Updated 12.01.2018

After UFC 230, fighting fans started talking about the upcoming boxing match for the WBC heavyweight title – Wilder vs Fury. Not only is the champion belt at stake – both fighters have 0 losses in their professional career, meaning one will learn the bitter taste of defeat on December 1, 2018, at the Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Those who will not be among the 21,000 to fill the arena are already thinking how to watch Wilder vs Fury live online. And if you want to see this long-anticipated bout, you should be thinking about that too. Below you’ll find the best ways to see Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder take on Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury online.

Please have in mind that some of these options are restricted to certain countries, meaning that you may need a virtual private network, or “VPN,” to access them.

Which VPN is the best for streaming Wilder vs Fury?

best VPN for streaming Wilder vs Fury fight

At the moment it’s too early to tell which VPN will be the best fit for streaming Fury vs Wilder, especially because the choice depends on your location. But you can always bet on either ExpressVPN or NordVPN. They both have plenty of servers in the US and the UK, should these remain the only countries where the event will be available. We lean towards the latter option though, as it offers a free 3-day trial that should benefit those interested in watching exclusively Wilder vs Fury. Don’t search for the trial on NordVPN’s website, by the way – Google it.

How to stream Fury vs Wilder using a VPN?

The details of watching Fury vs Wilder with the help of a VPN are not clear just yet, but we will be adding a step-by-step guide when the event organizers shed some more light on the specific channels and prices by country. What we can say already is that you will definitely need a VPN if you’re not in the US or UK at the moment of the fight. That is because of the geo-blocking, which makes certain websites and services not available in your country. This is where a good VPN can help you mask your real IP address and make the streaming service believe you’re in an eligible country.

Streaming Wilder vs Fury for free online

Many sports fans know of illegal streams. It won’t be different with Fury vs Wilder, and you should easily find links on Reddit and other sources. As we cannot stop you from breaking the law, we must warn about the possible legal consequences if you get caught trying to stream Fury vs Wilder for free. But what’s also important for every boxing fan is the quality of the stream itself. There is no guarantee that an illegal source claiming to show full HD will do just that or that the quality will not deteriorate in the second round when it might be too late to look for an alternative stream.

Most shady popular event streams are populated by dubious banners and links, clicking which might end with your PC catching some nasty malware. Next thing you know, there’s genitalia popping up all over your screen. Last but not least – an illegal stream might disconnect at the worst possible time, leaving you to stare at a blank screen as if you’ve been KO’d. So what’s the point of waiting for months and then seeing only a portion?

Watching Fury vs Wilder live in the US

In the US, the broadcasting rights of this heavyweight boxing event belong to Showtime. The fight will be available on their pay-per-view platform. The price of the event is $74.99, and it includes all four main duels. The Showtime app supports Android and Apple devices (Apple TV 4th generation included), along with Amazon Fire TV. Alternatively, the fight can be streamed via Showtime’s official website.

Showtime is a great option for those who don’t need cable or any additional services. That’s why the price starts from $10.99/month, with a 7-day trial. But they do have another offer for boxing aficionados. On November 17, Showtime’s three-part series “ALL ACCESS: Wilder vs. Fury” became available.

You could get the documentary for free using the 7-day free trial of Showtime, available in the US only. Therefore, to access it from outside the country, you will need a VPN. But your woes don’t end here, as you will need a legit US credit card to pay for your service.

The alternative to paying for “ALL ACCESS: Wilder vs. Fury” with a US credit card is to redeem a Showtime Gift Card. Unfortunately, this is also not the best option because these gift cards can only be bought in retail stores, like Walmart or BestBuy. So what we’re left with is PayPal that also has to be registered in the United States.

Sling TV and other ways to access Fury vs Wilder in the US and beyond

Some of you might be already using Sling TV or another service. So it might make sense for you to pay for the Showtime channel to access Fury vs Wilder content, not available via PPV. For those who will be registering for the first time, please have in mind that most options work in the US only. This means you should use the VPN to buy the access and stream the bout on December 1.

