The long-awaited bout between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov is now part of UFC history. What lies ahead is the UFC 230 heavyweight title match – Cormier vs Lewis, which might prove even more entertaining.

The challenger Derrick Lewis is not someone who gives 100% during workouts, yet he is sure to give 100% in the upcoming fight for the UFC heavyweight title. The sheer strength and knockout ability allow Lewis to pose a serious challenge for the defending champion. Daniel Cormier is a double belt holder who will step into the ring to defend the title after a KO victory in UFC 226 against Stipe Miocic.

MMA lovers all over the world will be watching UFC 230 live this Saturday, November 3 10:00pm, to see if “DC” will remain the reigning heavyweight champion or if “The Black Beast” will rip away the belt and put it on for the first time in his career. What is more, the Weidman vs Souza fight is labeled as the co-main event since both fighters are popular and known for their MMA prowess. So what is the best way to stream UFC 230 Lewis vs Cormier live?

What are the ways to watch UFC 230?

watch UFC 230

Cormier vs Lewis or any other UFC fight can be accessed using one of the following methods:

  • Streaming via Pay-per-view using UFC Fight Pass
  • Watching a TV network that broadcasts the particular event

The problem is that neither of these methods work across the globe. So even if UFC Fight Pass can be used almost anywhere, you will not be able to access pay-per-view fights in some regions. And the most important fights, like Lewis vs Cormier, are always pay-per-view. If that wasn’t enough, the price of each pay-per-view varies based on your location.

The situation with TV broadcasts is not much better. The networks that get the broadcasting rights to the main event will use geo-blocking to prevent you from watching UFC if your country is not on their list.

So is there a way to stream UFC 230 from a country where the event is unavailable? Yes, there is. And for that you need a virtual private network, or “VPN.”

How to watch UFC 230 Cormier vs Lewis online with a VPN?

The restrictions for watching UFC 230 are country-based, which means you have to hide your true location and pretend to be someplace else, where UFC 230 is available for streaming.

The most effective way to hide your location is to use a VPN, which can change your IP address. The IP shows your physical location, so if you change it by connecting to a VPN server in the US, technically you also end up in the Land of the Free, with the same rights to watch Lewis vs Cormier live.

Which VPN is the best for streaming UFC 230 live?

stream UFC 230 Cormier vs Lewis with VPN

As you probably know already, there are more than a few VPNs at your service. Most of them offer great security, fast speed, 24/7 live support, and the best prices, so picking the right one can be tricky indeed. That’s why we’re here to help you out.

The two most important things to have in mind is the overall connection quality (speed, latency, and server load) and the ability to bypass geo-blocking. There are many great VPNs on our best of list, but for streaming UFC 230 live, we suggest either ExpressVPN or NordVPN. The latter might be more interesting in the short-term as it offers a 3-day trial, which should be enough to see if you can unblock access to UFC 230 and actually stream the main event.

Both VPNs offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you might want to save the subscription for UFC 231 by taking NordVPN’s free trial because buying a VPN for UFC 230 means the money-back guarantee will expire before December 8th. Alternatively, you can try CyberGhost VPN, which is known for its generous 45-day money-return policy.

Remember: with a free VPN, you’re always in big danger of compromising your privacy and anonymity.

How to find the cheapest UFC 230 TV Pass for the Lewis vs Cormier match?

Most UFC fans will know that the US price of the UFC TV Pay-per-view is $64.99. But some of them still don’t know that the prices vary greatly depending on the location. For example, in Hong Kong, the main event is only $25. In Europe, the Germans can rejoice as they pay less than $21.

And a lot of fans (too many, to be frank) know there is also a no-price option, formulated in this sad paragraph:

Due to broadcast restrictions, this video is not available within a UFC® FIGHT PASS™ subscription or as a pay-per-view in your region. Please check your local TV listings for viewing information. This event is currently blacked out in your region.

This is also what the local fans of Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza (who will battle Chris “The All-American” Weidman in the co-main event) see as well. At least the Brazilians are offered an alternative to watch via the local Combate channel.

What about South Wales, rooting for their Jack “The Hammer” Marshman, who will take on Karl “Baby K” Roberson? Again, no pay-per-view in the UK, just an offer to get the BT Sport 2 channel – a network that will stop broadcasting the UFC from December.

