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How to unblock YouPak

How to unblock YouPak

Can’t access YouPak from your location? No worries! Our guide on how to unblock YouPak has everything you need to get back to watching your favorite videos in no time.

Today’s society is driven by video content, a philosophy which was largely sparked by the overwhelming presence of YouTube.

But this isn’t the only platform for video sharing. YouPak has adopted similar principles, but what exactly is it?

What is YouPak?

YouPak has been referred to as the “Planet of Entertainment.” A big name to live up to, but a realistic one when you consider how many videos it has.

With so many categories to choose from, YouPak is essentially the Pakistani alternative to YouTube, in areas where the latter is restricted.

Users regularly tune in for inspirational content, to be entertained and informed.

The interface looks very familiar, and videos are generally organized according to category. There are comments and sharing options too, adding to the interactivity that’s commonplace in today’s media markets.

YouPak has grown in popularity because it’s very user-friendly, alongside new videos being posted regularly. There truly is something for everyone with this great platform, which is enjoyed across the globe.

But unfortunately, things aren’t always straightforward. Issues with accessing the site are commonplace, often relating to geo-blocking for users in other countries.

This can inhibit the user experience dramatically, or essentially grind it to a halt if you can’t even get to the site.

Why does YouPak get blocked?

Sites can block users based on geographic location, using their assigned IP address to determine what region they’re in. This is related to exclusive copyright agreements, allowing access only to certain locales.

Additionally, some schools and workplaces block sites to reduce distractions where they can destroy productivity. This will prevent users from eating into the company’s bandwidth too.

Though the YouPak block might appear difficult to overcome, it’s actually easier than you’d think!

Unblocking YouPak: is it possible?

Some attempt to unblock YouPak using web proxies, but this is generally unreliable.

If you’re seeking a truly effective solution, a VPN is your best bet.

VPNs allow you to bypass restrictions because they let you connect through servers based in foreign locations. If you go through a VPN, you’ll be assigned a new IP address, and will for all intents and purposes appear to be located in another country.

Using a VPN provides additional privacy and security as well, achieved as you disguise your IP address and encrypt your traffic.

Most importantly, you’ll be capable of enjoying content freely, utilizing your VPN to access videos of your choice.

Great VPNs for unblocking YouPak

With so many choices out there, choosing the right VPN can be challenging.

There are free VPNs on the market, but paid services are considerably faster, safer, and more reliable.

The best VPNs offer servers in multiple countries, giving you various options to overcome the blocks that prevent you from viewing content in your location. In this case, we are interested in services that have servers in Pakistan.

Here are a couple that will do the job.


Renowned for its breathtaking privacy, speed, and unblocking, ExpressVPN is positioned at the top of the VPN food chain and has servers in Pakistan and 90+ other countries. You’ll have access to 3,000+ servers in 160+ different locations, with custom firmware for routers and DNS content-unblocking.

What’s great about this VPN is it runs on any platform, has easy to use apps, and awesome customer support! Though technical aspects can seem daunting, be certain to take advantage of round the clock technical support which does exactly what it intends to.

ExpressVPN gives you the luxury of selecting a location based on personal preference, great security, and, most importantly, will unblock YouPak.

VPNpro rating: 9.1 / 10


This Romanian VPN combines power and ease of use for seamless consumer experience. Clients can unlock smart features, good performance levels, torrent support, and YouPak.

With more than ten million users, CyberGhost continually grows in popularity, comprising more than 5,700+ servers across 90+ countries, including Pakistan. This versatile VPN will serve you well when torrenting and otherwise.

Read our full CyberGhost review


YouPak is great if you can access it. The above VPN services will let you do that and a lot more!

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  1. Rawdha Mifsud May 22, 2019 at 9:34 am

    ExpressVPN is Easy to use, stable, reliable and little impact on speed, I sometimes forget its running. Love it & well recommended. The only complaint I have is that it was supposed to let me watch Netflix and stuff while it was on but it did it only for a couple of days and then never worked again.

  2. Gabriel lee April 7, 2019 at 11:31 pm

    Paid VPNs will be nice to work with YouPak and it will serve as a fast and secured means to connect with YouPak without the challenges that are faced with other VPNs that are free and unreliable.

  3. Sid April 2, 2019 at 2:17 pm

    I really like YouPak and it’s very popular in Pakistan since we can’t access YouTube. I thought I couldn’t access it when I was travelling to other countries but thanks to your guide I can! I’m getting Express VPN right now 🙂

  4. Carol Morris March 29, 2019 at 4:44 pm

    If you like entertainment, you will definitely be interested in knowing more about YouPak. When you consider many videos it has you will understand how relevant it could be to your planet of entertainment. I love it.

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