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The most popular Plex plugins you absolutely need

Most popular Plex plugins

Plex is a media server that allows you to organize your content into an easy, attractive library that’s accessible from anywhere on the web. However, without plugins, Plex has only a fraction of its features available. For that reason, we’ve done our research to find you 12 Plex plugins that still work and will superpower your media server.

Protect your Plex plugins with a VPN

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with your Plex plugins has a load of benefits to help improve your experience and keep you safe online. A VPN works by encrypting your data and hiding your IP address, which is good for helping to keep you anonymous online, on the web or anytime you’re connected.

As part of this, VPNs are also great at getting around geo-blocks, whereby certain content or channels are restricted based on what city or country you are in.

With a VPN, you can get around those restrictions effectively, meaning you’ll be able to use your Plex plugins to their full effect with all the options. We’ve already written about the best VPN solutions for Plex, but we can safely say that NordVPN takes the cake because of its combination of features, price, easy setup, and support for Android, iOS, Mac, and more.

VPNpro rating: 9.6 / 10

With that in mind, let’s dive into our best plugins for Plex list you absolutely need to install.

Top 12 most popular Plex apps

Below is the list of 15 most popular Plex apps that you should definitely check to get the most out of your media server.

Plex plugin - WebTools

1. Web Tools (Unsupported AppStore)

The first stop in your Plex plugin journey would be to get the Web Tools plugin. It will allow you to access the Unsupported AppStore from where you can easily download most of your plugins instead of using GitHub. You will also find loads of unofficial Plex channels and user-generated content there.

You can log in to Unsupported AppStore using your Plex Media Server username and password.

Plex plugin - Kitana

2. Kitana

Kitana, an essential plugin, was created after Plex decided to remove plugins from both Media Player and Server applications. While it’s still possible to sideload Plex plugins, doing that requires some effort. With Kitana, any user can install, manage, and delete other plugins using a web-based frontend even from a mobile device.

The plugin is being updated regularly, but if Plex stops supporting sideloading, this will be the fatal end for Kitana as well. That includes all other plugins that don’t have their own GUI.

Plex plugin - Sub-Zero

3. Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero is a Plex plugin that helps ensure you don’t encounter common problems with subtitles ever again. It expands Plex’s mediocre subtitles library by also gathering up subtitles from the Top 9 sources. Sub-Zero can even generate subtitles for you and also allows uploading .srt files manually.

This plugin helps to solve those annoying problems that subtitles enthusiasts often get: bad spelling, strange glitches, and subs that run out of sync with the movie. It also finds which content lacks subtitles and provides customization options, such as removing HI tags. If this is something you often experience – and naturally hate – we highly recommend you get Sub-Zero for Plex.

Plex plugin - Bazarr

4. Bazarr

Bazarr plugin is often seen as a successor for Sub-Zero, and rightfully so. After Plex decided to kill all plugins, Sub-Zero creator decided to join Bazarr to continue helping with subtitle download. It supports 25+ subtitle providers, which is much more than Sub-Zero does and downloads missing or updated files in different languages.

Using Bazarr is easy – you just have to scan your Plex library for subtitle files (both internal and external). After that, the plugin will fetch the missing ones. You can download it for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Plex plugin - Ombi

5. Ombi

Ombi allows users to request content from you that’s not currently available. You provide them with a username so they can search what they want to watch or listen to, including reporting issues. This way, users no longer have to contact you directly and vice versa.

Of course, this applies only if you get many upload or download requests. If there’s not much activity on your Plex Server, you can skip the Ombi plugin installation.

Plex plugin - Tautulli

6. Tautulli (PlexPy)

Tautulli is a handy Plex plugin for users who like to share their Plex library and know what is happening with their media servers. It allows you to see statistics about Plex usage, as well as to send and receive notifications and other related features.

This plugin will allow you to put all that data into useful and easy-to-digest graphs. You’ll also have the ability to receive notifications for important events, such as video started, paused, stopped, etc. and control how many people are accessing your Plex server.

But Tautulli is not only about stats and graphs. You can create your own scripts for shutting down unwanted streams or labeling newly added content. There’s already an Android version of Tautulli, enabling you to check the status of your Plex server on the go.

Plex-Export plugin

7. Plex Export

Plex Export is a handy Plex plugin that creates an HTML file of everything in your library. This will help you to see what content you currently have in your library and also show it to others without giving access to the server. Plex Export also doesn’t require PHP installed on your server.

While Tautulli is all about analyzing your data for yourself, Plex Export supports sharing an HTML page with anyone without requiring access to the original Plex server. With Plex Export, you’ll also be able to lazy-load images as you’re scrolling down, live filter within each section, and get additional info, such as genre, year, or rating.

Plex TraktTV

8. (Trakt Scrobbler), also known as Trakt Scrobbler, is a great Plex plugin for tracking and rating everything you’ve watched. It can also be synced with Kodi, Netflix, and MediaPortal, as well as many other platforms. Furthermore, makes recommendations based on your viewing history and even informs where you can find that content.

Your playlists can be synced with your Track ID, but if more people are watching the same content on your server, there might be issues with keeping everything in sync. There’s a paid version of, which removes ads, allows advanced filtering, and many other features.

