It really doesn’t come much better than getting home after a long hard day at work and settling down on the couch and watching your favorite TV shows or movies. Since the advent of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer, it has become easier than ever to access high-quality content from the comfort of our homes.

Hulu happens to be another widely used streaming service, with plenty of amazing shows available via this particular platform, including The Handmaid’s Tale, The Looming Tower, and a whole host of other hugely popular shows.

The problem is that geo-restriction measures are put in place, which means that anyone outside the US cannot use the service. This is disappointing if you happen to be anywhere else in the world.

Thankfully, you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a handful of methods that you can use to get around the geo-restrictions put in place, with arguably the most effective being VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

With that in mind, this article will look into one VPN in particular – IPVanish. This is one of the most widely-used VPN services available in the world right now. Available from $10.00 a month, you can install IPVanish on pretty much every device you can think of, which includes the following:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Windows Phone
  • Linux
  • Chrome OS
  • Routers

But, just how does it rank in terms of unblocking Hulu? Are the connection speeds any good? Let’s see!

Why is Hulu only available in the US?

Geo-restrictions aren’t so uncommon in the modern age, with many services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and others all making use of such restrictions to prevent anyone from outside a specified area from accessing the content. It’s all down to licensing agreements, which are in place in a particular country. These are used to protect copyright agreements between Hulu and copyright holders.

This is the sole reason why the Hulu service is only available within the US, as they don’t currently have any deals in place with any international producers of movies and TV shows. Because of this, anyone who is outside the US simply won’t have the option to access the service.

Thankfully, there is a way in which you can get around the restrictions which are in place – by making use of a VPN such as IPVanish. This will be looked at further in the next section. So, without any further ado, here’s what you need to know.

Bypassing Hulu geo-restrictions with IPVanish

If you’re looking to bypass restrictions that prevent users from accessing Hulu outside the US, you’ll find that you can simply connect to a VPN server in the US and thus appear to have a US-based IP address.

In turn, this will allow you to make geo-restrictions a thing of the past – with full access possible regardless of where you’re based in the world. This also means that anyone who is traveling outside the country will be able to access all of their favorite content just as they would at home.

You’ll find that IPVanish offers 700+ US servers in total. So, you’re certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to getting around Hulu’s geo-restriction policies. It might take a little trial and error to find one that works effectively, as Hulu might block some servers. With that said, you’ll still find that there are plenty of servers that work effectively for geo-unblocking purposes.

IPVanish US server speed and performance

When it comes to streaming content online, you will need a solid internet connection to ensure that you don’t encounter lag. This becomes more of an issue the higher the quality of the content you are streaming. A standard definition should be fine on most standard internet packages, but HD or 4K quality streaming often requires a much speedier connection.

However, the problem is that VPNs often slow down your connection speed. In this particular instance, you will need to make use of one of the American servers which are available via IPVanish.

During our testing, we found the IPVanish Hulu speeds to be above-average, and so you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to streaming Live TV or accessing on-demand content. Slowdowns are inevitable when it comes to using a VPN. But, you’ll find that IPVanish doesn’t appear to slow your connection down too much. Although this will vary depending on certain factors, such as how fast your normal internet connection is and your choice of server.


It’s clear that the huge choice of North American servers and multi-platform support makes IPVanish a great option for anyone who is looking to bypass the geo-blocking of Hulu.

However, if you want to explore alternatives to IPVanish, check out our Best VPN for Hulu list.

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