Great news for all NCIS: New Orleans fans! After what seemed like a long wait, season 5 has finally been released on CBS on September 25, 2018, meaning there is no better time to stock up on plenty of popcorn, camp out on your sofa and make sure you know how to watch NCIS: New Orleans online. With a brand new episode aired every Tuesday night at 10 pm (ET), season 5 will feature 24 episodes.

For those unaware of the plot, NCIS: New Orleans is an action drama which follows the work of a local field office in The Big Easy, the US’s most colourful city, known equally for harboring music and artists as well as a dark and decadent side.

Pride and his diverse and competent team investigate criminal cases tied to the Navy or Marine Corps, which lead them to murder, espionage, bomb-making and some pretty hardcore situations. Boasting an intricate blend of humor and jaw-dropping action scenes, the amusing show has earned its popularity for a reason.

Quashing rumours of actor Scott Bakula leaving – after last season’s cliffhanger ending saw his character being shot and left to die – the Quantum Leap star returns in the fifth season for the leading role as NCIS Special Agent in Charge Dwayne Cassius Pride.

Supported by Lucas Black as second in command Christopher LaSalle and Vanessa Ferlito as tough FBI Agent Tammy Gregorio, the long-awaited release couldn’t look any better! Indeed, the NCIS: New Orleans cast boasts plenty of talented actors, including Rob Kerkovich playing Sebastian Lund, Daryl Mitchell as Patton Plam, and CCH Punder as Loretta Wade.

As many will be aware, NCIS: New Orleans has been at the centre of a media storm for the past year, due to the controversial firing of Brad Kern. Having been in charge as the series showrunner since 2016, the American TV producer and writer exited the company after claims of harassment.

However, executive producer Christopher Silber has taken charge of Season 5, assuring fans they will be happy with the upcoming action. Silber has been working on NCIS: New Orleans since episode 14 of season one, meaning the veteran knows the show inside out.

If you want to know how to watch NCIS: New Orleans online, keep reading!

Geo-blocking: what is it and how does it affect you?

Have you ever tried to make an online purchase or watch a video online and have been blocked from the site? If so, I’m afraid you’ve already experienced geo-blocking!

That’s right, this type of technology uses the user’s IP address to restrict online access to content that is based in a different geographical zone. Geo-blocking is commonly used to limit access to premium online content and affects television shows and films.

Streaming sites such as Netflix and HBO use this, and so if you don’t live in the United States and want to figure out how to watch NCIS: New Orleans online, there are a couple of available options.

How to get around geo-blocking

The easiest option, for those who can afford it and happen to live in a country where these services are offered, is to open an account on a popular content viewing site.

Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youku and BBC iPlayer are just a few examples of official online streaming platforms which don’t have to worry about copyright laws. How this works is you pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for the service. Doing so will allow you to access all content and avoid those annoying advertising pop-ups, as well as avoiding slow content buffering.

If you specifically want to watch NCIS: New Orleans online, both Amazon Prime and CBS’s own streaming site feature the TV show.

An alternative option is to use Virtual Public Networks. Known as VPN for short, it consists of a network that encrypts your requests, meaning your IP address is private, and so geo-blocking technologies can’t pinpoint your location.

While members of the entertainment industry frequently condemn this alternative, the use of VPNs is not illegal. Besides, VPNs provide users with extra security, in the sense that their data is encrypted and sent through a private channel.

So going back to tips on how to watch NCIS: New Orleans online, these are a few VPNs users can look to if they choose not to subscribe to their local streaming websites or are unable to do so due to the location.

Option 1: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN LogoOn one hand, there’s ExpressVPN, which boasts the highest ratings online. The easy-to-use VPN is secure and fast and can get users into often-blocked streaming services such as Netflix. Its admirable speed makes it a perfect fit for online gamers who can use the VPN (yes, games can also be geo-blocked!).

However, it’s the most expensive service in the market, so you will have to pay extra if you want the best tool.

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Option 2: NordVPN

NordVPN logoIf you’re looking for a slightly less expensive VPN that’s still good quality-wise, NordVPN is the way forward.

Money-wise, you can get two years for the price of one with ExpressVPN, and still ensure a highly secure and private connection. All of its functionalities are top notch, and you will be able to forget about the whole geo-blocking situation and enjoy the content.

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Option 3: Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access logoFor those who prefer to go on a month-by-month basis and are looking for an even cheaper solution, PIA (Private Internet Access) is the choice for you.

This VPN service manages to maintain top-tier speed and security, although the features are not as good as those of ExpressVPN and NordVPN. In other words, it meets the requirements you need to access online streaming platforms, although you might need a bit of patience every now and then.

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Option 4: CyberGhost

Cyberghost logoWhile CyberGhost isn’t as cheap as PIA, its services are arguably more complete. From the first click, the service offers an accessible option for those unfamiliar with VPN details, meaning you don’t have to be a savvy tech expert to use this tool.

CyberGhost does a terrific job when it comes to speed, which is the most important aspect of a VPN, along with security.

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So which one should you choose to watch NCIS: New Orleans online? Indeed, every option fits a different profile: if you’re a gamer then you might be more interested in purchasing a top-class VPN, and instead if you’re low on cash you probably don’t mind waiting around with PIA as long as it keeps the budget low.

Our personal choice would be the two-year subscription on NordVPN, along with a Prime Amazon account. This way you’ll never miss out on your favorite NCIS: New Orleans episodes!