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Disroot Review

DIsroot Review

Finding a secure open-source private email client is a tough task nowadays. Users are on the lookout for end-to-end encryption to prevent sensitive data exposure.

If you are a victim of email spying and wish to put an end to the censorship nuisance, then it’s high time you look out for a high-security, high-privacy email service. While secure email clients are becoming increasingly popular, it’s important to pick out the right ones that would never interfere or spy on you under any circumstances.

What is Disroot?

Disroot is an open-source suite that combines encrypted email services with secure cloud services. Disroot’s claim to fame is mainly due to its free private email service, Disroot email. It can be accessed either through a web browser or an email client program. In addition, Disroot also provides a number of utility services like file hosting, cloud storage, office apps and decentralized chat through external partners.

Disroot features

Disroot brings you several advantages over the run-of-the-mill private email services. It’s a feature-rich and robust platform that takes users’ privacy and security seriously. It strives hard to provide services based on the “principles of freedom, privacy, federation, and decentralization.”

Let’s take a look at the salient features brought to you by Disroot.

  1. Encrypted Private Email

Disroot email supports both browser-based interface and desktop client program. SSL encryption secures the communication gateway between you and the mail server. So instead of relying on a traditional “postcard” approach, Disroot email makes use of the “envelope” mode to shield your sensitive information with SSL/TLS protection.

  1. No-spying policy

Disroot adheres to a strict privacy policy. Unlike many of the popular competitors, Disroot email is not engaged in any kind of data mining practices. All user information is always handled responsibly. Third-party data sharing is never employed, and there is no monitoring or tracking service to violate your privacy.

  1. No-ads policy

Advertisements are a banned entity at Disroot. You will be impressed by the clean, professional and clutter-free interface.

  1. Secure cloud services

You can access your personalized data at any time from anywhere, thanks to the secure cloud service. Disroot, in collaboration with Nextcloud, brings you the capability to store all types of files on cloud storage. You can save, sync, and share your files, schedules, and contacts across different devices without worrying about unauthorized access. Disroot’s cloud service is HIPAA and GDPR compliant, so you can rest assured about the top-notch security and privacy.

  1. Private office suite

Edit documents with the help of EtherPad, or perform your spreadsheet calculations through EtherCalc. Both these apps offer you the ability to collaboratively work in real-time directly through the browser. While the option for creating presentations or flowcharts is not available as yet, it’s just a start and many new features are expected to come out in the near future.

  1. Chat service

Although we use email service as the primary mode of communication, the convenience of chat service can sometimes seem quite handy. You can instantly communicate with your partners, employees or customers through real-time chat service.

Disroot understands your finer requirements and brings you a decentralized instant messaging service. Protected with the OMEMO protocol, Disroot chat has the ability to encrypt your messages so that there is no information breach.

  1. Social network

Disroot users can access their very own non-profit social network – Diaspora. It’s a community managed, distributed social platform based on three key concepts: decentralization, freedom, and privacy.

  1. Other utility services

There are loads of other utility services offered by Disroot. This includes a discussion forum, paste bin, multi-search engine platform, opinion polls, project boards – the list goes on. The best part is that the platform is fully open-source.

How to use Disroot

Using Disroot is pretty simple. You just need to register for a single Disroot account, and subsequently use it for accessing all the services offered. There is no need to memorize several username and password combinations. Disroot offers an internal dashboard from which you can easily navigate to the service of your choice.

Is Disroot secure?

If you are concerned about security, then you can put all your doubts to rest. Disroot is a pretty safe email service designed specifically to offer the users complete peace of mind from all types of security vulnerabilities.

It’s a platform that promotes open-source and ethical internet practices. There is an added emphasis on transparency. The mere existence of Disroot is to build a federated, decentralized and secure online environment where users can safely operate without worrying about their sensitive information getting compromised.

Disroot vs. ProtonMail

FeaturesDisroot emailProtonMail
OwnerNon-profit foundation “Stichting Disroot.org”Proton Technologies AG
Free version availableYesYes
CostFreeFree; €48.00/yr for Plus plan, €75.00/yr/user for Professional plan, and €288.00/yr for Visionary plan
Mailbox storage1 GB500 MB – 20 GB depending on your plan
Max. attachment limit50 MB25 MB
Security featuresSSL/TLS, OMEMO, HIPPAAES, RSA, and OpenPGP

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  1. Alex Krylov May 15, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    Disroot will be good for general use. One advantage with them is they are the only one who provide cloud services with email and much more.

    Your emails are stored in plain text unless you encrypt it yourself. All your files are encrypted but the keys are also on the server. It is always better to encrypt your files and emails.

    If you are coming from gmail then Disroot will be good. At least they don’t dig your emails for building your profile.

    1. Fritz June 22, 2024 at 10:02 am

      Encryption is meant to hide content from the provider. Encryption done by the provider doesnt do that, so its pointless.

  2. Vinnie Y April 1, 2019 at 6:10 am

    Well this sounds like a great email provider ! I love that they have a cloud service, the security on this one sounds great as well. i think it’s a very good competitor on all levels !

  3. RedditMan March 28, 2019 at 2:16 am

    Disroot will be good for general use. I also use it because they’ re the only one who provide cloud services with email and much more. An excellent service overall, I’m very satisfied.

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