There‘s so much exciting sport on TV this summer! Just as the NBA finals ended, the World Football Championship began and is currently in full swing. We almost got a gym membership due to all this fitness-bombarding. But enough about that – there is another major sporting event in our immediate future. Between July 2 and 15, the 2018 Wimbledon Championships will bring us non-stop tennis! But is it possible to watch Wimbledon 2018 online for free?

For those who are unaware of what Wimbledon is yet are, inexplicably, on this page – let’s learn a few things. Wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. Its first edition was held in 1877 at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London, back when the capital of England was still the political and cultural center of the world. A lot has changed since then, but Wimbledon is not one of those things. As glass took over from concrete and television gave way to the internet, Wimbledon would still be played at the same venue, on the same outdoors grass surface, and still dressed in white right down to the underwear. There’s something comforting about this kind of stability, that couldn’t care less about the twists and turns of history. We all need a bit of Wimbledon in our lives!

Wimbledon tournament history

That’s what brings us here today: “how to watch Wimbledon 2018 online?” is the question we had on our minds over the past few days, and then the question grew even more daring – “how to watch Wimbledon 2018 online for free?” After all, the tournament itself may not have changed much, but the way we experience it certainly has. Sure, you can pay ESPN or whoever bought the viewing rights in your country, but surely that’s pointless when you can find a free live stream? Let’s try to answer these nagging questions!

Live streaming Wimbledon 2018

Wimbledon Live streaming
If you live in the UK – you’re in luck, because Wimbledon 2018 will appear on TV at no additional cost. You can just tune in to BBC One or BBC Two and enjoy the flight of the yellow balls. Alternatively, you can live stream Wimbledon through the BBC iPlayer, where they even have a 4K stream planned for this year. You’d best come prepared for that delicious HD!

That’s easy, but what should you do if you’re somewhere else in the world? You’ve got a few options, but let’s focus on the best one.

BBC iPlayer is awesome, there’s no question. The problem is this: the BBC is free for taxpayers in the UK, and it doesn’t want to extend that privilege beyond national borders. In order to prevent users outside the UK from watching, BBC iPlayer uses geo-blocking measures. Put simply, the site takes your IP address and uses it to determine where you are based. If that happens to be outside the UK – good luck watching anything!

UK postcode

This is the hardest part, but it’s not the only issue. Recently, BBC iPlayer has been asking you to sign up and log in on the site before being allowed to watch. Here’s the catch – when you register, you’ll have to enter an email address, a name and surname, and a valid UK postcode. We’re sure Google will help you get past this step.

VPN – the key to free live streams

vpn for bbc iplayer

So, how do you get through all that geo-blocking of BBC iPlayer? Remember – the way the site determines whether you’re a rightful viewer is by looking up your IP address. Now all you need to do to watch Wimbledon online free is a UK IP address. No problem there – just get a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

A (good) VPN works as a substitute for your ISP – it gives you all the same infrastructure, including a DNS network, and, more importantly, an IP. Latter-day VPN services have servers all over the globe, so you can make the internet think you’re actually somewhere else. For example, in the UK. Before you go and buy the first VPN you find on Google, hear us out.

Wimbledon 2018 online free

Streaming services like BBC iPlayer are aware of VPNs and have done a lot of work to make them useless. The absolute majority of VPN services on the market will not help you bypass the geo-blocking measures of BBC iPlayer. But worry not, a few have been able to stay ahead of the curve and will still let you watch Wimbledon online free.

Which VPN services will let us watch Wimbledon 2018 online?


expressvpn for live streamOne of the top VPN services overall, ExpressVPN will get you watching Wimbledon 2018 online in no time. This is a tool that’s revered for the level of security and privacy it provides. Accessing geo-blocked material is a minor note in ExpressVPN’s resume. Their network consists of 2,000+ servers spread out across 94 countries. If you’re worried about your connection speed suffering – relax, ExpressVPN is very fast!

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nordvpn for live streamIt’s a coinflip between ExpressVPN and NordVPN – both offer very similar goodies and both are top-notch. NordVPN is slightly more secure due to powerful bonus features, but that also makes it a bit slower. That said, you can’t be very slow with 4,500+ servers across 62 countries! NordVPN is a good answer if you’re aiming to stream Wimbledon 2018 online for free. It can actually do so much more! Hint: ever heard of Netflix?

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cyberghost for live streamIf we consider the overall picture, the Romania-based CyberGhost is a step below (in terms of security, speed, and features). However, if your only goal is to watch Wimbledon 2018 online, CyberGhost is as good as the others!

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You have a VPN – what now?

Whichever VPN service you end up choosing, the procedure will be similar. Our advice is to make sure everything works right away – you wouldn’t want technical issues to interfere with your Wimbledon finals!

  • Launch the VPN application.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the UK. If you have ExpressVPN, click the “Choose Location” button and search for any United Kingdom location. The “Speed Test” will help you pick the fastest one. With NordVPN it’s even simpler – just click the UK pin on the map and the app will connect automatically! CyberGhost is also very easy to use – click “Choose my VPN server” and find one in the UK.
  • Et voilà! You’ve secured your Wimbledon finals!

What are you waiting for? Watch Wimbledon 2018 online for free!

Wimbledon 2017 scores offered exciting storylines: Garbine Muguruza winning her first Wimbledon finals, and Roger Federer winning his record 8th. What will the green grass of The All English Club bring this year? A good VPN will let you know as soon as the action unfolds!

Have you tried it? Does it work? Leave us a comment below!