Updated 12.21.2018

It’s Christmas time again when we all get together with our families and friends to spend quality time. And even if someone is far away, modern technologies allow us to get in touch with each other — not only by calling but also by video-calling. Seeing your children a picture of yourself from the other side of the world and sending greetings really helps to create the feeling of togetherness. Unfortunately, the same technologies that help reunite families can also be used to hurt them. There are many dangers lurking online nowadays, and many of them can be circumvented by using a VPN service.

How to protect your family from online dangers

A VPN helps your privacy and anonymity by creating an encrypted tunnel between you and the VPN server. This way, nobody can snoop on your traffic, meaning your passwords and credit card numbers remain safe.

VPN also hides your true IP address, making your actions almost impossible to track on the web. Without your IP address, it’s also tough to determine your exact location, and you will virtually exist in the country of the VPN server you’re connected to. This also gives many derivative benefits, such as the ability to access geo-restricted content from the libraries of Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more.

Best Christmas deals for VPNs in 2018

As all Black Friday deals are gone, here’s your last chance this year to grab a VPN that will help you protect your family. We’re using the word “family” for a reason – our focus in this article is to provide a solution for groups of people, not individuals, so features like the number of simultaneous connections or a dedicated app for routers were rated highly when creating this best VPN Christmas deals 2018 list.

Most of the deals give you a significant discount only when subscribing for at least one year, so naturally, not everyone will want to commit to a service they’ve never tried before. Luckily, we have already covered all of the VPNs on this list. You can read our reviews to learn more and see if they will fit your needs. And even if you reconsider after buying, all of these VPNs have a money-back guarantee. Most providers offer 30 days, and while there are some that give only seven, one sets a high mark with a 45-day money-back period. Read on to learn about each VPN Christmas deals 2018 offer in detail.

Express VPN Christmas offer (ended)

Express VPN Christmas offer

Our top-ranked VPN provider’s offer of 3 months free has ended. And those who did not miss it can consider themselves pretty lucky. Nowadays it’s hard to find a VPN pricing plan that would include more than 12 months. So getting one from ExpressVPN was a real Christmas gift. This special deal included three months for free, allowing to save 49%, paying $6.67/month.

NordVPN Christmas deal is a standout among VPN discounts

NordVPN Christmas deal

NordVPN is our #2 VPN provider, but its deal for Christmas 2018 might be #1. We’re talking about a three-year plan for only $2.99/month! That saves you a whopping 75% and should be considered even if you may not like spending $107.55 in one go. But if you’re looking for a VPN to be used not on some one-week trip to China but for the upcoming future, there’s no way you will be spending less than that for a top-notch VPN service. What is more, the deal comes with Nord’s standard 30-day money-back guarantee. And if your doubts are really high, here’s a way to get a free NordVPN trial for seven days and see if it suits all your needs.

Ivacy VPN blasts them all off with a 5-year plan


Just when we thought that the times of long and good VPN pricing plans are gone, NordVPN gave us a lucrative 3-year deal. And when we thought that this would be the pinnacle among best Christmas deals in 2018, Ivacy VPN blasted in with a 5-year plan that’s so ridiculous it seems to be more suitable for April’s Fool day than Christmas.

Nevertheless, this Ivacy VPN plan exists, just like Santa. You just need to wait for a popup at Ivacy.com to access it. Named the Ivacy Lifetime VPN Plan, it costs $1.34/month, allowing customers to save 87% which is plainly insane when we’re talking about a Top 5 product. The sum in total is just $80, and if you suddenly feel that you’ve made a big mistake by committing yourself to a period that’s longer than the Olympiad, you’ll have a month’s time to get your money back.

If that alone wasn’t enough, Ivacy is adding a free one-year subscription to Sticky Password Premium plan worth $29.99! This critically-acclaimed password manager is a nice addition to your online security package.

CyberGhost’s 79% off is one of the biggest VPN discounts

CyberGhost VPN Christmas deal 2018

As the heading says, CyberGhost VPN offers a huge discount outmatched only by a few providers mentioned in this article. While heavily promoting its new 7.0 client version, CyberGhost is willing to ask for a mere $2.75/month for a 3-year plan. This means you’ll have to pay $99 in advance, but with a 45-day money-back guarantee you’ll have plenty of time to reconsider. Although we doubt you will as CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs overall.

PrivateVPN special Christmas deal: 12 Months + 24 Months extra!

Private VPN special Christmas deal

Here’s another hard-to-resist Christmas 2018 VPN plan for you: you can get PrivateVPN for three years while paying for 12 months only. It translates to a total of $72. In other words, that’s an insane 82% discount, leaving you to pay a mere two bucks per month.

This offer is slightly worse than Ivacy’s, allowing to save “only” 82%. But it also has a 30-day money-back guarantee which we doubt you’ll use after selecting one of the best overall VPN services. Not often do premium VPN providers offer such lucrative long-term deals. Seeing how monthly base prices rise each year, we don’t think there’s any reason to wait for the next significant discount.

