Ever since the internet turned into a hacker’s backyard, users have been asking for a system that could prevent hacking, identity theft, and create a safer environment for sending and receiving confidential data over mail. People have been putting their hearts, minds, and cash into their mail, and anything or anyone that can intercept, alter or hinder this is a potential threat.

Mailfence is making an attempt to rule out such possibilities with an alternative route to safer mail. Mailfence is a browser-based service that prevents hackers and thieves from getting unauthorized access to your emails. Let’s get into the finer details of Mailfence and try to understand it better.

What is Mailfence?

Established in 1999, ContactOffice Group – the parent company of Mailfence –  has been catering to a safer work environment for 20 years now and there’s no other enterprise that understands the problem of hacking better than Mailfence. It is perhaps the only enterprise that not just knows what they are doing but they are equally good at it too.

Mailfence is a browser-based email client that secures your mail against potential hacking and unauthorized access. With incessant use of Mailfence as a firewall, you can save yourself from hacking and identity theft.

Mailfence Features

  • Requires no installation or integration

Unlike its contemporaries, Mailfence does not coax you into installing plugins or software packages. With Mailfence, you do not have to spend hours integrating your emails with third-party apps to keep it safe. The browser-based system provides the requisite security.

  • Protected by Belgian Law

Only a few mail protection tools provide their users with access to security that is bound by law. Mailfence functions under the legitimacy of Belgian laws, which ensures that no third party can access or steal data from your email.

  • Incomparable protection against tracking

The fact that someone can track your movement over the internet is perhaps the biggest security concern. Mailfence uses proper encryption to ensure that your emails are not intercepted in any way.

  • Digital signatures to establish trust

This exceptional feature makes it easier for your clients to trust the emails they receive. Any mail that has a digital signature is truly sent by you while the rest is simply an attempt to hack their data. One can easily bridge the trust gap with the help of such digital signatures and build a safer work environment.

  • High-end privacy and security features

Mailfence provides a range of privacy and security features and ensures that all your sensitive data stays protected. The service provides end-to-end encryption and makes use of OpenPGP along with various other protocols like IMAP, CalDAV, LDAP support, and so on. The email client is also capable of filtering virus and spam.

  • Advanced tools

In addition to providing utmost security, the service also equips its users with a range of high-end features like calendar, documents, contact management, instant messaging and so on.

  • Clear interface

One of the many perks of Mailfence is that its easy-to-use interface is definitely clean, smooth and fast.

  • Pricing

The email client is available for free and comes with three additional plans – Entry, Pro and Business, starting at $2.50 per month.

Is Mailfence secure?

This perhaps is one of the most frequently asked questions about Mailfence. Is Mailfence secure? Can it protect my email from hacking? Can it save me from getting tracked on the web? Does it have the requisite privacy protection features?

The one-word answer is: yes. Mailfence is safe and provides you, me and everyone else with the requisite protection against hacking, tracking, privacy infringement, and identity theft. Mailfence is a browser-based encryption system that ensures that every bit of data is properly

Is Mailfence anonymous?

Varied threats on the web have made users demand a system that provides anonymity and Mailfence just does that. You can be a journalist, entrepreneur, social activist or a politician and use Mailfence without a tinge of doubt. You, your movement, data, and privacy are in the right hands with Mailfence.

Several scenarios Mailfence takes into consideration to ensure proper anonymity:

  • Serves as a VPN
  • Supports crypto-currencies

Mailfence vs ProtonMail

Owner‎ContactOffice GroupProton Technologies AG
Free version availableYesYes
CostEntry, Pro and Business starting at 2.50 € per month.€ 48.00 /yr for Plus plan, € 75.00 /yr/user for Professional plan, and € 288.00 /yr for Visionary plan
Mailbox storage500MB500 MB – 20GB depending on your plan
Max. attachment limitN/A25MB
Security featuresOpenPGPAES, RSA, and OpenPGP

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