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No. of servers: 160+

Price from: $4.99

#36 out of 215 VPN providers

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Free version

Above-average speeds

No logs

Good for torrenting

Privacy-friendly location

What others say about Hide Me VPN:

Hide.me takes extra lengths to ensure your IP address is protected. Once the connection with the Hide.me VPN is established, the app will delete the default local gateway to your internet connection, so your IP will be completely inaccessible.

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Hide.me is known for speed, security, and transparency. They do not keep logs, which makes their VPN very reliable. Also, with apps for almost all major platforms, they are a favorite among millions of users.

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Hide.me does not publish the leadership or the team behind the company on its site, but a company representative told me the founder and CEO is Sebastian Schaub who, according to his LinkedIn profile at least, is based in Malaysia.


This company did pretty good on the speed tests. We cannot confirm their claim of the ‘world’s fastest VPN’ but we can say that they are definitely not disappointing. The speeds are equally reliable whether we are talking OpenVPN or any other protocol offered by this service.

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What is hide.me VPN

The developers and operators of hide.me VPN, eVenture Limited, are definitely fans of lowercase. More importantly, though, the IT experts behind this relative newcomer of a VPN service are also dedicated advocates of internet security and freedom. To prove their dedication, hide.me VPN was recently audited and certified as a log-free service by independent security analysts.

The hide.me’s server fleet seems very small at first with its 160+ servers in 30+ countries. Yet, surprisingly, this Malaysia-based VPN solution offers above-average speeds in most locations. It’s also great news for privacy that hide.me VPN has only bare metal servers, i.e., they own and manage all of their servers. These machines are also at the indicated physical locations – they have no virtual servers.

This VPN has all the important security and privacy features you may need. It uses unbreakable encrypted VPN tunnels and the best protocols, including OpenVPN and SoftEther. The latter is perfect for evading government firewalls and blocking, such as the Great Firewall of China.

Although hide.me VPN has great security and relatively good speeds, there are downsides as well. First off, it cannot unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or Amazon Prime. And the subscription plans are way too pricy for what you get. On the positive side, there’s a limited free version you can try any time without risking anything. The 14-day money-back guarantee is also there as an option, should you change your mind with the Plus or Premium paid VPN.

Hide Me VPN Facts

Company name eVenture Limited
Company name eVenture Limited
Global presence 30+ countries (55+ locactions)
Global presence 30+ countries (55+ locactions)
Money back policy 14 days
Money back policy 14 days
Business Location Malaysia
Business Location Malaysia
Privacy No logs policy
Privacy No logs policy
Domain https://hide.me
Domain https://hide.me
Number of servers 160+
Number of servers 160+
Free / Trial version Free version (limited)
Free / Trial version Free version (limited)
Other Names hide.me VPN, hide.me, Hide Me
Other Names hide.me VPN, hide.me, Hide Me

Where hide.me VPN is based and why it is important

When you’re looking for a VPN solution to protect your privacy and anonymity apart from wanting to visit censored websites, it could prove vital to know about the local jurisdiction. Where hide.me VPN is based may provide you with extra information regarding its security level.

hide.me VPN Location: Malaysia

Fortunately, Malaysia is one of the safer exotic locations where a VPN can be based. This country is not a Five, Nine, or Fourteen Eyes international surveillance alliance member. Malaysia has also not been reported to be a partner of any of the privacy-unfriendly member countries.

There are no mandatory data retention laws in effect, and the government also refrains from online censorship. Nonetheless, Malaysia has had its own corruption scandals in the past years. These political scandals lead to the arrests of bloggers and others who dared to use critical voice against the government. Still, it seems that freedom of speech is on the rise again despite the introduction of Fake News Act of 2018.

What does a Hide Me VPN location say?


Not a member of the Five/Nine/Fourteen Eyes


Torn by political/corruption scandals but stabilizing


Fake News Act may somewhat censor the internet


No mandatory data retention laws

Available plans and pricing

If there’s anything worse than not being able to afford a market-leading VPN, it’s probably when an above-average service is even more expensive. Although hide.me VPN has a free-forever VPN version, the paid plans (Plus and Premium) are absolutely out of line.

The hide.me VPN free version is, of course, limited. You have 2GB of internet traffic to use via 5 locations. On the positive side, no payment or credit card information is required to sign up for the free plan. All you need is a (throwaway) email address.

