If you dare to face reality without blinders or filters on, you must love Black Mirror. Of course, some consider this fantastic TV show to be a series of dark tales. Some believe that Black Mirror is more than that. For example, let’s take episode 1 in season 3 called “Nosedive,” which aired October 21, 2016. The resemblance to the Chinese social credit system is eerie, to say the least.

If you’ve followed the previous seasons, you definitely can’t wait to fixate your eyes on your screen for Black Mirror season 5. And, if you’re lucky, you don’t even need to wait till 2019 kicks in. There seems to be way too much silence about the official release date, to be frank. Yet, some sources claim to know that a Christmas special first episode should air before 2018 ends.

Let’s see now what we’ve gathered about the possible Black Mirror season 5 release date and how you can watch it anywhere in the world.

Black Mirror season 5 release date

We’ll certainly update this post in the coming days as more bits of information will surface. Strangely enough, there’s no real official Black Mirror season 5 release date announced yet. But don’t you panic, we’re here to give you the latest information.

As a matter of fact, the news of a season 5 came out back in March in a tweet (see below). This Twitter post contained a 17-second teaser with a single line saying “The future will be brighter than ever.”

Black Mirror tweet on Twitter

This teaser displayed 12 screens with memorable moments from previous episodes, which led to the assumption that season 5 may have 12 new episodes. But this may be a false assumption. As it happens, Netflix has aired exactly 12 episodes (season 3 and 4) since 2015. So, the 12 screens may well be a reference to those past episodes and not the future ones.

In any case, back in March, the teaser ended with this message:

Black Mirror Netflix teaser message

“Be right back,” well, here we are nine months later and none the wiser. No new trailers, no official information, nada. Even if you visit the Netflix website, you won’t find anything new there.

Nevertheless, the word on the digital street says that December 28, 2018, could be the release date. Several sources mention this as a possible airing date for Black Mirror season 5.

It’s only logical to check IMDb, right? Guess what you’ll find there too: December 28, 2018.

Black Mirror season 5 episode 1 on imdb

As you can see, this entry about the first episode isn’t really confirmed or official yet. Still, we have nothing better as of yet. But we can tell you this: all signs and information point in one direction. And, this suggests that the first episode of Black Mirror season 5 should air by the end of December 2018.

Yet another piece of evidence supporting this theory is an image of an allegedly Netflix release schedule for December 2018.

Netflix release schedule for December 2018

This image has been in circulation for a while now, and showed up on all possible social media sites, including Instagram. Black Mirror fans claim that this is a legit schedule. Well, time will tell anyway.

A seemingly contradicting image, however, shows December 29 as the airing date:

December 29 potential airing date of Black Mirror

And, it also mentions “six new stories.” You can find this image linked to the first episode of season 5 on IMDb.

Miscellaneous reports claim that the filming of season 5 started in April 2018 in South London. We also heard a rumor about a possible interactive episode, a so-called choose-your-own-adventure episode. Sounds like we’re in for an exciting new season for sure – whenever it may air. Fans suggest that this new season may be darker than before.

Bandersnatch (season 5, episode 1)

The first episode, “Bandersnatch,” is thought to be that interactive episode. At least, this is the title you find on the leaked release schedule. Although that tweet has been deleted, it came from an official Netflix source.

So what can we know about “Bandersnatch”? Well, it is the name of a computer game from – guess when – 1984. Yep! Somehow this game called Bandersnatch never got released due to the developers’ bankruptcy.

Guess what that company was called? You won’t believe it: Imagine Software. Sounds like it matches the whole Black Mirror theme, right?

All scene photos and reports about the South London filming indicate 80’s style shop windows, props, and settings. So, it’s only logical that this game from 1984 could well be the central idea. What’s more, Charlie Brooker, the creator and writer of Black Mirror, has replaced his Twitter profile picture with an old Sinclair ZX Spectrum keyboard snapshot. In other words, it’s like he’s trying to hint at the ‘80s and the computer game theme.

Charlie Brooker Twitter profile

Mystery solved? We’ll see in a few weeks.

How to watch Black Mirror online

Since the Black Mirror season 5 sci-fi anthology is a Netflix only show, you can only watch it if you have a Netflix subscription. Well, at least officially and legally – without committing copyright infringement that is. However, even if you have a subscription, chances are you won’t be able to watch Black Mirror in your location. Season 4 was released in 20+ countries, so do the math.

With that said, there’s always a way where there’s a will. If by any chance you can’t watch Black Mirror season 5 from your location, you can still use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app. VPN software can spoof your IP address and fake your physical location. This can help you access Netflix US or other major regions too.

Nevertheless, not all VPN services can consistently bypass the rigorous Netflix detection. In fact, fewer and fewer providers can still do so. Fortunately, we have you covered.

VPNs to watch Black Mirror season 5

If you want to watch geo-restricted Netflix shows, your only chance is to use a VPN. But not just any, as we’ve mentioned above. You need a VPN solution that can guarantee you access to at least the Netflix US catalog. As you may know, certain TV shows and movies are limited to regions due to copyright agreements. Therefore, you may miss the chance to watch your favorite shows when on the road or after relocating.

You don’t have too much time till Black Mirror season 5 probably airs later this December. And, you don’t want to miss the first interactive episode in the history of this amazing show. A decent VPN can redefine your video entertainment practices. Be it NordVPN or ExpressVPN, you’ll definitely access Netflix and enjoy a seamless experience. But you can check out our 5 best VPN for Netflix list to see other alternatives too.

Remember, the clock is ticking, and the Bandersnatch is lurking on the digital highway to catch you. Will you be prepared?