NordVPN is one of the leaders – and in many ways, the leader – of the consumer VPN market. For that reason, it makes sense that they would try to expand their offerings to include the massive business VPN market, which is exactly what they’ve done with their NordVPN for Business offering.

Essentially, this is the trusted, industry-leading NordVPN plus – the foundation of NordVPN’s consumer app with extra features dedicated to helping businesses with their network security.

NordVPN’s business packages can be used for

  • accessing various services and databases
  • competitor research, without the fear of being identified
  • improving security of company communications
  • accessing and monitoring international advertising campaigns

Let’s look at everything NordVPN for Business has to offer.

Security features

Since this is basically the NordVPN classic app, the security features here are going to be the same you find on all NordVPN clients:

  • military-grade AES-256 encryption
  • OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) and IKEv2/IPSec
  • DNS and IPv6 leak protection
  • CyberSec (browser security feature)
  • free Socks5 proxy
  • obfuscated servers
  • invisibility on LAN
  • and many others

Most importantly, NordVPN for Business has powerful military-grade encryption with the most secure tunneling protocols (OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec). They also offer the all-important DNS and IPv6 leak protection that won’t let your real IPs be revealed.

Beyond that, their CyberSec security feature allows for safer browser whenever employees go online. Their obfuscated servers also mean that they are great at getting around country restrictions, such as the Great Firewall in China.

Privacy features

Privacy is where NordVPN for Business really shines.

First of all, NordVPN’s business offering is compliant with GDPR and HIPAA privacy regulations. Secondly, NordVPN – whose parent company is Tefincom S.A. – is located in Panama. What that means is that there aren’t any data retention laws, and the authorities wouldn’t be able to compel NordVPN to hand over user data. That means all your company communications will be safe.

What’s more, NordVPN has an independently-audited no-logs policy, which means that even if the authorities succeeded in compelling NordVPN to turn over records, there wouldn’t be any records to turn over.

Features, installation, and deployment

NordVPN for Business has dedicated apps for the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux

All of these offer the same experience: they’re easy to use and have similar functionality. The options in the NordVPN aren’t particularly advanced. However, that seems to be the tradeoff for getting an easy-to-install and deploy VPN for your business.

However, that also means that it will be pretty easy to maintain and fix errors. NordVPN’s business offering also allows for easy user administration, which allows you to manage, configure, and transfer VPN user licenses from just one administrator account.

Plans and pricing

The NordVPN for Business offering differs most strongly from the traditional NordVPN app in how it handles its plan features and pricing.

First of all, to get the business version, you’ll need to buy licenses for at least 5 users. From that, you’ll find easy centralized billing, which will make it easy to pay for everything in one installment.

NordVPN’s Basic Business package has the following plans (with at least 5 annual accounts):

  • 12-month subscription for $96/user
  • 24-month subscription for $120/user

You’ll also get a dedicated account manager, who will be able to help with everything VPN-related, from A to Z. All plans come with a license transferability option for those times when you have changes in your staff and need to transfer licenses.


Performance is another area where NordVPN traditionally performs well. In our tests, we see that NordVPN’s servers perform remarkably well, although it isn’t yet the fastest on the market.

Overall, after testing server speeds in five different countries all over the world, we saw average dropoff speeds. However, connecting to a server in Australia from our location in Europe saw download speeds drop off by about 87%.

What this means is that, while the speeds will be great enough to do pretty much everything you need, it’s also important to consider what servers in what locations you’re connecting to.

Customer support

Customer support is a particularly strong aspect of NordVPN in general. Their live chat is actually live, answering questions in less than a minute on average. For NordVPN for Business, however, they’ve really stepped it up with a dedicated account manager that will already be knowledgeable of your business, which will help cut down the time on explaining the situation.

Besides that, NordVPN has 24/7 live chat support, email, a thorough FAQ, and lots of tutorials if they’re needed.

Bottom line

NordVPN’s business offering will be perfect for small- and medium-sized businesses that don’t really need the advanced options (and complexity) of standard enterprise VPN software. However, that being said, it’s still a pretty powerful and flexible business VPN option, allowing for industry-leading security, privacy, and pretty good performance.

And, since it isn’t a particularly complex piece of software, that will make it a breeze to install and deploy for all users. If there are any problems, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to help you through any small or big challenges.


  • Very strong encryption and choice of protocols
  • Easy-to-set up VPN software with a dedicated account manager
  • Centralized billing for easy payment
  • Excellent support services
  • Easy license transferability
  • GDPR and HIPAA-compliant
  • Privacy-focused Panama jurisdiction


  • Doesn’t offer enough advanced features for enterprise needs
  • Speeds could be faster
  • No router app