Netflix seems to have become synonymous with the idea of enjoying a quiet night in, either with friends over or all by yourself. With that, it’s just about the worst feeling when the experience becomes a chore in and of itself.

Whether the content you want simply isn’t available in your country or has recently been removed, you wouldn’t like your options suddenly being limited.

Yes: you kick back and select the perfect thing to watch – only to found out you’re either being region-blocked or the VPN you selected has been detected and blocked by Netflix.

You might already have faced (or heard of) the great Netflix VPN ban. With restrictions on what country can view what content, their library is not uniformly available in every country.

Luckily, there are still workarounds for this. Streaming Netflix on IPVanish, a VPN service with virtually no limits, might just be what you need.

What does a VPN do for Netflix?

With the use of a VPN, such as IPVanish, Netflix can open up a wide range of possibilities.

Netflix is a platform and a distributor – it makes deals with movie and television production studios, and streaming rights are part of the negotiations. Some of your favorite shows get rights to air on television in some countries. For example, the latest season of Arrested Development is still unavailable on Netflix in Australia despite being a Netflix Original.

Because of copyright agreements, you could say there are around 200 different versions of Netflix, each with their specifically-tailored and approved content.

To work around this, a VPN essentially changes your IP address.

Your IP address is the digital identifier that your device gives to a website that it has to exchange information with. A VPN lets you connect to a server in another country and appear as if you’re located in that country.

Why choose IPVanish for Netflix?

IPVanish is a great and workable fit for Netflix. Unlike other VPN providers, IPVanish doesn’t restrict speeds or go after users racking up great bandwidth: the service is truly equal and equitable for whatever your needs might be.

In fact, not all VPNs give you the same level of security for all your browsing or downloading needs – many VPNs have given up on trying to find servers that can access Netflix.

However, the sheer number of servers on the IPVanish network spread out over 50 countries and, coupled with great speeds, make it possible to work around the ban.

Yes, IPVanish makes Netflix as fast it can be with more than 40,000 IPs available through their total of more than 1400 servers (450+ of which are in Europe alone!). If something’s in your location, you can take a digital flight to anywhere and stream freely on virtually unrestricted speeds.

HD-friendly speeds

Our tests find that IPVanish has decent speeds, which should allow lossless streaming of HD or even Ultra HD (the highest 4K quality, usually reserved for 4K television sets) content on Netflix. Assuming you have a good internet connection, of course.

Streaming should be easy and instantaneous, which is what we expect from a good VPN.

Working around the Netflix VPN ban using IPVanish

Since Netflix has gotten quite good at detecting VPN use, the whole process has become disheartening for many.

While we found IPVanish inconsistent with un-blocking region-restricted Netflix content, it was still acceptable. In fact, IPVanish still claims to have some very reliable servers for Netflix US – particularly the Chicago one.

Additionally, not only Netflix US is the end goal. Other countries might even have a bigger selection or a more eclectic range better suited to your needs. An example of this is Netflix UK, IPVanish-supported (and not just limited to the UK, but other regions in Europe and MENA as well).

Since Netflix usually hones in on VPNs through the number of users connected through a specific IP address, using a VPN with so many IP addresses is a good bet – there’s even a premium feature that IPVanish comes already equipped with that allows you to keep changing your IP address automatically at random intervals. An ingenious move that ensures your privacy and continued peace of mind.

IPVanish and Netflix on all your devices

Of course, when it comes to Netflix, it’s not just about speed and countries – it’s about the range of devices too.

One of the coolest things that using IPVanish for Netflix will give you is the number of platforms it has apps for. You’ll be able to watch on your phone while chilling in bed, on the couch through your laptop, on the TV in your lounge area – wherever!

What’s more, you can simultaneously use your IPVanish account on up to and including ten devices, be they phones or laptops or tablets or Smart television sets.

IPVanish supports Windows (computers and phones), iOS, Android, macOS, Ubuntu, Chromebook, and even your router can become a VPN router with this service. IPVanish will work on basically all your platforms, with a record-setting ten simultaneous connections.

Unlike many other VPNs that’ll log you out if you’re logged in on more than 5 devices at a time, you can use IPVanish on your desktop, laptop, phone, and tablet, and still have six connections to spare. This means IPVanish won’t let your premium Netflix plan go to waste, and wherever you take Netflix, IPVanish will go with you.


IPVanish comes with plans to subscribe for either a month, a year, or two years with the monthly rate going down the longer you choose to subscribe for. The prices start at $6.49/month. Different promotions and deals also crop up from time to time either on the IPVanish website or through affiliates, so it’s good to act while they last!

Sure, this isn’t the best VPN service for Netflix – some others unblock the content platform with more consistency. With that said, it’s a decent choice overall.

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