How to watch Showtime using Sling TV

There’s a streaming service called Sling TV, which allows you to choose different TV channel packages. At the moment, Showtime remains the only channel that will be streaming Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder. While the subscription itself cost $40, adding Showtime to your Sling TV is $10 extra, not to mention the PPV price. On the other hand, you get a 7-day trial of Showtime, so that can save you ten bucks. Just have in mind that you won’t be able to use the free trial next time.

DirecTV Now users can watch Wilder vs Fury

For an additional $8 you can get Showtime channel, but the main card will require PPV, obviously. If you have never subscribed to the channel, you can also get a whole month of trial.

PlayStation Vue is not a cheap option for streaming Fury vs Wilder

This option is only for hardcore PlayStation fans who want to see the fight without getting away from their console. That is because PlayStation Vue charges from $45/month and steals $8 more for Showtime itself. And no, none of this includes the PPV price.

There are cheaper options to watch Wilder vs Fury than YouTube TV

Google employees might be forced to use this method of streaming Wilder vs Fury content, but others will not be amused by an offer to pay $40/month for the service and extra $11 for Showtime, which will stream only additional content of this event. For the actual Wilder vs Fury fight, you will still have to buy PPV.

Stream Wilder vs Fury on fuboTV

This is another option that requires a valid US credit card to purchase. You will also need a VPN if you’re not located in the US at the moment of purchase, and most certainly, at the moment of the fight. Luckily, fuboTV offers a free trial that can include Showtime add-on.

Watch Fury vs Wilder on Hulu

For this you will also need a legit US credit card. The good news is that Hulu has a free trial and also the Live TV option which you will need to watch Wilder vs Fury. Just don’t forget to cancel your subscription after the fight, as this happens more often than it should.

How to watch Fury vs Wilder in the UK and Ireland

men watching wilder vs fury fight on tv

For viewers in the United Kingdom, there’s a new pay-per-view channel called BT Sport Box Office and it will be broadcasting this super-fight. The boxing fans might already know this channel from the Canelo Alvarez vs GGG rematch. There are three platforms (BT TV, Sky, and Virgin Media) where the channel is accessible, along with the option to access via the BT Sport Box Office website or the app. The price of Wilder vs Fury in the UK is $25.5, almost three times lower compared to the Showtime’s PPV for the US market.

As per BT Sport Box Office’s FAQ, the event will not available on the BT Sport app, meaning you will have to download the dedicated one.

Fury vs Wilder on Sky TV

For this method, you will need a Sky box and a Sky viewing card. It’s great if you already own the package, but if you’re not, you are facing a minimum £20 ($25.5) per month with an 18-month term. This is not something a person wishing only to see Wilder fight Fury would consider.

Fury vs Wilder on BT TV

Customers with a BT TV subscription will be able to see the event after additionally purchasing BT Sport Box Office access. Sadly, the situation for one-time viewers is even worse. The starter package costs £35.99 ($46) and also has a minimum 18-month term.

Fury vs Wilder on Virgin Media

Here the minimum plan is £32/month ($41/month) for one year, but it’s not yet clear whether this plan will be enough to watch Fury vs Wilder live. However, contrary to Sky TV and BT TV, Virgin Media offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. Current customers should find more information on the set-top box. Everybody else will have to wait for Virgin Media to update their website.

Accessing Wilder vs Fury from BT Sport Box Office

Watching the title fight from BT Sport Box Office website or by using the official app is probably the best option for those who don’t have a big screen at home. All major platforms are supported (PC, Mac, Android, iOS) and the payment options include credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) and also the mobile carrier.

Wilder vs Fury: how to stream the fight in Ireland

Boxing fans in Ireland also have an option to stream this title bout. For Sky+ HD and Sky Q box owners, the PPV will be available with the help of eir sport. You will be requested to enter your Sky viewing card number before the purchase. You can find your Sky+ HD number by pressing Services on your remote and then choosing Option 3. Sky Q box has the number in Settings > System Information.

