Silicon Valley, HBO’s most potent answer to CBS’sThe Big Bang Theory, is a comedy television series that depicts the lives of five young men who establish their very own Silicon Valley start-up, Pied Piper. Unlike its CBS equivalent,Silicon Valleyhas received consistent critical acclaim since its premiere.

The show invariably delivers an insightful and hilarious look at contemporary technology alongside the people who are behind it. In this article, we’ll offer a brief overview of the series, as well as show you how to watchSilicon Valleyonline.

Why people love Silicon Valley

Currently, at its fifth season,Silicon Valley has had its sixth and possibly final season delayed by HBO until 2020 due to one of their executive producer’s commitment to another TV series,Barry. One of the most controversial aspects ofSilicon Valley is its highly accurate depiction of the tech world. On his personal blog, Bill Gates confessed to the extremely faithful parody and lampooning of the original Bay Area. Microsoft’s founder also let us in on another contentious aspect about the whirlwind of epic fails, victories, and revelry presented in the show: many of his Silicon Valley friends can’t watch it because they feel it’s specifically making fun of them.

Bill Gates’ comment was echoed by Thomas Middleditch, the member of the main cast who plays Richard Hendricks. Thomas said that friends and fans frequently tell him they can’t watch the show because of how true it is to the spirit of the California tech industry. Most of them feel it’s enacting some of the worst memories of their professional lives. If nothing else, this is reason enough to find out how to watchSilicon Valleyonline.

What is Silicon Valley about?

The first season ofSilicon Valley focuses on the compression application that Richard develops, named Pied Piper. Richard quits his job as a coder at the major tech company Hooli in order to fully dedicate himself to the Piper. A billionaire founder, Christopher Evan Welch, played by Peter Gregory, agrees to seed Richard’s app by acquiring a stake in the start-up, while the latter hires Bertram Gilfoyle, Dinesh Chugtai, as well as Jared Dunn to help with developing his software.

The remainder of the season focuses on Richard’s former company trying to steal his idea from him by reverse-engineering their ex-employee’s algorithm under the name Nucleus. Hooli is successful in their attempt and both companies are scheduled to present their product at a TechCrunch event. Just so we stay clear of major spoilers, we won’t reveal the denouement of this show-down. Needless to say, the Pied Piper makes it to the second season, which focuses on the proper financing of the project and the team’s effort to battle a bogus claim of copyright infringement filed by Hooli.

Season three sees the app launch and while many users install it, few of them continue to use it due to its complex interface. However, Pied Piper finds a way to turn their luck around based on a marginal feature that Dinesh included on the platform. The fourth season sees a big change in Richard’s plan, as he begins to work on a decentralized, peer-to-peer Internet entirely powered by a network of cell phones. In the last season currently available, the Pied Piper group hires a large team of developers to work on Richard’s new Internet idea.

Why you can’t watch Silicon Valley online

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How to watch Silicon Valley online outside of the U.S.

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A show that’s worth a VPN

Although you have now found out how to watchSilicon Valleyonline from anywhere around the world, there’s no guarantee that your Internet traffic is not monitored. With the rise of global intelligence gathering organizations such as the Five and the Fourteen Eyes, it’s become crucial that we take it upon ourselves to safeguard our private data when going online.

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