If you’ve ever looked for a VPN service, chances are you’ve encountered NordVPN. How could you not – it’s been on the top of the heap for ages and only continues to get better. Nord has stepped ahead of most competition through diligence, a forward-thinking approach, and, crucially, a clear set of guiding principles. Currently, there are only a handful of VPN providers who can claim to offer a similar level of service, and even fewer who do it at an affordable price. For those still unconvinced there’s the NordVPN free trial!

The illusion of freedom

Free versions, free trials, and money-back guarantees are always a pain in the neck for VPN reviewers. That’s because most providers have clauses written in invisible ink, designed specifically to cheat the user out of some meager amount of cash. These people are villains and should be treated accordingly!

Credit card security

Speaking specifically of free trials, the first warning sign is they’ll ask for your credit card details (for safe keeping). Then you’ll happen across one of those ethereal boundaries – perhaps you’ll download one too many files or switch servers one too many times – and just like magic, your free trial has become a 1-month subscription.

Do not need to provide credit card details on the first date

Nord does things differently: you know it‘s good right away because the NordVPN free trial is not so easy to find. We figure, if they wanted to rip us off – it would be splattered all over their homepage in all caps, impaled on a huge red arrow. “NORDVPN FREE TRIAL HERE,” the website would scream until it’s beaten you into submission. In reality, it’s nothing like that. If you want to seek out the elusive NordVPN free trial, you’ll have to look for it specifically – then you might find a carefully-hidden subdomain that you can’t get to from anywhere on the site. Thank you, Google, by the way.

NordVPN free trial – the terms


nordvpn 7 day free trial

So, what exactly are you getting here? First off, the timeframe is 7 days. During this time, you’ll be able to use NordVPN to the fullest, no holds barred. Secondly, unlike all the villainous VPNs out there, Nord is polite enough not to ask for your credit card details on the first date. Thirdly, neither does it ask for any other personal data – your name, address, social security number, date of birth, favorite shirt pattern, et cetera. That’s because of those guiding principles we mentioned in the beginning, one of which is anonymity. All you need to get your NordVPN free trial is an email address. As a matter of fact – and we’re not trying to give you any ideas here – we reckon you can live on a NordVPN free trial as long as you kept coming back with new email addresses.

If 7 days were not enough to make up your mind, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can pay for the month and take it for a good long spin. NordVPN has no hidden terms and conditions that will imprison you – you’ll simply be reimbursed with no questions asked.

Why no free version?

There will always be people wondering why there’s no NordVPN free version. That’s a fair question, but in reality, there’s a reason why so few of the top VPN services offer a free version. VPNs are very expensive to run at a good level because they require a lot of investment in infrastructure – server lists have to be expanded constantly, in order to keep up with a growing user base as well as server blocking measures from Netflix, China, or some other entity.

NordVPN free

VPN providers must always consider that free versions mean more users. These new users also need a half-decent level of service. In the end, the well-being of the free-loaders gets subsidized by paying customers – most think that’s unfair. Additionally, having looked through many free account deals we can safely say that few of them are worthy of your time. The overwhelming majority have severe data transfer or bandwidth limits, overcrowded servers, few features, and are no more than an abusive way of upselling.

So, to recap…

nordvpn pricing plans


If you’re unsure whether this tool is worth your precious time and money ($11.95 a month; $6.99 a month billed annually; $3.99 a month billed bi-annually; $2.99 a month billed every 3 years), you can enter a no-strings-attached NordVPN free trial (7 days). The site won’t ask for your payment details – an email address is all you’ll need!