We live in a technology-oriented world with access to various multimedia platforms at every juncture.

Though television has been somewhat replaced as social media and YouTube have risen to prominence, that doesn’t mean it’s been rendered obsolete. In fact, television series have never been more popular.

One show that’s been propelled into the mainstream since its inception is The Bachelor. But what exactly is The Bachelor and how do you view it online? This is a critical consideration, especially if you live outside the USA.

Before we delve into the heart of this article, let’s begin with a quick synopsis of the show:

What is The Bachelor?

The Bachelor is a reality television series revolving around a single bachelor who’s subjected to a pool of potential love interests. Through a series of tasks, eliminations and interesting situations, the bachelor aims to ultimately find his wife, with the show culminating in a marriage proposal to the lucky lady.

Along the way, participants experience various romantic settings, and though the show doesn’t always follow an exact structure, the rough outlines are fairly consistent.

Sometimes the context of the show switches up for entertainment purposes, including eliminated contestants returning to plead their case, eliminations outside of the normal process and many more interesting turns.

Twists are part and parcel of the appeal, and are one of the biggest reasons why the show has had longevity.

After 23 successful seasons since 2002, the show has gone from strength to strength, cementing itself as a staple of popular culture.The Bachelor is hosted by Chris Harrison, and its success has spawned multiple spin-offs includingBachelor in Paradise,The Bachelorette,Bachelor Pad, The Bachelor Winter Games, andBachelor in Paradise: After Paradise.

It has received critical and commercial acclaim, alongside multiple international versions of the concept in countries like Finland, France, Croatia, China, Canada, Brazil, and many more.

The 23rd season ofThe Bachelor aired in January 2019, with Week 9 airing in March. Now we’ve given you a backdrop on what the show about, let’s get into the nitty-gritty regarding how to watch the bachelor.

Let’s begin by looking at geoblocking before determining how to overcome this issue using a VPN.

Geoblocking: what is it?

Geoblocking is centered on limiting a user’s interest access based on their physical location.

The process is executed by websites, content providers, and other parties whose restrictions are designed to safeguard business operations.

Ask yourself how many times you’ve gone to watch a television show that airs outside of your country, only to receive an error message saying ‘this show will only play in its country of origin.’

Every computer has an IP address, which corresponds with the region you’re in. Geoblocking works when you make a request to a server for content, which in turn sends your IP address with it.

Content providers have an ultimate say regarding whether they permit access, and will do so based on the reasonable accuracy deciphering a user’s geographic location using their IP address.

Geoblocking is designed to segment and limit audiences to specific locations. Licensing limitations are one of the biggest reasons they’re implemented the way there are.

So with geoblocking presenting itself as a hurdle, you’re probably still wondering how to watch the bachelor online?

A VPN is probably the perfect solution for you.

Using a VPN to overcome obstacles

Because geoblocking uses geographic location to inhibit viewing, what if you could assign a random IP address to your computer (in this case – US IP address)?

Well, with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) this is a real possibility.

This will route your internet traffic via a remote location, using a secure, proven, reliable, and trustworthy approach.

If you’re wondering how to watch the bachelor live, you’ll be contemplating which VPN provider to choose.

Here are three of the best VPN providers on the market:

Which VPN Providers Are Best?

1. IPVanish

IPVanish service logo

IPVanish sells itself on quality service, and though it’s renowned for P2P and torrenting, it serves the same purpose all VPNs do. What’s great about IPVanish is there are no traffic logs, with high download speeds and adjustable software.

The company has more than 40,000 shared IPs, with 1500 VPN servers across 75 countries.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN service logo

NordVPN puts security at the forefront of operations. It is set up intuitively with compatibility for mobile and desktop devices and utilizes strong performance to deliver the ultimate user experience.

NordVPN draws from more than 5400 servers located in 59 countries around the world. It’s located in VPN-friendly Panama which has no data retention laws.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN service logo

This is a fantastic VPN for offshore unblocking. It comes with a wide scope of quality apps, plenty of servers, and delivers fantastic customer support too.

The platform has long been recognized as one of the best providers on the planet, renowned for its lightning speeds. Festering over how to watch The Bachelor? Fester no more!

Most controversial moments from The Bachelor

If you love a bit of controversy, you’ll appreciate these top moments from the history of the show:

Ben plays two women

In Season 20, bachelor Ben told two women he loves them! Though he was clearly looking for love, he was barking up the wrong tree with his decision.

Ben eventually sent JoJo home, giving the final rose to Lauren, but the two canceled their wedding engagement sometime later.

Juan’s misdemeanor

In Season 18 of the show, one of the biggest playboy bachelors the show has ever seen learned a lesson in self-control. He was sleeping with various girls, dismissing their feelings, and was ultimately called a creep by Clare Crawley.

On their final date, Juan whispered some sexual comments into Claire’s ear during what should’ve been a romantic moment.

Clare went on to rip Juan apart for being a terrible parent after being insulted and offended by his comments.

Jason with the switcheroo!

Love is messy at the best of times, but things got very confusing during Season 13! Having proposed to Melissa, giving her the final rose, Melissa’s counterpart Molly was forced to walk away from the prospect of a dream lifestyle.

But during the ‘After The Final Rose’ interview, Jason admitted he didn’t have much chemistry with Melissa and actually proposed to Molly instead!

Ben had the audacity to ask for the ring back from Melissa so Molly and Ben could be married on television. They’re still married to this day and have two children together.