Are you a fan of NBC comedy-drama hit, This is Us? Then you’ll want to find out how to watch This is Us online using a VPN service. It’s quick, easy – and lets you bypass all of the usual issues that occur when you try to access American online content from the UK!

Read on now to find out more.

About This Is Us

Jack and his heavily pregnant wife are expecting triplets, and they’ve just relocated to a new home in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Kevin – a suave, handsome and successful TV actor, is tiring of his long standing bachelor lifestyle. New Yorker Randall and his wife, Beth, are raising their two children while he works as a businessman, and he deals with the fact he was abandoned as an infant at a fire station.

The show explores the way that each character’s lives become entwined in surprising and unexpected ways, with comedic and dramatic results that have resonated strongly with a huge audience.

The series first aired in 2016 on the NBC network and it’s since won a variety of awards, including the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

There have been three seasons and 45 episodes to date, and the third season premiered in September. Airing at the prime time of 9 pm in the USA, it captures an audience of over 10 million per episode.

How to watch This is Us online in the UK

There are three ways that you can pay and watch This Is Us online in the UK. These are:

More 4

If you want to watch This Is Us online at home, you can see the latest episode at More 4 on Wednesday at 1 pm, or on catch-up at All 4. However, you can’t see previous episodes as they are removed quickly after showing.

Amazon Prime

You can also see Series 1 on Amazon Prime if you pay for the Prime service for £79 a year or £9.99 a month. Season 2 is only available to purchase at £19.99. You can also buy individual HD episodes for £2.49 each.

Channel 4

The channel has purchased the rights to broadcast series 3 but has yet to announce its dates for doing so – although they will be in 2019. Watch this space!

However, if you can’t wait – it’s time to explore the immediate alternative of a VPN service for instant access to the show.

Why can’t I watch This Is Us online via

The issue is down to something called geo-blocking. Basically, NBC produces content for US audiences as a commercial broadcaster. This means that it blocks its content to internet users from other countries who are trying to watch its shows, either via its website or app.

It does this by checking the user’s IP address as it tries to connect to the server and puts up a firewall to prevent access if the IP shows that the device – and user – is based overseas. However, you can get past this by using a VPN.

Why you need a VPN

If you’re asking how to watch This Is Us online without having to see only the latest episode or pay for the previous series, it’s time to use a VPN service. It basically allows you to mask your location by providing anonymity and giving you access to a temporary IP address that is located in the USA.

When you connect to, its servers recognize you as having a native US IP address and allows you to access the content. And voila! You can watch your favorite show to your heart’s content there and then on the website or the app.

Other benefits to choosing a VPN

You’ll get more from your VPN than just a quick route to unlocking overseas TV content too. For example:

  • You can have the security of being anonymous online
  • You can upload internet content privately
  • You can make use of private IP addresses
  • You can use public wifi safely
  • You can share files without any risk of being hacked
  • You can hide your browser activity from any user logs, ISPs or local networks
  • You can get around any user blocks or attempts at censorship.

Our top VPN choices

There are various VPN services that advertise their services online, but they all offer something slightly different and not all of them can bypass geo-blocking for you to access TV content in the USA.

However, these are three VPN services that we recommend for the quality of their offer and ability to get you in front of your favorite This Is Us episode in just a few steps.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN service logo

This VPN has 1,800+ US servers which are HD optimized for excellent streaming content (assuming that your internet connection is sufficiently fast.)

As another bonus, it lets you register six user accounts and keeps no user logs, so you can maintain total privacy.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN service logo

This is good choice, despite being a little more expensive than other providers on the VPN market.

It is extremely fast, instant to set up and use, offers excellent security and has all of the servers you could ever need for a variety of anonymous, safe and ad-blocked internet activity purposes.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost service logo

We like this because it allows you the flexibility to select your chosen location mask server or select a server according to what you plan to do. This means you can choose a US server that will allow you to register with NBC and watch This Is Us instantly while staying secure and private.

You’ll also benefit from enhanced security, malware- and ad-blocking and great customer service.

How to watch This Is Us online – the setup

Your VPN service provider customer service team will provide you with an easy-to-use guide for getting set up. Typically the process involves:

  • Creating your own private account once you’ve signed up to your service
  • Downloading the app for your device of choice
  • Selecting a US server to start watching This Is Us on NBC
  • Using the offered temporary IP address to get around the geoblock
  • Heading to the NBC site or app and starting your This Is Us party

VPN services are very popular and offer a range of features which are well worth exploring if you are a regular online user and keen to make the most of content from TV programming stations across the world.

So, if you want to start binge-watching the latest exploits of The Pearson family – without needing to take a flight to the USA to indulge your viewing passion – then register now.