Since its inception, the Davis Cup has grown to amass worldwide recognition and respect. As we await the 105th Davis Cup, we’re excited to see how Croatia faces off against France in the finals at Stade Pierre Mauroy in France. It was a heavily contested match between France and Spain as the former emerged with a tight 3-2 victory in the semi-finals while Croatia trekked from the fourth position after facing off with the USA.

It’s important to note that both Croatia and France are former winners of the Davis Cup and have actually faced each other once in the past. It becomes tricky trying to pick sides especially considering both teams have the world’s best players. Considering Croatia broke the winning streak the US had maintained for so long, it should be all lit up when they meet the French on their home ground.

How to watch the Davis Cup for free

The event will be aired live on France TV from the Friday, 23rd of November to the 25th. Citizens of France streaming online or watching on TV should have an easy time during this period. Coverage is set to start at 2 pm over at Lille which is 1 pm GMT, 5 am PT, 8 am ET and midnight AEDT. For French citizens who’ll be in the country at the time, the event should immediately begin to stream during this period. Nonetheless, those that might be outside the country should not feel left out – that can easily be solved with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The million dollar question here should be how do you watch the Davis Cup finals outside France and still get real-time updates? It’s good to note that outside France, fans will experience a little monstrosity referred to as geo-blocking. This refers to blocking certain content from reaching certain areas. This is mostly used for people outside a country – you wonder why France TV wasn’t among your options the last time you took that Germany vacation. The answer here is that term called geo-blocking that keeps you from accessing the fun you want.

How to bypass geo-blocking


Generally, geo-blocking will be applicable if you find yourself outside a specific geographical location. As a matter of fact, geo-blocking should be among the least of your problems. A certain trend is seen where every technology invented comes along with a countermeasure.

What if you could fool your computer to believe you are still in France while actually, you’re about to hit your 6th month in Australia! What if you could actually appear as if you are streaming your channels from France as opposed to wherever you are? This is the wonderful technology already mentioned above – the VPN. Companies sending out their employees to far off places would have them connect to the company’s servers through secured VPNs. The technology has slowly found numerous uses and it can now logically answer your wondering question on how to watch the grand Davis Cup outside France. Nonetheless, there are still other pretty easier means to access the Davis Cup final while in selected areas.

Other channels to watch Davis Cup Live outside France

Citizens in the UK are not that lucky since most broadcasters will not get the chance to air the event. Neither Eurosport nor Bt Sport, or even Sky will be broadcasting the event this time. Actually, those seeking to watch the Davis Cup in the UK will be required to visit the Davis Cup video feed which now goes for a one-time payment of €4.99. You will still need an internet connection to get all the action in real time.

Should you find yourself in the US, the Tennis Channel should serve you just right. Assuming you have already paid for the subscription, you should be able to access all the happenings in France as they occur. Streaming from Canada should lead you to TVA and Sportsnet. You’ll be advantaged here since you’ll also be enjoying these channels in the native French dialect – shouldn’t be so hard for you now, right? Tennis seems to have made its way down under and reached Australia. Those to be found here should enjoy the Davis Cup on beIN Australia.

If, however, you are to be found in none of the above-mentioned locations, then a credible VPN should give you the experience you are looking for. Setting up the VPN might be the challenging part for certain individuals and that’s why we are here to guide your path.

Setting up your VPN

You begin your journey on deciding on the VPN service that appeals most to you. It should not only be tantalizing in terms of price but should also offer great value in virtue of speeds and privacy.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed your preferred VPN, you’ll then be asked to pay for your subscription. Once this is done, you can log in your information, then open your VPN and select the servers you want to connect to. If you are outside France, you should consider connecting to a server in France.

Once this process is done, you can now connect to your VPN at ease and stream at super-fast speeds.

Using a VPN to watch the Davis Cup Online outside France

Now that we’ve told you the process, we can proceed to explore the best VPN services in the market that we’d recommend for you. You should conduct your research and read the reviews, but you can be sure you’ve landed yourself in a good place – you’ll be renewing your subscriptions without a need for a reminder.


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Now, you can enjoy watching the Davis Cup from anywhere in the world!