VPNs are part of daily life for millions of Americans and with good reason. They protect our privacy against criminals, state snoopers, and commercial rivals; they encrypt data, making your downloads confidential; they leap over geo-blocks to unlock hidden content, and they can even speed up gaming performance on multiplayer servers.

Finding the right VPN is essential. There are plenty of excellent providers around, and IPVanish is definitely one of them. As with many providers, IPVanish offers a “try before you buy” option and money-back if performance isn’t up to scratch.

So, what is the IPVanish refund policy, and how do you go about claiming your money back? This blog will explain everything you need to know, allowing you to try one of the world’s leading VPNs without worrying about spending money on a product that doesn’t suit your requirements.

Introducing IPVanish

If you aren’t familiar with the company, IPVanish was launched in 2012 and is based in the United States. It offers well-designed clients for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, as well as tailored software for Fire Stick and Fire TV, and also offers a global portfolio of bare-metal servers. This tends to mean that IPVanish speeds are up there with industry leaders.

Known as one of the more P2P-friendly providers around, IPVanish usually does a good job at unblocking Netflix, and is family-friendly, with a 10 device limit that should cover most households.

Given those features, you might ask why people would need to know about the IPVanish refund policy. Well, no VPN is flawless, and IPVanish has a few potential ones.

For starters, the US jurisdiction may worry some users. The National Security Agency is known to target domestic Virtual Private Networks, and there’s every chance that a backdoor exists into IPVanish servers.

Secondly, we know that IPVanish has handed over confidential client information to authorities in the past (for legitimate criminal investigations, it should be added). So some may question its commitment to “zero logs” and total privacy.

On a more everyday level, IPVanish isn’t the slickest company when it comes to customer support. Many users complain about failing to get through to live chat support, and email tickets hanging in limbo, waiting for a response.

All of that makes it sensible to know more about the IPVanish refund policy, so let’s get stuck in.

What is the IPVanish refund policy?

Refund policies vary between VPNs, with some offering money back within 45 days, and others making it very hard to extract any refunds at all. IPVanish stands in the upper-middle range, offering returns within 30 days of starting a subscription. The company is very clear that anyone who is “less than 100% satisfied” with the service provided can cancel their subscription within this time period.

However, the company notes that not all payment methods can be refunded. This is a common problem with VPNs, who sell subscriptions via a number of methods, including third-party marketplaces. If your subscription was purchased from Apple Store or iTunes, extracting a refund from IPVanish won’t be possible.

Instead, the VPN will make “an offer for service instead of a refund,” – so it’s not a total disaster. Just don’t expect to have your money back to spend on a different provider.

What happens if IPVanish malfunctions after the 30-day limit?

Most VPNs also allow for refunds after the end of their conventional refund period if the level of service is found to be so low that customers are justified in taking action. This is a broad definition, but companies will generally fold if you persistently point out the shortcomings in their services.

IPVanish is no exception. In the event of malfunctions, the company states that “we will, of course, evaluate the situation on a case-by-case basis,” and if IPVanish themselves causes the issues, a refund can be delivered.

How to claim an IPVanish refund

Now let’s move on to discuss exactly how customers can claim their money back after taking out an IPVanish subscription. Doing so is very simple, and not too time-consuming. But beware: as with almost all VPNs, you may need to force the issue to ensure that the process is completed.

Here’s the basic process:

  1. Use your IPVanish credentials to log onto your user account. Now, head to the Control Panel, where you’ll be able to manage details relating to your subscription.
  2. Click on “Subscription.” Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You should see a link that reads, “I want to cancel my subscription.”
  3. Click the link, and you’ll be taken through the cancellation procedure. This may entail answering a few questions about the problems you’ve encountered and your general reasons for leaving. However, these questions should be tick box queries, and they won’t take long.
  4. Complete the process, and you’ll reach a final confirmation page. Be careful here, as you’ll usually be presented with a couple of options. The larger button leads you to a discounted IPVanish package, while the less visible button is marked “I still want to cancel.” That’s the one you need to press.
  5. Now, head to the email account you used to sign up for IPVanish. In a few moments, you should receive a confirmation email letting you know that the cancellation is being actioned.

After that, IPVanish undertakes to provide a refund to your chosen payment method within 7 working days. However, if you cancel before the end of the trial period, be aware that your coverage will end immediately.

This process is extremely quick and simple, but it’s not always the end of the story. Sometimes IPVanish may send follow up emails asking you to reconsider, and they may also include discount offers. Just politely refuse those offers, and don’t click on any links in the emails.

What about canceling IPVanish free trials?

Sometimes, IPVanish may also offer free trial periods for users to try before they buy. These trials can be highly deceptive for unwary users, and there are plenty of examples of disgruntled customers on the web.

As with most online free trials, IPVanish is pretty ruthless about rolling over customers onto paid subscriptions. So, even if you’ve used a free coupon for a week’s coverage, and have no intention of paying for an extra month (or longer), you might be invoiced at a standard rate.

This means that users need to be really careful when using IPVanish trials, and be sure to cancel well before the period ends.

If you have any concerns about canceling an IPVanish trial, the best option is to try to make contact with the company’s support team. Access the live chat feature and make a simple inquiry about whether your cancellation has been processed. Staff should be able to provide final confirmation.

Shop around and find the ideal VPN for your purposes

Whether you use IPVanish or any other provider, be sure to take advantage of trial periods and refunds whenever possible. Finding the right VPN is a personal choice, based on local speeds, reliability, the quality of customer support, ease of use, and – perhaps most importantly – trust. If a provider doesn’t meet those criteria, don’t be afraid to ditch it. After all, that’s what refunds are for.

Just be careful to follow all of the steps required. Most VPNs will try to snare you with attractive deals, and some erect sly barriers to leavers, forcing you to click through endless buttons before you reach the end.

As we’ve seen, IPVanish isn’t too bad when it comes to claiming money back. But it’s not hassle-free. Hopefully, we’ve been able to make it as simple as possible.

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