Astrill VPN is among the fastest VPNs in 2020 and may well be the most expensive service too. This provider has all you need for a seamless and secure online experience. Although it has much fewer VPN servers than other market leaders, Astrill still has good coverage.

Up to 50%

Astrill VPN – Play the game

Redeem your 5%, 10%, 20%, 25% or 50% discount by playing a game.

Terms: Redeem your random discount by playing and winning a game. Once you win the game, you get the discount code that you can use on any available plan.

1 month


Astrill VPN – The referral program

Invite a friend and get one month free added to your current subscription.

Terms: You can invite up to 3 friends yearly to claim up to 3 months free. On your Astrill VPN client, click the Invite friend button and enter your friend’s name and email. Once your friend pays for any subscription plan, you’ll get your free month of access.