Watching the fight between Wilder and Fury in Australia

Set to start right at noon, the main event is available to those in Australia via the PPV channel named… Main Event. The price is $49.95, falling between the UK and the US options. Main Event (this applies both to the channel and the fight) is offered by two providers, either Foxtel or Optus TV featuring Foxtel. While the latter allows ordering by the phone only, the former gives you plenty of additional options to pay for the Wilder vs Fury fight:

  • Via remote. You can place the order by using the remote control if you have your IQ box connected to the internet. Just press On demand or Box office, choose Rentals and follow the menu.
  • Via an app. If you don’t have MyFoxtel app already, just download it for your Android or Apple device. Then log in with your Foxtel ID, tap the Store icon, and follow the instructions.
  • Via the website. Go to foxtel.com.au and log in with your Foxtel ID. At the top right, you will find your name. The menu should allow you to click My Account. From there, go to the My Package block and choose Store & Main Event. There you will be able to choose the Main Event.

Streaming Fury vs Wilder in France

CANAL+ will be broadcasting the heavyweight title in France and Monaco. While the broadcast is really cheap ($23) compared to the US prices, the price you will be paying for the French interpreter to sit next to you is probably higher. If this still sounds like a good idea, go to Canal.fr and grab the one-month basic package. Just don’t forget to choose a VPN server in France before.

When will the Fury vs Wilder duel start?

Fury vs Wilder date

The exact time when the main fight starts is always tricky to determine because there is no way to predict how long the undercard will take.

Most sports writers believe the fight will commence in two or three hours after the official start at 9:00 pm Eastern Time. Here is the list of starting times in different cities across the globe:

  • Los Angeles (PST): 6:00pm, Saturday
  • Phoenix (MST): 7:00pm, Saturday
  • Chicago (CST): 8:00pm, Saturday
  • New York (EST): 9:00pm, Saturday
  • London (BST): 2:00am, Sunday
  • Paris (CET): 3:00am, Sunday
  • Moscow (MSK): 4:00am, Sunday
  • Tokyo (JST): 10:00am, Sunday
  • Sydney (AET): 12:00pm, Sunday

How does the undercard of Wilder vs Fury look like?

At the moment not all undercard fights are confirmed. Some of them will not be on PPV, so chances are you will be able to watch them live only by subscribing to additional services.

PPV undercard

  • Jarrett Hurd vs Jason Wellborn (IBF/WBA/IBO super welterweight title)
  • Luis Ortiz vs Travis Kauffman (heavyweight)
  • Joe Joyce vs Joe Hanks (heavyweight)
  • Adonis Stevenson vs Oleksandr Gvozdyk (WBC light-heavyweight title), only on Showtime

Additional undercard

  • Julian Williams vs Francisco Castro (cruiserweight)
  • Marsellos Wilder vs David Damore (cruiserweight)
  • Carlos Licona vs Mark Anthony Barriga (vacant IBF minimumweight title)
  • Isaac Lowe vs Lucas Rafael Baez (featherweight)
  • Jesse Rodriguez vs Josue Morales (super bantamweight)
  • Alfredo Angulo vs Fernando Castaneda (light heavyweight)
  • Rober Guerrero vs Adam Mate (welterweight)
  • Chris Arreola vs Maurenzo Smith (heavyweight)

What are the odds of this Wilder vs Fury fight?

At the moment of writing this article, Deontay Wilder is the favorite (-150) with a 60% chance of winning. Winning by KO/TKO is seen as less likely—(125) or 44%.

As for Tyson Fury, he is the underdog (125) in the eyes of bookmakers, having only an approximately 13% chance of knocking out his opponent.

Betting on a draw would be the riskiest move (3300), with odds of such an end at around 3%.

Here at VPNpro.com, we feel that Wilder will add another KO win to his name and remain the WBC boxing champion. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!