Setting up a VPN for Roku is relatively simple. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps, and then you can start enjoying channels from the comfort of your own home, safe in the knowledge that your activity is not being watched.

However, you need an internet connection to enjoy this. A good VPN for Roku should be able to keep you secure while on the internet. With the right VPN for Roku, you should be able to have unlimited access to music, sports, films, series and much more. This article will also outline the best VPNs for using this service covering aspects such as accessibility, ease of use, speed and much more.

Setting up a Router

Your first step is to set up a router, one that is VPN enabled. To do this, turn off the modem and unplug the Ethernet cable from your Roku. Connect that cable to the internet port on your new router, then power on your modem and router. Connect the Ethernet cable to your Roku and turn it on. Change the router’s default password. Set up security for your router. This boosts its effectiveness by monitoring users. Configure it with the server address that you intend to address.

Connecting Your Roku to the Router

Connect your Roku to your router by going to the main menu and clicking Settings. Click on the Network button. In the Network menu, click on the command button Wireless (Wi-Fi). A number of networks will appear. You will be asked to choose your network. Select the router that you have just set up. Enter the new password for your router and click on the Connect button. Your VPN for Roku is now connected and you can enjoy content from several channels.

Features of a Roku Device

Some of the features of the Roku device are:

  • Every Roku device gives you access to over three thousand channels.
  • All the devices can connect using an HDMI cable. This gives it ease of use.
  • The devices support quality videos of up to 1080p HD videos.
  • There is a free Roku Mobile app which when installed can be used to control every device. Download it from iTunes or Google Play Store.
  • A remote control gadget comes alongside every Roku device.
  • Each Roku device comes with a wireless internet connection.

The devices also come with a USB storage. Some have a port that enables you to play externally stored videos. Optical audio allows you to connect to external sound systems in your home. A voice remote will enable you to search your favorite channels without typing. This is by saying it out loud. A remote finder button on the device causes the remote to make alarms and make it easier to find it. Gaming buttons on the remote also help you play games from the net using your Roku device.

Types of Roku devices and their features

Streaming stick – it is a small device plugged on to the HDMI port of your TV. It has a voice search enabled remote and amazing volume control.

Roku Ultra – it has amazing features and very unique functionality. Comes with headphones, USB cable, and an adapter.

Roku Premiere – this is the latest device with features like voice search, gaming buttons, and a headphone jack.

Roku Express – it is mobile and very suitable for traveling and long distance usage.

How Roku works

Having connected your Roku device to the TV, Roku downloads videos from the internet and you watch them on your TV. It automatically streams the video hence there is no need to save. You also load channels and get to watch the programmes they offer. Most of the programmes are not live but are recorded. However, live programmes can also be streamed. Most channels send their programs to Roku service provider. The user is, therefore, free to watch any programme at any time unlike normal when the channels dictate the program.

The channels available on Roku are numerous. They fall into various categories such as :

  • Movies and TV where you find channels like Netflix, Amazon Instant, Google Play, and Hulu.
  • News which features in BBC, Fox News, Weather Nation, and more.
  • Sports feature in NHL Game Centre, NFL Now, WWE Networks, etc.
  • YouTube, Break, Vimeo, and countless others.
  • There are also music channels which stream the latest music all day. You can use Roku to stream anything from wherever. This is why it remains popular.

Best VPNs for Roku

While Roku remains a popular streaming device, the sad thing is that the list of channels that you can install and watch on Roku remains limited for people living outside the United States. The only option available is to use VPN to hide your location online.

Here is a list of top VPN services that are a good option for Roku devices. With any of these VPNs, it is easy to access Roku even as you keep your browsing history anonymous.


ExpressVPN is definitely the pro and they are in a class of their own. They are also one of the few services that allow you to unblock the US Netflix library.

You can use ExpressVPN to unlock American channels such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Showtime, and many others on Roku. It also makes it possible for you to run 3 VPN connections simultaneously, which is simply great.

ExpressVPN uses a no-logs policy and has outstanding support for all users. The VPN comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days and is suitable for Mac, PC, Android, and iOS. It is in over 136 locations, in close to 90 countries. It has no logging for network traffic and is suitable for streaming Netflix. The only con of ExpressVPN is that it is a little bit more expensive as compared to the other VPN services. However, you will get real value for money.

Double VPN

This is an application for Android, Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone and is among the friendliest when it comes to customer service. It takes you less than a minute to set it up. After this, you can launch the app and connect to your preferred VPN server.

It also comes with a warranty period of 30 days. This is a period that is more than enough to test their servers fully. The VPN is available in about 57 countries. While it is relatively cheaper, it provides great features for Roku.

It has an IP hiding feature and allows access to Netflix and Roku. It also has 2 different types of a kill switch. You have the option of choosing between closing an app completely or choosing to terminate your internet connection where there are unexpected dropouts.

It allows for 6 simultaneous connections and allows for access to servers in over 5000 locations. They allow for access to the DoubleVPN servers and this can serve to encrypt data twice. It allows you to make six simultaneous connections.


This is another VPN that is among the best for Roku. Even though it is relatively new, it does perfectly well for Roku. This is on top of the fact that they have a guide that is easy to follow in the installing VPN on routers and setting up the virtual router on your PC or Mac.

One of the advantages of BulletVPN is that it comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days. It also has live support that is available for 24 hours.

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Is it possible to jailbreak a Roku device?

To “jailbreak” means to remove any restrictions put by the manufacturer. Most users try jailbreaking Roku to install Kodi, which is software that can give unlimited access to pirated entertainment content.

To install Kodi on Roku, connect the two-to-one wireless network. Download Kodi software on your device. Using your Roku device will turn on screen mirroring. Go to Settings then select “System” and on that menu enable screen mirroring.

Turn on screen mirroring on your device by going to “Settings”, then “Network”, then “Display”, and finally “Connection” buttons. Go to Control Panel and choose a wireless device. Select your device, then turn on Kodi. What you watch on Kodi will be shown on the device connected to Roku.

Hacks and tricks on Roku

Instead of having to navigate what to watch through the device, you can use the RokuApp. Tap the “What’s On” icon and all the movie categories will be displayed. To find channels that are not listed on the Roku Channel Store, check out the Roku Guide to view more channels.

To play back content without re-streaming, go to the Account menu. Click on “My Profile”, then “Playback” settings. This will enable you to watch content that had been streamed hours ago without using data.

You can also use Roku to compare the cost of streaming content from different channels. Click on the magnifying glass and you will get results on a search across all channels. This includes channels you are not registered on. Search using the title, actor or director of a movie and series and get amazing results.