 (Prime)

Best TV shows in 2018 Game of Thrones

Daredevil, Seasons 1-3 (Netflix, Prime)

Best TV shows in 2018 Daredevil

Sense8, Seasons 1-2 (Netflix)

Best TV shows in 2018 Sense8

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Season 1 (Netflix)

Best TV shows in 2018 Sabrina

Stranger Things 1-2 (Netflix)

Best TV shows in 2018 Stranger Things

House of Cards, Seasons 1-6 (Netflix, Prime)

Best TV shows in 2018 House of Cards

Black Mirror, Seasons 3-4 (Netflix)

Best TV shows in 2018 Black Mirror

Patriot, Seasons 1-2 (Prime)

Best TV shows in 2018 Patriot

Bosch, Season 1-4 (Prime)

Best TV shows in 2018 Bosch

11.22.63, Season 1 (Hulu, Prime)

Best TV shows in 2018 11.22.63

Dimension 404, Season 1 (Hulu)

Best TV shows in 2018 Dimension 404

The Mindy Project, Seasons 1-6 (Hulu, Prime)

Best TV shows in 2018 The Mindy Project

What were your favorite TV shows in 2018? Share with us if you can’t find them in this list. Just leave a comment below.