Can you get a cheaper UFC 230 Pay-per-view than the one you get now?

So what does it all mean to you, as an MMA fan who wants to get the cheapest UFC 230 TV Pass? It means that you should use a VPN of your choice to connect to a server in the country that offers the cheapest pay-per-view, and buy it.

Just have in mind that if you live far away from the VPN server, your connection speed will be slower. You need approximately 5 Mbps for streaming HD content, therefore, we advise testing your download speed at to see if your download numbers stay above the recommended number.

Cheapest UFC 230 Pay-per-view options

Cheapest UFC 230 option

If neither Germany nor Hong Kong is your neighbor, here are some other options that cost much less compared to the US Pay-per-view:

  • New Zealand: $40.29
  • Mexico: $34.99
  • Argentina: $34.99
  • Hong Kong: $25
  • Germany: $20.34
  • Philippines: $17.16
  • Russia: $15.21

The latter option is probably the cheapest there is, therefore you should look elsewhere only if you live on the other side of the globe from Moscow or St. Petersburg, where VPNs usually have their Russian servers.

Speaking of MMA fans in Asia, the cheapest deal is probably in the Philippines, but there’s only a handful of quality VPNs that have servers there, and even that doesn’t mean you will not get blocked. We were able to reach with Ivacy VPN and Astrill VPN, but the task proved to be too much for ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, IPVanish, and HideMyAss!.

How to watch Cormier vs Lewis UFC 230 for free?

There will certainly be info on Reddit and other sources about ways to see Cormier defend his heavyweight title against Lewis without spending a dime. However, free UFC streaming options have one thing in common – all of them are illegal.

If that’s not enough to stop you, we must warn that commentary might be in a language you don’t expect, and the connection quality will probably be lower than the one offered on Pay-per-view. The same can be said about the actual video quality which might turn from High-definition to No-definition.

Even if the statements above make you think it’s worth giving a try, please be aware that such an illegal stream can stop anytime due to various reasons, starting from the host’s network issues to the stream being found and blocked. Some believe that there’s even people who get a kick out of advertising their illegal stream to gain maximum exposure and then stopping it in the middle of the main fight. Those people are no MMA fans – they are cyberperverts and you should stay away from them.

A step-by-step guide on streaming Lewis vs Cormier online in your location

streaming Lewis vs Cormier online

So far we’ve been discussing only the option of streaming UFC 230 online. The second way of watching Lewis vs Cormier is via cable/satellite TV. The issue with this option is that many TV channels offer an annual contract only. For example, BT Sports will show Lewis vs Cormier for the UK fans of MMA, but you will have to pay at least £35.99 and later learn that this was the last UFC iteration on the BT network.

In the US, DirecTV charges $64.95 for the main event, so the TV option is only viable if you can get a money-back guarantee similar to what VPNs offer. But there’s almost no chance you will be offered a better pay-per-view deal for this UFC 230 event than the one you get by changing your geo-location with a VPN.

So here is a step-by-step-guide on how to stream Lewis vs Cormier online with a VPN and save up to 75%:

  1. Decide on the VPN service you will use. We recommend either ExpressVPN or NordVPN, which are respectively the 1st and 2nd place in our overall VPN rank. Astrill VPN or Ivacy VPN may be the best option if you’re in Asia because they can unblock the Philippines version of
  2. Load the website of your chosen VPN and subscribe. You will have to enter credit card or other payment details, so make sure you are getting the 30-day money-back guarantee (unless you will find the VPN useful in the future, of course). Another option is to do a web search for “NordVPN free trial” and take your three days.
  3. Download your VPN client for Windows, Mac, or any other platform that you would like to stream Cormier vs Lewis on. Just don’t forget that not all VPNs have the same limit of simultaneous connections for one account. For example, ExpressVPN offers three, while NordVPN allows six.
  4. Install and start the VPN client. Enter your login info.
  5. The default VPN connection protocol should do the trick. If your connection lacks speed, you may want to use PPTP or some other faster but less secure protocol.
  6. Choose a server in Russia or the Philippines, two of the cheapest Pay-per-view options for UFC 230.
  7. Visit and buy the Pay-per-view for the UFC 230 main card. You can also grab the UFC Fight pass if you are planning to watch more fights that are not included in the main card.
  8. Wait for November 3, 10:00pm Eastern Time (EST). Connect to the server in the country you bought the Pay-per-view from and start salivating from all that Cormier vs Lewis action.