Surfshark VPN offers a jaw-dropping deal (ends soon)

Surfshark VPN christmas deal 2018

Although Surfshark customer support told us that a new Christmas offer was coming, we were more than happy with their Black Friday deal price staying intact. For $1.99/month you get a 2-year deal, allowing you to save 83% from the original price. The total sum you need to pay is only $47.76. Again, the 30-day money-back guarantee is there, ready to serve as the legal ground for your full refund.

But what really makes the Surfshark VPN Christmas deal standout is the call for aiding the ocean. You can donate any sum to help fight plastic pollution, and Surfshark will double it. If that’s not what Christmas is about, then we don’t know what is.

This is one of the few deals that have a strict deadline. December 24, 23:59 is the last chance to score this year.

Please read our review to learn more about Surfshark VPN.

IPVanish invites to protect all your devices for $3.74/month (ends soon)

IPVanish VPN Christmas deal 2018

Yet another late bloomer, IPVanish enters the Christmas discount arena with a naughty 69% off for its two-year plan. While their money-back guarantee is for seven days only, that will be enough for you to see if it unblocks Netflix or works in China, as these two are the only serious cons of this otherwise fine VPN.

IPVanish Christmas offer ends at 11:59 pm UTC on January 1, 2019, and applies to new customers only.

HideMyAss! reveals their Christmas deal – 75% off

HideMyAss! Christmas deal 2018

While the price of the regular 2-year plan of HideMyAss! (HMA!) was already looking good at $4.99/month but since it’s snowballing sales time, you can get it for $2.99/month only, which is 75% off the regular monthly price. The regular 30-day money-back guarantee applies to this heavily discounted plan, but it remains to be seen how long will it take before it’s thawed. That’s why we recommend checking it out now. If you don’t like the service, you’ll get your money back by canceling at any point within the first month.

TunnelBear VPN unwraps a discounted bigger bear

TunnelBear VPN Christmas deal 2018

While according to this VPN provider the grizzly is the biggest bear, when it comes to Christmas discounts, there’s not much to brag about. Before the Holiday season, the regular price of the Grizzly plan (1 year, unlimited data) was $5/month or 50% off. During this not-to-be-missed Holiday sale, you can grab Grizzly for $4.17/month or 8% off of the regular price. If we didn’t like their pictures, this deal probably wouldn’t even be here.

Would you rather save now with SaferVPN or pay more?

SaferVPN Christmas deal 2018

That’s a question from SaferVPN this Christmas. Here’s what’s at stake: either you grab an exclusive 3-year plan for $2.29/month and save 80% or lose it for the foreseeable future. The regular 2-year deal is also only $2.99/month or 73% off instead of $3.29, while a 1-year offer is $4.99/month or 55% off. The offer has the familiar 9-hour expiration clock which can be reset by clearing your browser cache. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about not having time to consider the offer. And if you choose to try it, you will be eligible for a solid 30-day money-back guarantee.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited offers a solid 50% off for all plans

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Christmas deal 2018

We will not skip the chance to state the obvious – KeepSolid’s 50% off looks like one of the most modest offers this Christmas. But it all changes when you see that this applies not only to the long-term plans (except the Lifetime), but also for the monthly version, which is now $4.99/month instead of $9.99/month. Of course, if you want to strike gold, choose the three-year plan and save an otherworldy 94% – there’s no other discount that’s so big. Turning this into dollars means $1.39/month or $49.99 in one batch. Is there anything else to add? Yes, a 7-day money-back guarantee.

VPN Unlimited pricing plans differ from most of the competition in that they have two versions – one for 5 devices, and one for 10 to connect simultaneously. While the first one should suffice one person, those who are planning to share their account details with friends or family members should consider taking the ten devices option.

Bonus: when you’ll be about to leave VPN Unlimited website without converting, you may get an Ivacy-esque 5-year plan offer for $99.99! We’ll let you do the math here.

PureVPN writes “88% off” in the snow and then winks at you

Short spoiler-free version: just visit purevpn.com

Long version (spoilers ahead!): imagine loading a website of a VPN provider to check for some Christmas 2018 deals. Instantaneously you get blown away by an 88% off for a 5-year deal at $1.32/month, labeled “The LOWEST PRICE Ever!”.

PureVPN Christmas deal 2018

PureVPN is well-known for its bold declarations but what was new to us is their attempt to blow us away for the second time with a pop-up secret offer that turns the initial 88% into an eye-popping 89%! Counting in dollars, or should we say cents, it’s $1.15/month or naughty $69 instead of $81 in one batch.

With a 31-day money-back guarantee, PureVPN’s Christmas deal for 2018 is worth giving a try if you’re not into security and more about low prices and speed.

Which of the VPN Christmas deals is the best?

While it’s easy to determine the VPN with the biggest discount (Ivacy VPN) or the smallest monthly payment (Surfshark VPN), first you have to see if it really fits your needs. All of the VPNs mentioned above are standouts: some are faster, some are more secure, and some are very easy to use while also having helpful 24/7 live chat support. When it comes to security and privacy of your family, you want the best possible option. And because ExpressVPN has no Christmas plan yet, our vote goes to NordVPN, which has all the tools to make you stick with it long-term.

Do you agree with our recommendations? Have you found better Christmas VPN discounts? Let us know in the comments below!