TorGuard for Kodi in 2023

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Last updated: April 8, 2021
TorGuard for KODI
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This review will look at one of the leading Kodi VPNs – TorGuard. We’ll discuss whether it offers the security, ease of use, speed, and value Kodi fans require. Hopefully, with our help, you’ll be able to stream safely whenever you like.

Kodi is a service that changed the way we watch TV. This magical little streaming app can be loaded onto Smart TVs, run from Android phones, or stored on computers, providing access to a galaxy of content.

Nonetheless, whenever you use streaming services, security should always be a consideration, and Kodi is no exception. Having a good Virtual Private Network (VPN) could save you plenty of hassle further down the road – especially if global authorities continue to show hostility to Kodi add-on makers.

A quick introduction to finding a Kodi VPN

Before we assess the merits of TorGuard, it’s helpful to run over a few reasons to use a VPN with Kodi. After all, the streaming service seems to work just fine without encryption and privacy protection, so why risk slow-down and compatibility issues?

Well, there are several excellent reasons. Firstly, if you want to use Kodi to access legitimate streaming services like ESPN, Hulu, Netflix, or the BBC iPlayer, you might run into geo-blocking restrictions. These blocks can put the content you love out of reach just because you live in the wrong place. A good VPN can anonymize your location and work around these barriers.

VPNs are also an excellent way to protect your privacy when using Kodi’s many streaming add-ons. If you intend to stream sports, movies, or TV box sets and are worried about falling foul of copyright regulations, VPNs can keep your activity under the radar. So how does the TorGuard Kodi performance measure up?

What makes TorGuard a good VPN for Kodi?

TorGuard Kodi features

The most important thing to note about TorGuard is that it sells itself as a P2P-friendly VPN. Since being founded, TorGuard has championed streaming in all of its forms, offering a fast and secure way to download torrents or use tools like Kodi. And it backs up that stance with a range of features that Kodi users will find attractive:

  • High-quality encryption. TorGuard goes above and beyond the call of duty where encryption is concerned. Not content with offering industry-leading AES-256 bit encryption, the VPN also features 128-bit Blowfish encryption – a neat alternative that may help you set the right speed and security balance.
  • DNS leak protection. Leaky VPNs are worthless VPNs. Thankfully, TorGuard is reckoned to be one of the most watertight around, featuring full DNS/IP leak protection at all times.
  • TorGuard Kill Switch. Kill switches are an essential accessory for Kodi VPNs. They ensure that if your VPN coverage fails for any reason, your internet connection drops as well. So there aren’t any gaps where private data can leak out.
  • Multiple connections. Kodi users tend to need VPNs that work with their laptops, smartphones, and Smart TVs, so having multiple connections is a must. With TorGuard, you can connect a maximum of 8 devices under the same account, which should be more than enough for most users.
  • Speed and server selection. Kodi users demand high speeds. After all, it’s essentially a sophisticated streaming app. And TorGuard should deliver in this department. With 8.1 servers across 50+ countries, a quick server won’t be out of reach, and when you couple this with a P2P-friendly environment, smooth Kodi streams are frequently achievable.
  • Anonymous payment options. Subscribers to TorGuard can choose to pay in different cryptocurrencies and gift cards, ensuring that your credit card details will not be logged anywhere.
  • Zero logs. TorGuard has a very clear no-logging policy, so you don’t have to worry about your VPN handing over folders crammed with your browsing history to the police. Your data belongs to you, and no one else.
  • Flexible apps. TorGuard isn’t restricted to Windows PCs. In fact, you can download it for a range of platforms, including macOS, Android, and iOS. And as we’ll see, installing it with Kodi isn’t too tricky.

Are there any drawbacks to using a TorGuard Kodi combination?

The features listed above appear to add up to an impressive Kodi package. But is the TorGuard Kodi picture as clear-cut as it seems? Well, as with any VPN, there are some issues to discuss before you pay for a TorGuard subscription.

Firstly, TorGuard is based in the United States. That’s not necessarily a disaster for Kodi users, but it does raise issues about law enforcement surveillance. The US is highly hostile to illegal streaming, and since that is a major part of what Kodi is used for, this could be a deal-breaker.

Secondly, TorGuard are a bit deceptive when it comes to pricing. While their basic packages represent decent value ($4.99/month for an annual package), you may need to add extras onto your deal if you want a decent TorGuard Kodi setup.

For instance, you can choose to spend $7.99 more to obtain a dedicated streaming IP or pay $21.98/month to get their Streaming Bundle that includes a proxy, a VPN, and two dedicated IPs. You don’t need to sign up for these services, but they can make P2P activity faster and more secure. It’s a shame they aren’t offered with the basic VPN package.

How to set up a TorGuard Kodi configuration

Kodi configuration

Let’s assume you’re keen on installing TorGuard as your Kodi VPN. How would you go about doing so? One good option is to install TorGuard via the Kodi OpenVPN manager.

  1. First, you’ll need to download the OpenVPN manager if you haven’t done so already. Now head to Kodi, then click the “Add-Ons” menu.
  2. Select “Install from zip file” and find the OpenVPN manager file on your system.
  3. Follow the prompts, and you should receive a notification telling you that the OpenVPN manager has been successfully installed.
  4. Head back to the “Add-Ons” menu and load up the OpenVPN manager. Enter your TorGuard credentials in the fields provided and click “OK.”

Now, when you load up Kodi, it will automatically connect to TorGuard’s servers, providing you with full VPN protection.

Make sure you find the ideal VPN for your Kodi watching needs

Is TorGuard the right VPN for your Kodi-watching activities? As we’ve seen, it’s P2P-friendly, very solid where encryption is concerned, and full of other useful features that streaming fans will appreciate. And you can count on TorGuard to protect against IP leaks, as the company is defiantly anti-logging.

However, the pricing options won’t be to everyone’s tastes, and there’s room for doubt about the US location. Overall, though, TorGuard is a good option for Kodi users.

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  1. Emily

    Kodi sounds cool af but there’s no way in hell I’m getting a VPN based in the United States. I’m sure Torguard is cool but the U.S. government knows how to lean on people (and businesses) to get what they want. I’ll find something else for protecting myself while I use Kodi.

  2. Celticdream

    Was using Kodi without any VPN up until recently. I had no clue the dangers I was setting myself up for. I’m now much more aware of them and TorGuard seems to be doing a good job of protecting me.

  3. GenevieveJenkins6779

    Having a good VPN installed on my smart TV is incredible. I am impressed that I can change my style of watching TV. Obviously I can stream on my smart TV and enjoy variety of contents.

  4. neversaynever

    Been using ExpressVPN with no issues so far. I doubt TorGuard is making the right move in capturing the market share with their prices

  5. juandelatorre

    Not happy with their pricepoints, definitely on the pricier side. You can find better elsewhere. I can even name a few! Also it’s base being in the US is definitely a point to consider. Everything can go to shambles with just one wrong move. I don’t feel strongly about this.

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