GMX Email Review

Last updated: January 15, 2021

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Many email service-providing companies promote their products by ascribing buzzwords such as “reliable”, “secure”, and “safe” to said products. However, each of those adjectives is open to interpretation. Furthermore, a number of those same companies are not secure email clients.

Secure email clients place a premium on data protection and their users’ right to privacy. If you are interested in using a secure email client, it is important to remember that these clients differ in quality, price, and performance. When undertaking this GMX email review, we kept the three aforementioned qualities in mind. It is our goal to illustrate the features and functions of GMX mail so that you are able to make an informed decision when choosing an email service provider.

The digital exchange of information has shaped the way that individuals, corporate entities, and governmental bodies communicate, making data-protection a necessity of the utmost importance. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows its users to send or receive information through a closed, shielded system of servers that employ an extremely high level of data encryption. When VPNs are utilized within the framework of an email service provider, users can rest assured that their communications are shielded.

A secure email client usually incorporates a mixture of VPN technologies. Having this knowledge under your proverbial belt, how many major email service providers can you think of that utilize VPNs? The answer is “not many,” unfortunately. Major corporations that provide a digital communication platform free-of-charge with regards to monetary price do so at the expense of their users” security, privacy, and personal information – the latter of which is not only monetized but often shared with a number of third-party entities that the user may or may not be aware of.

“When VPNs are utilized within the framework of an email service provider, users can rest assured that their communications are shielded”

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A brief history of GMX and its mail services

Along with, GMX (Global Mail eXchange) Mail is a subsidiary of Germany-based United Internet. GMX mail is popular with users within continental Europe, the UK, and the United States. Before delving into the “features” segment of this GMX email review, we thought that an overview of the company’s history would give both current and prospective GMX customers a better understanding of the product.

GMX Mail was founded in 1997 – making the service more than 20 years old. From the booming dot-com bubble up to the modern era of memes and apps, GMX Mail appears to have successfully adapted within a fast-paced global technological landscape, positioning itself amongst some of its more well-known contemporaries as a pioneer in internet communications.

What can GMX’s features do for you?

MX mail provides a platform that is both accommodating and easy to navigate. While GMX Mail offers the basic amenities and services that the everyday email user has come to expect, there are a few key areas that the service really shines:

  1. Attachments and Storage: GMX Mail goes above and beyond when it comes to providing storage space for its users. The maximum size for attached files (whether a single file or a group of files) per email is 50 MB. More than double the size (25 BM) of Gmail and Yahoo Mail. GMX’s Cloud feature also provides a comfortable 2GB of free storage.
  2. Interface: GMX Mail has an interface that is both familiar and easily navigated. Utilizing a blue and white color scheme, the website is easy on the eyes – useful if you spend more than a few moments checking emails. This aesthetic ease-of-use is carried from the website into the official GMXapp, which has been optimized for both smartphones and tablets – iPhone and Android alike.
  3. Contact importing: a major gripe that many email users have with their email service providers is the difficulty they face when having to import contacts. GMX allows for its users to directly add contacts to their address books from a number of locations, including Facebook. We find this feature ideal for both individuals and businesses, as contacts and customers are usually spread across multiple platforms.
  4. Language: this was an area of positive interest for users of GMX Mail. Services are provided in Eglish, German, Spanish, and French. Despite other email service providers having multi-language functions, we felt that GMX Mail’s implementation was extremely smooth and glitch-free. Also, there did not appear to be any major differences in the quality of the experience (from a technical standpoint) when toggling between language settings.
  5. Customer Support: not only was customer support quick, concise and polite, but the overall experience was straightforward and hassle-free. Compared to some of the larger email service providers, GMX provides direct access to a customer service rep. This was extremely refreshing, given that our prior experiences with competitors saw us faced with dead-ends and unhelpful “Community Boards.”
  6. Price: admittedly, the number one selling point for GMX is its selling point – it’s free! Given all of the features, functions, and elements offered, we were surprised that opening an account was free of charge. While GMX appears to generate its revenue from advertising on its website (the ads range in quality and subject matter), the ads were not intrusive or inappropriate.

“GMX mail provides a platform that is both accommodating and easy to navigate”. Users are also able to manage multiple email addresses under one account and can choose from a number of domain endings. GMX Mail’s premium users are treated to even more options. As first-time GMX users, the above features allowed for an overwhelmingly pleasant experience.

GMX Prioritises User Safety

GMX Mail was bug-free, glitch-free, and had received very little spam compared to other email service providers that we tested. Our GMX Mail junk folder was usually empty, and the majority of our email correspondence that we received was authorized and valid. Knowing that all of our correspondence was encrypted was the icing on the metaphorical e-communications cake. If any issued did happen to arise with regards to user safety or privacy, we took solace in the fact that we could reach a live customer service representative with relative ease.

To anyone using another email service provider at present, we task you do read through the privacy agreement that you signed with the said service provider. We can almost guarantee that you will be looking for an alternative – and after our research, we must say that GMX Mail provides the perfect solution. A company whose product strikes the right balance between meeting market demands, protecting consumers, and presenting its users with a refreshing balance of reliability and accessibility without being clunky or visually unappealing.

Overall, GMX mail met all of our requirements when looking for a new email service provider and surpassed expectation across the board. Moving forward, we are excited to see how GMX develops its product. Hopefully, you have found this GMX email review and its performance has been both informative and helpful.

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.

