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Runbox review

Runbox email provider

Looking for a new secure email client? Our Runbox review will explain what you want to know about this service.

Why choose a secure email client?

The clue is in the name! Most online users are extremely wary now of the way in which big companies are using their data. Firms such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Twitter have faced scrutiny, controversy and legal challenge over data misuse. From logging confidential user data and scanning emails for advertising purposes, through to selling on private data for commercial arrangements, the allure of truly secure digital services is stronger than ever.

Secure email clients offer just that – completely private and secure email and Office-based services. Whether you are buying the service as an individual user, a family group or a business, you will benefit from cutting-edge security and technologies that safeguard your privacy. These are combined with policies that ensure your data is never released or sold on.

These providers operate within the law – noting for example that in countries such as the UK, government organizations have the right to scan individual emails. However, they can get around this by locating their servers in Sweden, which has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world.

Secure email clients are used by all sorts of people and for different reasons. They don’t support illegal behavior in any way but often allow businesses to operate. For example, legal and medical businesses use secure email platforms as an alternative to insecure commercial and mainstream offers in order to meet regulatory requirements.

Runbox is one such secure email provider, and in our Runbox review, we’ll look at the features and benefits that it offers to customers.

What is Runbox?

Runbox offers both email and web hosting to customers across the world. Its HQ is in Oslo, Norway and it’s been operating since 2000. To date, it has offered over a million email inboxes to customers globally, and the business is proud to operate with a strong ethical stance. As well as being employee-owned, it fundamentally believes in the human right to communicate privately, and the need for this to happen in an ecologically-friendly way.

Runbox features

  • Secure email that uses the latest encryption technology
  • Best-in-class authentication management
  • Excellent reliability, thanks to multi-layered network and server redundancy layers
  • 25GB of space per individual user
  • Ability to consolidate emails across different platforms in a single space and view
  • Full mobile capabilities, so you can sync your emails on the go
  • The ability to create a range of alternate email addresses and domains for all purposes
  • Web-hosting add-ons available, as well as the option to install WordPress and other software packages.
  • Ability to customize email solutions (e.g. for businesses and brands)
  • Completely free from any advertising.

Quick, easy and attractive

The system is designed to be user-friendly and has an intuitive interface which looks good whilst being uncluttered. There is no advertising at all and it’s quick and easy to start using your new email, with 100 alternate addresses available as you need them within the basic subscription.

Business benefits

For businesses, Runbox offers the chance to share a professional and instant communication solution without the high cost of operating in-house servers. The service has superb uptime and operates securely around the clock, providing businesses with the security and trust that they need in data privacy. The open source software helps to keep costs down whilst maintaining the quality and integrity of the service. Runbox also offers price plans to businesses that are entirely flexible and scalable.

Great service

There is also an expert customer services team on hand and a great commitment to service. Runbox ensures that any tickets are answered rapidly and customers have commented favorably on the service that they have received.

Environmentally friendly

And as something a bit different which will appeal to green-minded customers, the company also operates on renewable energy. Its servers are run on 100% certified hydropower electricity sources, helping to support the low-carbon economy and to minimise the use of damaging greenhouse gases.

Runbox pricing

There are three different levels of package with Runbox, depending on your usage requirements and whether you are an individual or group/business user. The Micro package is $19.95 and has 1 GB of email storage space, and 1 MB of file storage. 5 email hosting domains are included. For the Medium package, you’ll pay $34.95 USD and get 5GB of space and 500 MB of email storage. The Max plan costs $79.95 and offers 25GB of storage for emails and 2 GB of file storage, with 25 email hosting domains.

The hosting services for email, web and domain name are also cost-effective and easy to bolt-on to the primary email management solution.

Is Runbox safe

Yes, it is located in Norway for a reason, as the country has extremely strict privacy laws, much in line with Sweden.

However, for added protection, many users are opting to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in addition to Runbox. VPNs can help users be more anonymous online, since it provides a secure tunnel for all their data. It also hides their true location by spoofing their IP address.

For that reason, we would really recommend using both Runbox and a trusted VPN (which you can find on our list of the 10 best VPNs).

Runbox vs ProtonMail

Let’s conclude our Runbox review by weighing it up against one of the other most popular secure email clients on the market today, ProtonMail.

FounderRunbox SolutionsAndy Yen, Wei Sun and Jason Stockman
Free version available30-day free trialYes
CostMicro package: $19.95 with 1 GB of email storage space and 1 MB of file storage. 5 email hosting domains are included.
Medium package: $34.95 USD with 5GB of space / 500 MB of email storage.
Max plan: $79.95, 25GB of storage for emails / 2 GB of file storage, plus 25 email hosting domains.
EUR 5-30/month
pay for extra storage, domains or addresses for EUR1-2 per month.
Mailbox storage25 GB for individual accountsFree version: 500 MB
Paid: 20 GB
Max. attachment limit130 MB25 MB and 100 attachments
Security featuresEnd to end encryption
Multi-layered server and redundancy layers to guarantee uptime
Two-stage authentication as required
Norwegian law applied
Processes and procedures which guarantee the integrity of user data
2-factor authentication sign-in process
End-to-end encryption to ensure complete privacy

In summary

If you want to know that your emails are free from prying eyes, that your data is protected from digital access, and that you can enjoy communication securely online without advertising, Runbox is a great option to consider. It has thousands of happy customers worldwide, has been in operation for a number of years and has a powerfully ethics-driven ethos, with values that are supported by its employee-ownership structure and ongoing commitment to constant improvement and customer delivery.

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  1. Rob September 12, 2020 at 1:57 am

    I have tried to host my email with them, their support is super SLUGGISH — slow as ever!!! They simply don’t have much of any Customer Service at all. Can’t even log in, they are lacking password reset, and a host of other issues… I would NOT recommend RunBox to absolutely anyone, not even my worst enemy!

  2. F100 May 23, 2019 at 5:51 am

    From what I saw on my free trial, Runbox works very well. I think it’s also very secure but I can’t know for sure of course. I know Proton Mail is also pretty good but there are some questions about how secure it is and who is actually watching.

  3. devilmaycry21 April 12, 2019 at 8:07 pm

    Once again, ProtonMail wins by having a free option. When will these companies learn that you can’t nickel and dime people for security…everyone deserves to be safe…and there are plenty of ways to make free options work and still make money. smh, this always frustrates me….

    1. Heinrich Schuppisser July 21, 2019 at 10:18 am

      It is hardly nickel and diming someone to offer an excellent service. Freedom isn’t free. This all costs money. Runbox has superior encryption and privacy. It is second to none just as Express VPN is second to none. As big tech continues to up the ante of their data mining tactics and depths you will be begging to pay for services of this caliber.

    2. ManualFocusRing April 16, 2019 at 1:59 am

      If it’s free, your information is the product. As much as proton touts its security, it has been and continues to be primarily tied to various government funded entities. So yeah, there’s that.

  4. Suave Girl February 19, 2019 at 1:46 am

    I discovered Runbox a year ago and I loved it immediately. I feel much safer now, since it’s very obvious that big companies like Gmail and Outlook spy on us. I advise everyone to get a safer Email provider.

  5. Gaines Hawk February 10, 2019 at 10:10 pm

    What exactly is Runbox- little pun intended. I just went through the features attached and discovered I’ve been missing a lot on some of the nice plans provided by Runbox. I think I need to consider them for my next hosting.

  6. Alicia Horton January 29, 2019 at 9:56 am

    Best latest encryption email client . Highly recommended for security savvy individuals

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