If you download the free app directly (without registration), its limit will be 500MB/2 weeks. You can renew this after 2 weeks. But, if you sign up for the free plan, you’ll have 2GB monthly data cap.

But let’s put the paid plans under the microscope now. Here are the hide.me VPN Plus subscription prices:

Plus - 1 Month

$ 9.95

per month

No savings

Billed every month

Plus - 6 Months

$ 6.95

per month

Save 30%

Billed $39.95 every 6 months

Plus - 12 Months

$ 4.49

per month

Save 50%

Billed $59.95 annually

The Plus hide.me pricing plans may strike you as relatively cheap. But let us add right away that this is still a somewhat limited VPN subscription. With a 75GB data cap and 1 simultaneous connection allowed, the above prices already appear to be rather steep. And, it gets worse.

The Premium plan finally offers unlimited data and 5 simultaneous connections. However, the three hide.me VPN Premium plans will probably blow your “VPN cost fuse.”

  • Premium – 1 Month: $12.95 per month
  • Premium – 6 Months: $9.15 per month (billed $79.95 every 6 months)
  • Premium – 12 Months: $8.32 per month (billed $119.95 every year)

The truth is, neither the free nor the Plus plan will get you too far if your demands are high concerning data traffic. These two basic subscriptions can be enough when you simply need geo-unblocking to read censored websites from your location. For more serious users, only the hide.me Premium VPN could be satisfying. However, keep in mind that this VPN service is somewhat limited when it comes to online entertainment.

On a more positive note, hide.me VPN has anonymous payment options in the form of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Litecoin). And, let’s not forget about the 14-day money-back guarantee, which is also a kind of security that your money won’t go to waste.

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Read our hide.me VPN review

Platforms hide.me VPN supports

This provider supports the leading platforms, but nothing too “fancy.” In other words, you can find a native app for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox. Additionally, hide.me VPN also supports routers, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Kodi, Amazon Fire Stick, Linux, and more. However, these “extra” platforms need to be set up manually. No worries though, you’ll find detailed instructions and videos to help you with that.

Hide Me VPN Windows
Hide Me VPN macOS
Hide Me VPN iOS
Hide Me VPN Android
Hide Me VPN Chrome
Hide Me VPN Firefox

It’s worth noting that not all clients are equipped the same way. The Windows hide.me VPN app appears to be the best in this sense – it has all the possible settings and features. The macOS and mobile versions are somewhat poorer on this front. Nevertheless, all the hide.me VPN clients are straightforward and intuitive. Yet, there’s plenty of room for more hard-core VPN users to tweak around.

hide.me VPN for online entertainment

When it comes to online entertainment, users mostly think of streaming TV shows, torrenting, and online gaming. So, when you want to buy the best VPN for your purposes, it’s important to learn about its capabilities. With hide.me VPN, you may get lucky in certain areas and fall short in others.


Unfortunately, this is an area where you would most likely wouldn’t succeed. It’s not possible to use hide.me VPN for streaming any of the most popular entertainment platforms. In other words, you can forget about Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and the rest. What you’re left with is basically streaming centers like YouTube. If you want to unblock and stream geo-restricted TV shows and movies, hide.me VPN will not take you far.




On the other hand, if torrenting is your main focus, hide.me in could satisfy your need. If you skip the servers labeled “No P2P,” you should be safe downloading and uploading large files. However, this doesn’t mean that sharing pirated material becomes legal due to this potential.


Since hide.me VPN is quite good at geo-unblocking, spoofing your location, and its servers are relatively fast, so you should be able to enjoy online gaming. One of the criteria for a seamless online gaming experience is low latency time. If it’s too high, you might have lags and buffering issues. So, before you start your gaming session, make sure you’re connected to the most optimal server. It’s usually the closest physical server, but you’d need to test several to find the best for you in your location.

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hide.me VPN in China


Because of Deep Packet Inspection by the Chinese government and its rigorous Great Firewall, most VPNs have issues in China. But hide.me VPN has a solution for you. This service offers the open-sourced SoftEther protocol as an option, which masks your encrypted internet traffic as HTTPS traffic. This protocol is known for its successful firewall evasion and unblocking capabilities. If you’re located in China or will travel there, hide.me VPN could be a good choice. But you can always find something better and cheaper.

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