IPVanish has long been known as one of the faster and more advanced VPN in the market. In order to let its users try the product and see the benefits for themselves, IPVanish offers a free 7-day trial.

The IPVanish offers its trial in two different ways. One of them is specifically for its iOS users while the other one is for people signing up through their web-browsers.

We will take you through all of the different ways you can test IPVanish for free and guide you through the process of setting up your account.

IPVanish iOS trial

The IPVanish free trial for iOS works a little bit different than their trail for other platforms. Whereas you get a 7-day money-back guarantee if you purchase the service through another platform, you can simply avail a free trial if you use the App Store and download the IPVanish application.

The best thing about setting up IPVanish on the iOS is not just the fact that you can use the service completely free of charge for a week, but the fact that you get access to all of the features that are a part of the full version. Most of the other VPNs that offer free trials restrict their service either through limiting your bandwidth or limiting the number of servers you can connect to (or both).

The free trial for iOS truly allows you to access IPVanish for free. You will have access to all 1100+ servers located in over 60 countries as well as our 40000+ shared IPs. This means that you will be able to test IPVanish’s security as well as their performance on other services such as Kodi.

How to use IPVanish for free on iOS

The process to set-up IPVanish on iOS is extremely simple. Instead of registering on the main website, you can use the IPVanish application to register.

Download the application from the App Store and set up your IPVanish account using your e-mail address. After that, you will have the option of selecting one of the payment methods that are associated with your iTunes/App Store account.

Once you are through the registration process, you can begin using IPVanish for free. All you need to do is to select one of the servers to connect to (or use the recommended one) and hit “Connect.”

If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can easily cancel your IPVanish free trial within the 7-day period and not be charged a dime. In order to do that, head to your iTunes account settings and tap “Manage Subscriptions.” Your IPVanish subscription will be visible here and you can use the menu to cancel your free trial.

How to test IPVanish for free

If you’re not planning to use IPVanish on an IOS device, then you can also set up a trial using your web-browser. The main difference between the regular and the iOS trial is that the regular trial comes with a 7-day money back guarantee.

During your 7-day trial period, you will able to access all of IPVanish’s features, just like the iOS trial. You will also be able to use IPVanish on any one of the devices that you wish. On top of that, it is possible for you to simultaneously connect 10 different devices to the network during your IPVanish trial, ensuring that you will have maximum security on every one of your devices.

If the service does not satisfy you, then you can simply terminate your subscription before the end of your trial period and get your money back in full. Let’s take a look at how you can set up your trial account for free.

How to begin IPVanish trial

Head to the IPVanish website and register with your credentials. You will be asked to make the payment over here, and it is best to choose a method through which you can easily be refunded (Debit cards or Bitcoin are both perfect).

Once your payment has been processed, you’ll be able to begin using IPVanish for free. Simply download the application for whichever Operating System you are using. IPVanish offers you the option to choose from a ton of different Operating Systems including Windows, Android, and even Amazon Firestick.

Once the application has been downloaded and installed, you can begin using your IPVanish free trial. Choose one of the servers and click on connect to go completely anonymous on the internet.

How to end your IPVanish free trial

If you did not enjoy using IPVanish for free, then you can request a refund at any time within the first 7 days of use. In order to do that, simply log in to your IPVanish account on their website and head to the Control Panel. Towards the end of the Control Panel, there will be a button that lets you cancel your subscription.

It’s a good practice to first contact their support and see if any issues that you have with the service has a solution. IPVanish offers 24/7 live chat support which can be contacted by heading to their website.

If you do go ahead with the refund option, remember that it may take up to 10 business days before you get your money back. If you decide to use an alternative payment method such as cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), then it’s important to keep in mind that its value may have fluctuated and the funds that you receive in your wallet could be more or less than what you paid.

Features you get with IPVanish trial

Before we conclude this article, it’s important to know all of the features that you can enjoy as you go through your IPVanish free trial. It is no surprise that people who do not use a VPN for torrenting can be sued. What adds to that problem is that many of the VPNs currently available in the market are simply not able to handle Peer to Peer traffic.

IPVanish is great with torrents, and they’re not afraid to show it. During your trial, you can torrent as much as you want. On top of that, IPVanish secures your traffic with AES-256, the same encryption standard used by banks and the military.

IPVanish also has a strict no-logs policy. Almost all VPNs claim to have it but many of them have Privacy Policies which state how things are not as they seem. In the case of IPVanish, they have a rock-solid privacy policy and chances are that they are not logging any of your traffic in any way.


IPVanish really is one of the better VPNs in the market. The fact that they offer you a 7-day free trial so that you can test their product without limitations really shows their faith in their service.

If you’re an iOS user, accessing the IPVanish trial is quite simple and easy as you can use your iTunes account and be set up in a matter of moments. Non iOS users do not have it much harder either as they can request their money-back with a simple click of a button.

All in all, not only does IPVanish offer great features, but you can try them for free before you commit to a purchase. If you love IPVanish, then you can get massive discounts by signing up for longer periods. If you feel like you wanted more, then you can get a hassle-free refund, making this a great service for people who are new to VPNs as well as veterans who want to try something new.

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