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LuxSci Review


The definition of a secure email client has evolved over time. Today it’s not only about keeping emails safe and encrypted but also about keeping the anonymity intact.

A lot of email service providers have failed to cope with the growing demand, but options like LuxSci have mastered the art of providing consumers with the desired encryption and anonymity, all at once.

What is LuxSci?

LuxSci is a secure email client that works by securing the varied channels through which emails come in and go out. LuxSci is perhaps the most diverse and dynamic secure email client on the market right now.

It provides HIPPA-compliant encryption, extends support for PGP and also deals in direct SMTP transmissions. LuxSci also supports S/MME and TLS transmissions ensuring full security for the emails that you send and receive.

LuxSci email is fast, reliable and works in integration with almost every popular email program.

Features of LuxSci

  1. End to end encryption

Luxsci keeps your emails secure by encrypting the email at your end which can only be decrypted by the receiver with a unique key. The involvement of public and private keys makes encryption and decryption a smooth task and ensures faster and safer transmission of data over the web. Such encryption provides users with a guarantee of no eavesdropping on their emails.

  1. Secure TLS-only email forwarding

LuxSci allows you to go ahead and restrict all server-side email forwarding rules and make it easier for you to attain the requisite security and anonymity. This feature works only when the receiver at the other end has an email server that follows Secure TLS protocols.

  1. Protected logins

Full encryption ensures complete security with no loopholes. LuxSci provides you with a protected login feature through which you can log in and log out from anywhere in the world without worrying about your credentials landing in the wrong hands.

  1. Define recipients for exemption from encryption

If there is information that requires no encryption or needs to be sent to multiple people, then you can let go of the encryption for that email. Businesses often need to send emails to multiple recipients every now and then. This LuxSci feature is designed to provide a quality experience without hindering the security.

  1. Server-side encryption

You do not need to add plugins or install software packages. The server-side encryption provided by LuxSci is just incomparable. You get a ton of features to work along with it and enjoy access to quality services at affordable prices.

  1. You can exempt messages from encryption

LuxSci allows you to not encrypt emails not only on the basis of recipients but also on the basis of messages you sent. With LuxSci, it is now possible to exempt emails from encryption on the basis of email content.

  1. Email marketing

In addition to providing a ton of amazing features, LuxSci email also provides a range of email marketing tools. You can choose from a selection of templates, while customization is also allowed.

Further, the service also provides you with extensive analytics which helps you gauge how successful a particular campaign will turn out to be before it goes live, which is very useful.

  1. Pricing

LuxSci email offers four plans for you to choose from. The Shared Business plan provides access to 50 users at a cost of $10. You can choose to go for the Shared Enterprise plan priced at $25 for 50 users which offers a range of advanced features like server isolation and others. If you want to add unlimited users, you can choose to go for a Dedicated Business plan that costs you $67.50 per month. There is another plan called Dedicated Enterprise which costs $407.50 and comes with the best features.

How does LuxSci work on mobile?

  • Step 1: The user configures an “Exchange” account on their mobile facilitating LuxSci to do the encryption before the emails are sent. The mobile devices need to be connected to luxsci.mobi
  • Step 2: Customer’s mobile phone downloads all the data like email, task lists, address books and calendars.
  • Step 3: Every time a new email, message or ping is received, the latest data is downloaded to the phone and the required changes are made as per the new mail or ping received. All of this happens in real time.
  • Step 4: You can also opt to receive emails as per your speed. If you are someone who receives a lot of emails, then this email service can help you keep updating the data on your phone in real time.
  • Step 5: All the changes that you make in your email, address book, calendar or task lists gets updated in your email instantly. Your updates are constantly synced with the email as soon as you start typing them.

Is LuxSci secure?

Business leaders have been relying on LuxSci for encrypting their emails because it is incomparably safe, faster and highly reliable. The fact that LuxSci makes use of HIPAA and SMTP TLS transmission protocols guarantees that emails are secure and can only be decrypted by authorized email holders.

Is LuxSci anonymous?

LuxSci is perhaps the only secure email client that has been providing requisite anonymity for a decade now.

LuxSci’s new anonymous SMTP allows people to hide their location, identity and browser details from the recipients. Such information when revealed to the recipient can affect the overall motive of the business and email in particular. By providing the requisite anonymity, LuxSci has made a name for itself and people are quite happy with the services.

LuxSci vs. ProtonMail

FeaturesLuxSci MailProtonMail
OwnerLux ScientiaeProton Technologies AG
Free version availableNoYes
CostShared Business plan for $10. Shared Enterprise plan for $25. Dedicated Business plan for $67.50 per month. Dedicated Enterprise for $407.50.Free; €48.00/yr for Plus plan, €75.00/yr/user for Professional plan, and €288.00/yr for Visionary plan
Mailbox storage500 GB – unlimited depending on your plan500 MB – 20 GB depending on your plan
Max. attachment limitN/A25 MB
Security featuresHIPAA compliant, PGP, S/MIME supportAES, RSA, and OpenPGP

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  1. Seven_Sins May 15, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    LuxSci provides a significant range of secure email options with hosted solutions and online portals, both available. HIPPA-compliant accounts and direct SMTP TLS transmissions are also included, while there is support for PGP and S/MIME.

    LuxSci valiantly attempts to cover every base regarding email security. Seems like a good enough option!

  2. Julie Y March 31, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    Well I though there was only ProtonMail in the market, but I see there are many competitors ! This one sounds really good, I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the article.

  3. Cecilia4 March 28, 2019 at 2:12 am

    End to end encryption is the key to online security nowadays. From browsers, to VPN and email providers, encryption is the most important thing!

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