If you are at school or live in a country where access is restricted to certain websites, then a proxy could be the perfect solution. While many people who have such restrictions imposed on them often end up using a VPN as many of them do not know what proxies are.

We will take you through what a proxy is and how it can help make your internet browsing experience much safer than before. We will also tell you about the hide.me proxy, which is one of the most advanced proxies in the world and is loaded with a ton of different features.

In the end, we’ll cover the differences between a proxy and a VPN so that you can understand their different purposes and decide which one to use for your own browsing needs.

How proxy works

What is a proxy?

Proxy is short for a proxy server. A proxy server acts as a middle-man between you and the server that you are trying to connect to.

For example, if you connect to Facebook, your connection will send a request to the Facebook servers and start transmitting data once the request has been accepted. However, if you connect through a proxy server, then you will request data from the proxy server which will then request data from the Facebook servers and send it to you.

Why use a proxy?

There are 2 main reasons to use a proxy. The first one is that you are able to go through any censorship that your internet may have. Many countries have strict laws governing internet use which do not allow users to access certain websites.

Using a proxy, you will be able to bypass some restrictions placed on your internet IP address. It can help in case your internet is being restricted by the government, your employer, or your school. Once you open a proxy website, all you need to do is to type in the URL that you want to visit and you will be able to access it.

Proxy is a good way to make sure that no one is able to take a look at your browsing history

Secondly, a proxy is a good way to make sure that no one is able to take a look at your browsing history. It is no hidden secret that there are probably multiple different organizations that are currently spying on your internet activity. A proxy will make sure that anyone who takes a look at your browsing history will only be able to see that you are connected to a proxy and nothing else.

Hide.me proxy features

There are tons and tons of proxy websites available on the internet. In order to stand out from the rest of the pack, proxies need to provide extra features. The hide.me proxy does just that, so let’s take a look at the extra goodies that you get when you use their proxy.

Hide.me proxy locations map

Hide.me proxy locations

One of the main advantages of using the hide.me proxy is that you can select which location you want to act as a proxy. Currently, there are 3 different countries for you to choose from which are Germany, USA, and the Netherlands.

Remember that the closer the proxy server is to your location, the faster and more stable your experience will be. Hide.me has strategically selected these locations in order to provide the best possible experience for all residents currently in Europe and North America. Sadly, there are no locations currently available in any of the other continents.

Hide.me proxy security features

Proxies are generally considered more secure than a standard network connection, but not secure enough compared to other network security tools such as VPNs. Hide.me tries to change that by offering certain features which would protect you from threats such as hacking and malware.

For example, it is up to you whether or not you want to allow Cookies on the page. On top of that, you have the option of completely encrypting the URL as well as the data on the page that you are visiting. Encryption makes sure that even if someone is able to intercept your network traffic, they will not be able to decrypt it and take a look at your data.

Encryption makes sure that even if someone is able to intercept your network traffic, they will not be able to decrypt it and take a look at your data

Lastly, you have the option of removing both Scripts and Objects. These 2 combined are known as some of the most common ways of spreading malware and being able to remove them can give users concerned with security an incentive to use the hide.me proxy.

Browser extension

Browser extension

You can also download their browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox which would allow you to have a seamless internet experience while having the proxy running in the background. This feature is great for people who like to have a proxy on at all times.

Hide.me proxy vs VPN

The main service that hide.me provides is that of their VPN. A VPN is more advanced than a proxy and can be used to have much better protection over your internet than a proxy can provide you.

One of the major disadvantages of a proxy is that it is very easy to block it. If your school/employer/government knows about proxy websites, then they can simply block the domain of the website and you will no longer be able to access it. VPNs, on the other hand, have thousands of shared IPs spread across hundreds of different servers which make them almost impossible to block.

On top of this, a VPN provides much better security than a proxy. The Hide.me VPN has AES-256 encryption along with protection against both IP and DNS leaks. On top of this, you can install the VPN app on pretty much any modern device including your phone, tablet, and PC, guaranteeing security on all of your peripherals.

What should you use? VPN or PROXY

What should you use?

This is a tough decision and one that depends on your needs. If you are someone who is just looking to access blocked websites, then the proxy might work fine for you. There is no need to invest in a VPN if you do not feel like you need additional security.

However, it is best if you invest in a VPN. There are numerous different advantages that you get once you start using a VPN. Not only are you able to enjoy the advanced security that a VPN has, but you will also be able to access services such as Netflix US and Amazon Prime.

When you download hide.me VPN, you will be able to access over 160 servers located all over the world. Also, none of your internet activity will be logged in any way. This makes it certain that it will be extremely difficult for authorities to get their hands on your internet traffic data even if they manage to acquire a legal document that allows them to do so.Hide.me VPN free plan

It is also possible for you to use the VPN for free. However, you will only be able to connect one device to the hide me network at one time (as opposed to five for the Premium plan) and you can only use two GB of data every month.

This free plan can be a great way to try out the VPN service to see whether or not it is for you. After that, you can opt for either the Plus plan or the Premium plan. You can take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of different plans here.


Here is what you get with the hide.me proxy:

  • Access to some blocked websites on the internet
  • Three different locations to connect from (beneficial if your service is geo-restricted to one of those three countries).
  • Basic security features such as encryption and the ability to turn off scripts.

While a proxy might suffice for some people, getting a VPN is the better option for most people. You can save money by subscribing for multiple months, and all the extra benefits will almost surely be worth it.

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