Putlocker is an index of TV shows and movies that helps find and stream content online. After the original site was shut down in the UK, multiple mirror sites emerge all over the internet with the name Putlocker. In this article, we’ll discuss the legal and safety concerns that you should know before using this service.

Is Putlocker safe?

You should be safe when using Putlocker if you don’t forget to follow these rules:

  • Avoid clicking on any of the popup ads
  • Stop forced redirects that happen quite often
  • Never download anything from these websites

Without following these rules, it’ll be very difficult for an average user to surf a Putlocker site safely. Even an accidental click on any of the pop-ups or redirected sites can download malware onto your system before you can do anything. In most cases, you will not even notice the hidden download process.

Also, website hosts have access to your IP address and other information such as your location. Since we don’t know who is actually hosting these sites, our personal data can be at risk of being misused. So, we recommend security software like VPNs and ad blockers before you access Putlocker websites to make sure you stay safe.

Is Putlocker legal?

In countries like Canada and Switzerland, it’s legal to stream pirated content. However, it’s still illegal to host pirated content there. So, the legal liability would fall on the hosting site, i.e., Putlocker and other websites that provide them with content.

In some countries like the US and those in the EU, it’s illegal to watch pirated content. So, the end user is also vulnerable to legal action in this case. This means that unless you are adequately able to mask your internet presence, it’s not recommended for you to visit any Putlocker website while in these countries.

However, Putlocker can also utilise legal loopholes. As they don’t host files on their own servers, they can be considered legal in certain countries with looser piracy laws. As long as you have adequate protection to hide your true identity, you shall not run into any trouble when accessing Putlocker websites from anywhere in the world.

How do websites like Putlocker work?

Putlocker hosts several external links that contain media files such as TV Shows and Movies. You can find all the available links for most TV shows and Movies. However, none of the files available are on the Putlocker server; instead, third parties host them, and Putlocker links you to them.

Legal issues often cause Putlocker websites to migrate to other URLs which are similar to their last ones but slightly different. Since all the files are on third-party servers, changing the URL has no impact on the content that is available on these websites.

However, nothing free is ever without cost. Putlocker has had many issues with their website including being riddled with popup ads, many of which contain harmful malware. Sometimes, you might even end up seeing multiple ads for a single video which can make Putlocker and the streaming services it links to quite a bit annoying.

Using a VPN to stream content safely

A VPN protects all of your data by routing it through a secure server and encrypting all the traffic that goes out. What this means is that none of your information such as the network that you are using, your system, and your location will be at risk since the server that you are accessing will not be able even to see your actual IP address. Instead, all that will be visible is the information of the VPN server that you are using to connect.

Recommended VPN for Putlocker

VPN services provide an extra layer of security that is necessary when browsing websites such as Putlocker since no one has that much information about them. Using a VPN should be considered mandatory when you are browsing the web, or at least when you are using Putlocker.

We recommend Nord VPN since it is by far the most secure VPN out there. It has many security features including bank-grade encryption and a kill switch, which protects your privacy in case of a connection or a power loss.

You can also access Putlocker if it is blocked in your country using a VPN. Similarly, if you are in a country where it is illegal to stream pirated content, a VPN would protect your identity and possibly protect you from any law enforcement organization. All in all, you cannot go wrong with using a VPN, and we recommend to turn on NordVPN whenever you visit Putlocker.