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  1. Dave W

    It appears that GMX is randomly blocking accounts. They just blocked mine, despite it being extremely uninteresting and low usage. No warning, no discussion, no recourse, no ability to get one’s data back. Pretty disgraceful all around. I see that lots of negative reviews are going up on TrustPilot around this issue (including one from me!). I have warned all my friends not to use them. If GMX is the only copy of your emails, you should start to worry! I was fortunate that I download all my emails to my laptop, so the damage they did to me was limited to wasting my time.

  2. Jeff

    I’ve been using GMX for 10 years and it’s been reliable and easy to use. The only complaint is now the free version now gets a lot of advertisement; but I guess that’s the price of a free service.

  3. Patrick McMaster

    Where have these people got this rubbish from! I’ve used GMX for 10 years and never had a problem. One of the few systems that allow you to create mutiple folders and then set up filtering “rules” to direct emails to folders based on your criteria of sender, contents etc etc, including “spam”, auto deletion and forwarding on. GMX makes Gmail look like “Email for Dummies”!

  4. Vigi

    We have used GMX mail for some 5 years and found it to be excellent. IMAP with linux thunderbird, android app and very generous storage. The majority of these posts must be false. Highly recommend it.

  5. Morris Workman

    All kinds of problems signing up for gmx. Have repeatedly received errors. The system finally set up my account, then immediately blocked it. Had to send email for help. They dealt with it about 12 hour later. Tried to set up an account for my wife, ran into same problem with errors when trying to register. You get what you pay for.

  6. Rob Wigham

    Been using it for years with no problems and excellent service. Highly recommended. There’s no spam whatsoever either – I don’t recognise many of the posts here which are clearly pedaling rubbish; for what reasons I can only guess. It’s a reliable service that I’ve stayed with for many years.

  7. Amy Petrowski

    They are scammers I think. They took my information and ran literally within a minute and close my account. Don’t do it

  8. Amy Petrowski

    I wish I would have read the person who commented before me message. I agree with them stay away too many red flags pretty sure they’re selling information. Or more God only knows what’s going to happen to me now needless to say opened an account granted it for about a minute but then immediately the count to shut down for no good reasons never had an account with the company never heard of them before message the company still denied really seems like a scandal My recommendation is too many red flags run like the other person said just run Don’t end up like me I don’t know what’s going to happen out of this but I’m concerned that my information is just been sold. It’s a scam beware

  9. Former GMX User

    Stay away from GMX (and freemail. As has already been mentioned they delete user data – in my case the ENTIRE email history up until a month ago. Support can only be contacted by phone, currently at a rate of 4 EUR per minute (be prepared to be kept in the loop)…which I consider daylight robbery for such a heavily Ad financed service (they spam you with newsletters, Ads between your emails and everywhere else on the web UI). Unfortunately support is also not in a position (or unwilling) to actually help you with recovery of data they deleted. my recommendation: get your own domain name so you can switch service providers whenever you want without changing your email address…myself being a satisfied user of protonmail now.

  10. Yanta

    GMX actually blocks VPNs… I can’t even sign up because my VPN is blocked.

  11. Monty

    Two days I checked my GMX a/c that I used for all of my personal email. It worked in the morning and later in the afternoon I checked again. It no longer worked so I went to GMX help. Over the next two days, every time I contacted them I got the same useless messages. Tried their password recovery and was told my a/c doesn’t exist. Their help is of no use. I then tried to open up a new address but because I am currently in Mexico, they won’t let me open up a new a/c. At that point I gave up with GMX – never again will I use them.

  12. Thomas

    I deleted my account back in 2008 and my name was no longer able to be registered. A few years later my name was still blocked, I’d say that is good security. I contacted customer service and with some security checks I got my name / email address reinstated. Been using them for years. Never hacked and yes there is customer service and they are polite and helpful.

  13. Sad Lady

    Be warned – will delete your account for no reason. Sentimental loss of data is devastating. Customer service won’t do anything but just tell you they have blocked it and can’t change it; no matter how you beg or can prove it’s your personal account.

  14. Art Northrup, Jr.

    Since it’s such a pain to tell everyone you communicate with by email to stop using a particular email address for you & use a different one I haven’t deleted by GMX account yet, but I will have to. As I previously stated, GMX has ZERO customer service — you will never get a response from GMX & any problem you encounter you’ll have to figure out how to deal with yourself.

    And a new problem recently started — while I am not in Germany nor do I speak/read/write German, every day my Inbox is inundated with spam in German — I get more spam written in German than anything else. If you’re looking for a new email service I’d say forget about GMX.

    1. bob

      you should probably just sign up for gmail Art so to avoid confusing emails.

      1. bob

        Artie has been lost for the last twenty years, forgive him. Anyway…thank you gmx for almost 20 years of email security and everything that entails. thank you!

  15. Art Northrup, Jr.

    GMX has ZERO customer service. The ONLY method of contact is a form to fill out & submit, which I have done FOUR times over the past 24 hours. NO response of any kind. With no customer service GMX is WORTHLESS.

  16. Alberta

    GMX is a good option. I wouldn’t use it for anything sensitive because they are not great, just a decent option. I would use them as an email I can use to subscribe to different newsletter for example, nothing more.

  17. Antoinette J. Reed

    We’ve had challenges in the past especially with the encryption of these servers as most of them do not consider all the angle this can take so I’d like to know if GMX mail supports HTTPS and uses TLS with ephemeral key exchange to encrypt all internet traffic between users and their servers. Thanks

  18. Spi Kla

    GMX is really popular here in Germany. The ads can get a little annoying at times, but there are other providers that are much worse. Great security as well, so I highly recommend it!

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