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No. of servers: 50+

Price from: $3.75

#30 out of 215 VPN providers

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Good for streaming

No logs policy

User-friendly apps

Allows torrenting

What others say about BulletVPN:

Bullet VPN, based in Estonia, are certainly alluding to how fast and penetrable their service is. Whether unblocking geo-restricted services like Netflix or bypassing government controlled filters, they believe they can deliver super speedy service.

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Bullet VPN is expensive, but if you’re a heavy streamer or torrenter, it might be a feasible proposition.

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If you are looking for a reliable, fast, and secure VPN provider, I would definitely recommend BulletVPN.


What is BulletVPN

BulletVPN is a relative newcomer to the market developed by Nixworks OU, an Estonia-based privacy software company. As its brand name suggests, BulletVPN advertises speed as its main selling point. However, with a rather tiny server fleet that boasts 53 servers in 30 countries, Bullet’s promise of lightning-fast connections actually boils down to merely average speeds when put to the test.

On the plus side, Nixworks OU seems to take its customers’ online privacy seriously. Their solid no logs policy states that BulletVPN only does minimal data collection and the data they do collect cannot be used to identify their users or link them to any specific browsing activities. This means that in the event of any data demands by the authorities, Nixworks couldn’t provide them with anything substantial.

Other positives include BulletVPN’s geo-unblocking capabilities and P2P file sharing permissions. Both Netflix streamers and torrenters can reliably use BulletVPN for their intended purposes, with the only caveat being the VPN’s somewhat disappointing speeds. That said, the service is bound to continue expanding its server count and these possible speed issues should be resolved with time.

As for Bullet’s weaker spots, those are all likely to be the result of the VPN’s young age. Multiplatform support is still rather basic, the server fleet is objectively small, and the userbase is still not high enough to allow for lower prices compared to the competition.

BulletVPN Facts

Company name Nixworks OU
Company name Nixworks OU
Global presence 30+ locations
Global presence 30+ locations
Money back policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Money back policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Business Location Estonia
Business Location Estonia
Privacy No-logs policy
Privacy No-logs policy
Domain https://www.bulletvpn.com/
Domain https://www.bulletvpn.com/
Number of servers 50+
Number of servers 50+
Free / Trial version No free trial
Free / Trial version No free trial
Other Names Bullet, Bullet VPN
Other Names Bullet, Bullet VPN

Where BulletVPN is based and why it’s important

Estonia is known as a privacy-friendly country and has no data retention laws in place. Also, the country is not a member of any intelligence sharing alliances like the 5, 9, or 14-Eyes groups.

This should tell you basically everything you need to know about Nixworks OU’s location: namely, that if BulletVPN operates under a no-logs policy, it’s a promise they can keep.

Fortunately, their Privacy Policy is as solid as they come, which means there’s nothing to worry about regarding your online traffic data in case you choose Bullet as your go-to VPN service.

What does a BulletVPN location say?


Not a global surveillance alliance member


Privacy-friendly location


EU Member State

Subscription plans and pricing

Simplicity is one of the strong points of BulletVPN, and its three pricing plans are as simple as they come.

1 month

$ 5.49

per month

No savings

Billed monthly

6 months

$ 4.58

per month

Save 17%

Billed every 6 months

1 year

$ 3.75

per month

Save 66%

Billed every 24 months

You can either subscribe for one or six months, or you can take the discounted one-year subscription and get a whole year’s worth of extra usage for free, which amounts to a 66% discount.

Tempting as it may seem, the discounted one-year subscription plan is still somewhat expensive, even compared to the best VPNs on the market, such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Another disappointment is the lack of a free trial. While BulletVPN offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee with a no-questions-asked refund policy, some users will find the fact that there’s no possibility to try the service for free somewhat disheartening.

On a more positive note, BulletVPN has an anonymous payment option – Bitcoin. Which, for a relatively new VPN service, is a great privacy-minded decision.

All things considered, BulletVPN’s pricing model would be a reasonable deal if the service had more to offer, which it undoubtedly will in the future. At this very moment, however, Bullet’s somewhat limited feature package seems a tad on the expensive side.

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Multi-platform versatility

For a relatively new service, Bullet’s range of supported platforms is adequate. While the big-four desktop/mobile platforms and Amazon Fire TV are supported, there’s a notable lack of custom apps for Linux and routers.

BulletVPN Windows
BulletVPN macOS
BulletVPN Android
BulletVPN iOS

Other supported platforms include Smart TVs and gaming platforms, such as PS3 and PS4 as well as Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, these might require manual configuration.

Using BulletVPN for fun and privacy


While streaming fans should be able to use BulletVPN to unblock the coveted Netflix US library, it might require some server hopping. The same goes for Hulu and Amazon Prime Video streaming platforms. Nonetheless, for a service this young, it’s a fairly impressive achievement.

BBC iPlayer viewers, however, should look for another option: none of the six UK servers could penetrate the British defenses.


P2P and torrenting


P2P file sharing is one of BulletVPN’s strong suits. Not only is torrenting allowed, the service supports P2P clients on all of its servers. While Bullet’s average speeds might be a turn-off for hardcore downloaders, its solid security features, privacy-friendly no-logs policy, and overall permissive attitudes are a definite plus torrenting-wise.

That said, BulletVPN is not the best of the best when it comes to torrenting, and those with a need for speed might want to choose a faster VPN service.

Online gaming

Considering its relatively average download speeds, BulletVPN can seem like an odd choice for online gamers. However, speed will only get you so far if low latency isn’t included in the package. In Bullet’s case, ping is low enough to allow relatively seamless gaming sessions. While it may not be the absolute best VPN for hardcore gaming, it’s good enough for casual sessions if you connect to a server optimal to your location.


BulletVPN in China


Ever since China upgraded its Great Firewall to include the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) feature, most VPNs have struggled to bypass the country’s internet restrictions and online surveillance techniques.

Unfortunately, BulletVPN is destined to join the sad company of these struggling services. Since Bullet does not offer a stealth protocol option or any other feature specifically designed to counter VPN blocking, its chances of bypassing the Great Firewall of China are slim to none.

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