When does the match between Lewis and Cormier begin?

match between Lewis and Cormier

Early prelims commence at 6:15pm EST. Prelims start at 8:00pm EST. The main card of UFC 230 begins on Saturday, November 3, 10:00pm EST. The event will take place at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

As most fight viewers will be from other time zones, below are the starting times for popular locations:

  • Los Angeles (Pacific Time): 7:00pm
  • Chicago (Central Time): 9:00pm
  • New York (Eastern Time): 10:00pm
  • London (British Standard Time): 3:00am (Sunday)
  • Paris (Central Europe Standard Time): 4:00am (Sunday)
  • Moscow (Moscow Standard Time): 5:00am (Sunday)
  • Tokyo (Japan Standard Time): 11:00am (Sunday)
  • Sydney (Australian Eastern Time): 1:00am (Sunday)

There is no way to tell how long each fight will take, so the start of the heavyweight title bout will depend on the outcome of the other four Main card bouts. This means that if you do not want to miss Cormier vs Lewis, make sure you tune in when the first duel of Brunson vs Adesanya starts at 10:00pm EST.

All duels on the UFC 230 fight card

UFC 230 fight card

Below you will find all UFC 230 duels, starting from the Early prelims.

UFC 230 Fight Pass Early Prelims (6:15pm EST)

  • Matt Frevola (6-0) vs Landon Vannata (9-3-1)
  • Shane Burgos (10-1) vs Kurt Holobaugh (17-5, 1NC)
  • Brian Kelleher (19-9) vs Montel Jackson (6-0)
  • Ruslan Maomedov (14-1) vs Marcos Rogerio De Lima (15-6-1)

UFC 230 Fox Sports 1 Prelims (8:00pm EST)

  • Jason Knight (20-5) vs Jordan Rinaldi (13-6)
  • Sijara Eubanks (4-2) vs Roxanne Modafferi (22-15)
  • Julio Arce (15-2) vs Sheymon Moraes (10-1)
  • Lyman Good (19-4-0, 1NC) vs Ben Saunders (22-10-2)

UFC 230 Main Card (10:00pm EST)

  • Daniel Cormier (21-1, 1NC) vs Derrick Lewis (21-5, 1NC)
  • Chris Weidman (14-3) vs Jacare Souza (25-6-0, 1NC)
  • David Branch (21-4) vs Jared Cannonier (10-4)
  • Karl Roberson (6-1) vs Jack Marshman (22-7)
  • Derek Brunson (18-6) vs Israel Adesanya (14-0)

Do I need to buy the UFC Fight Pass to watch Cormier vs Lewis?

The answer is both yes and no. Some fights like those in UFC 230 Early prelims will be available only for those that have the UFC Fight Pass. The Prelims will be aired on Fox Sports 1 only, so you will not see them even if you have the Fight Pass and have bought the Pay-per-view for the Main card (Cormier vs Lewis and the other four duels).

How to watch UFC 230 Fox Sports 1 (FS1) Prelims without cable?

Yes, the situation is a sad one, and there’s not much you can do about UFC wanting to squeeze every penny out of you. But there is a way to avoid getting a cable subscription to see 100% of UFC 230 this Saturday.

There’s a streaming service named Sling TV that allows you to choose different channel packages, some of which include Fox Sports 1 (which airs the Prelims). The service works only in the US, so you may have to use your VPN to change the location accordingly before subscribing. To make this complicated process even more complicated, Sling TV accepts US credit cards only. Don’t have one? Then purchase a Sling TV gift card with your PayPal account, then head straight to and redeem it. If you haven’t missed any of the above-mentioned steps, you should now be ready to witness everything that happens at UFC 230 this Saturday.

Have questions about the right VPN for streaming Lewis Cormier online? Want to share your predictions for the upcoming heavyweight title fight? Please don’t hesitate and drop us a comment below!