Plex plugin - openPHT

9. OpenPHT

This plugin provides a new front-end for your Plex server. With OpenPHT, you will no longer have to log in to the web because this app allows you to stream right from the server. You can use this plugin on Windows, macOS, and various Linux distributions.

However, you should be aware than OpenPHT hasn’t been updated for a few years, and there might be some issues, especially with newly released content. Therefore you may also try Transmogrify, a Chrome add-on, which is next on our list of best Plex plugins.

Plex plugins - Transmogrify

10. Transmogrify

Transmogrify is a Plex plugin that is also a Chrome extension. It displays live Rotten Tomatoes ratings for movies or TV shows. It also provides links to the title’s IMDb, TMDb, Letterboxd, and Trakt profiles if you want to find out more information.

When you install Transmogrify, you’ll add on to the default Plex features, which simply show the synopsis for each movie or TV show. As well as this, Transmogrify also displays whether or not you can view the movie through your current Plex channels. Just remember that this plugin hasn’t been updated in a while and might not work properly with recent Plex versions.

Plex-Sync plugin

11. Plex-Sync

Plex-Sync is a plugin that lets you sync content from your library to another user by HTTPS or ports. One of the core features of Plex is that it provides you with access to your content library from any device that has the Plex software. Plex-Sync allows you to extend that ability to other users as long as they can access your account.

Better yet, Plex-Sync artfully stays far away from installP2P territory by limiting the number of users your Plex can sync to. So if you and your buddies want to have a film night but can’t make it round to one another’s place, Plex-Sync has you covered.

Plex plugin - FileBot

12. FileBot

FileBot is a universal tool for organizing your video content, downloading subtitles, and fetching artwork. It works not only with Plex but also with other HTPC apps, such as Kodi or Emby. FileBot plugin compares your files with TheMovieDB and TheTVDB, renaming, copying, or moving them the way you like.

This plugin is also great for extracting multiple archives and checking SFV, MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 files. Its subtitle viewer will also let you open .srt, .ass, and .sub files.

FileBot is not free, though. You can buy it for $6/year or get a lifetime license for $48.

Why use plugins for Plex?

Plex is pretty much the perfect midpoint between iTunes and Spotify because it allows you to stream content from your library on desktop, Android, or iOS. The content in your library is synced to your own space on the Plex server, allowing you to access it at any time, from anywhere.

Plex plugins are important add-ons that will allow you to customize the Plex app, as well as add extra features. With the right Plex plugins, you can extend the abilities of the standard Plex media server to add various content, create exciting visuals, export your library to other users, and many more options.

Of course, with such a large number of plugins for Plex, you’ll often have trouble filtering out the mediocre ones from the actually useful plugins. For that reason, we’ve done our research to find you the 15 Plex plugins that will superpower your Plex. With the right plugins, you’ll be able to not only stream your favorite content from your server, but you’ll also be able to get live channels to replace apps like Sling or Netflix entirely.

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  1. Nathan August 9, 2019 at 4:57 pm

    I have a few questions (and this could actually be topics for a few articles here and I think many people would love them): how do I use plex webtools and is it worth it? What do I do when plex channels are not showing? What are the 10-20 best plex unofficial channels this year?

    I like plex and I’m still learning how to use it, how to install plex plugins and a lot more and more info on this would be useful to me. Thanks a lot.

    1. avatar
      Julie Cole Author August 12, 2019 at 1:00 pm

      Hi there Nathan,

      Those are definitely some great topics, but would need quite a bit of space to answer. Suffice it to say, we are constantly creating content to help you answer these kinds of questions, so remember to check back regularly.



  2. archiespomichipalace August 2, 2019 at 6:54 am


    If you’re planning on torrenting in lieu of using streaming services, Plex is a must-have. These plugins are great, too…I love anything that aggregates content so that I don’t have to go hunting for it. Thanks for the tip, VPN Pro! I see myself using a lot of these in the near future.

  3. Morgana April 21, 2019 at 1:31 am

    I’ve never used Plex before, but these plug-ins and the freedom to customize my sources for streaming definitely have my attention. Time to see if I’ve just discovered the perfect media library!

  4. Rc Souza March 9, 2019 at 4:07 pm

    I’ve been a Plex user for almost a year and I think it’s probably the best way to organize your media content. I mostly use it on my laptop, but lately I’ve been using it on my tv. I use FilmOn because of the unbelievable variety of free live TV channels from around the world. Thanks for the great list of 15 plugins to use with Plex.

  5. Gray J March 5, 2019 at 2:49 pm

    Well the best is bittorrent. Using it to stream your downloaded files makes it really useful, but illegal. And knowing you have to pay for a seedbox if you want a large library it might be more expensive than to use legal streaming services.

  6. Raimi Madera Galván March 4, 2019 at 12:32 am

    May have to look into Plex plugins people. Not to go off the beaten path but the more I read here, the more I learn about sites such as Sub-Zero , IceFilms, and BringthePopcorn. There are so many useful sites out there but I have trouble keeping up with them. Not so anymore as Vpnpro has great content concerning these (and articles on VPN).

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