Data Protection

“Data Protection” may just be the two most important words of the 21st century. If we can understand this, then perhaps we’ll step into the future relatively unscathed! This section covers the “whys” and “hows” of data protection, helping you become a formidable adversary for all those digital villains!

Whenever we invoke the idea of “data”, it seems like we’re speaking about some abstract collection of bits and bytes. This is a fatal misunderstanding which hurts our ability to fix the problem. Let’s get something straight – everything on your computer, smartphone, or tablet is fundamentally data. Regardless of whether you type it or utter it, your every word on Facebook, Gmail, or Skype is data. Web-browsing history and bank account numbers and your each and every keystroke is data.

When your data is not protected, you open yourself to a whole lot of consequences. Some of then will influence your life in strange and nefarious ways – like manipulating your political opinions or simply trying to sell you a pair of shoes. On the other hand, things like misplacing your bank account details may be more difficult to ignore!

The next time you think data protection is not worth the time of day, consider this: we do so many things without leaving our computer. Shopping, booking doctor’s appointments, talking to our significant others, and so much more. Imagine if someone knew all that information about you, how much damage could they cause? It may seem like an unfair point, after all, it’s not like any one person can access all of this. Unless they’re Google – then they probably can.

Here’s the sad point about human nature: we have let big companies into the most private corners of our lives in exchange for some comfort. It was an easy sell! Today our predicament is difficult, but the tools at our disposal are powerful. Our Data Protection section tries to give readers an overview of the threats they face on the internet each day, as well as the tools to deal with these threats. One of these is the secure VPN, but there are more to consider!