While VPN services have become very popular in the last few years, it can be tough to find one that is worth sticking with. Even the best VPN companies tend to beat around the bush with their refund policy, and it can sometimes be a headache to cancel a service or receive a proper refund.

This can be a pain in the neck when trying to test out a service that offers no free trial. Of course, the big-name players in the industry are typically much more forgiving. Today, we’ll be talking about NordVPN, their policies regarding returns and refunds, as well as how you can go about easily requesting a refund from their customer service team.


NordVPN logo

NordVPN is one of the biggest names in the VPN industry right now. They provide one of the best-reviewed and most popular VPN services on the market, and have a reputation for effectively anonymizing their customers and protecting their data and traffic. There also haven’t been any privacy scandals related to NordVPN, so it’s not likely that you’ll be too dissatisfied with their service.

That being said, everybody’s situation and needs are different, and expectations can change. Especially in the business of online privacy, what works for you will typically be different depending on a wide range of factors.

So when you eventually do look up how to cancel NordVPN subscription, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The process is fairly straightforward, but it’s always a good idea to keep yourself informed, especially when it comes to getting a refund.

Why you might want to cancel

There are a lot of different reasons why somebody may want to cancel their NordVPN subscription. Although the service performs very well, and enjoys a substantial amount of popularity, there are some situations in which it isn’t always the most convenient to use.

  • NordVPN has trouble providing good speeds in your area. VPN performance is largely dependent on a number of factors which may not be consistent between users or regions.
  • You need a specific function or protocol that NordVPN does not provide. If you absolutely need a specific security feature or encryption protocol for what you intend to do, NordVPN may not be what you’re looking for.
  • NordVPN does not support or has discontinued support for your device. If NordVPN doesn’t work on your device, you probably won’t want to continue using it.
  • NordVPN has no servers in the location you desire to connect through. If you need to connect through a specific location (such as through the US for accessing Netflix), you may need to check and see if that area has a server presence.
  • Another option good for your area offers a cheaper plan. If you can get a competitive service for a better price, there’s no really good reason to stay with NordVPN.
  • Your needs are easily met through a free VPN service. If you’re not overly concerned with performance or security, it’s possible that a free VPN service may provide everything you need.

As you can see, there are legitimate reasons why somebody might want to cancel their subscription to NordVPN. A lot of these issues tend to affect smaller-name companies, rather than big-name players like NordVPN, but they can still happen in certain areas. Using a free VPN is not recommended, but for many customers who don’t have strict requirements when it comes to VPN services, a free client can often be more than enough for what they need.

So, now that we’ve given some thought to why somebody may want to cancel their NordVPN subscription, let’s go over how we can go about actually doing it.

How to cancel NordVPN subscription

In order for NordVPN to cancel your plan, you’ll have to log into your account on the NordVPN website. To do this, simply click on the My Account button at the top right-hand corner of their homepage.

NordVPN homepage

When you navigate to the Private and secure Internet access (VPN) section of the My Services page, you will see a button with three dots next to the Change Plan button. Clicking this button will bring up another button which will allow you to cancel automatic payments.

NordPVN personal account list of services

A confirmation dialogue will open and ask you if you really want to cancel your subscription. If you’re serious about canceling, hit yes.

It’s really that simple, you shouldn’t run into too many problems canceling your payment. The automatic payments will stop, and your subscription will run out, but sometimes it’s not as simple as making NordVPN cancel your plan. If you cancel your subscription in the middle of a billing cycle and you want a refund, or if you’re dissatisfied with the service as a first-time buyer, you will probably want your money back. In order to do this, you must request a refund from NordVPN customer service.

Thankfully, requesting a refund is also a fairly straightforward process. You’ll have to contact NordVPN customer support. This can be done through email or over live chat. There’s a guide on how to go about doing this here.

Like with any other company, it’s definitely a good idea to head on over and take a look at their terms of service, in order to get an idea of what is required of you to qualify for a refund.

Things to keep in mind

There are a number of things you will want to keep in mind whenever you consider requesting a refund from a VPN service. Like with most other industries, there are typically a few ground rules that establish criteria to be considered for a refund. The first thing to do in almost every case is to take a good look at the Terms of Service.

NordVPN refund policy

As you can see, there are a few things you will want to be mindful of, but nothing too major. The main thing is that NordVPN cannot refund purchases made through third-party websites or services. Obviously, if you violate the ToS, you will not be eligible for a refund.

So, there you have it. Getting a refund from NordVPN is a lot less of a headache than it can be for some companies. While it’s always a good idea to stay vigilant when it comes to policies and terms of service, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting your NordVPN subscription cancelled.